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*** ISSUE ALERT: For reasons I am still investigating, some of the videos below do not play immediately as they used to.

UPDATE: I am going to move the videos to my newly created YouTube Channel Called DrBeyerAVC. I hope to have the videos converted and Close Captioned soon.


BUS 105 - Business Mathematics Examples

CA 121 - Microcomputer Spreadsheets Examples


"How to" Demonstrations

Blackboard Version 9

Student Demonstrations

Teacher Demonstrations

Blackboard Version 7.3

Windows and Browser Operations

Assistive Technology

Join Ken Sawicki in a presentation on Assistive Technology for people who have sight disabilities.

Fun with Flash

  • Bit Machine- Use the Bit Machine to determine which ASCII character will be recognized by the computer.
  • Build a CPU - Place the computer components in the correct spot and start up the computer. Opens in a new window. (Requires Shockwave)
  • Label the Parts- Identify and label the internal components of a computer.
  • Understanding Resolution- View a Flash movie of how pixels help to display images on the computer screen.




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