Beverly Park

This is my backyard where I created Beverly Park. The beauty of this park is a tribute to, although it does not even approach, the beauty of my late wife Beverly. I also commissioned a painting of Beverly doing what she loved, working in her park! The painting is named Angels in the Park, as you will see two angels :) I am also proud to say that I not only designed the layout of the park, I also built the pergola, the arbors, and installed the white fence; all a labor of love for my love :)

Here is a short video tour of Beverly Park set to the music of Ave Maria. Enjoy!

Photos of Beverly Park
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Before After
Little Buddies Painting
Based on two pictures I took of Beverly working in her garden, I commissioned an artist to create two paintings that now grace the walls in my house.
Here are some updated photos of Beverly Park. These photos were taken in the spring of 2014.