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Welcome to AVC Online Learning

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Hello Online Learners, or Cyberstudents as you're called out here in Cyberspace.

Antelope Valley College applauds your pioneering spirit and hopes you find the online learning experience rewarding. Please take the time to carefully read each of the following sections, and follow links for additional information and interactive exercises,  to thoroughly prepare yourself for the online experience.

This Student Online Learning Information Guide is your first step towards embarking on a non-traditional way of learning. Online learning is a fairly new but growing segment of educational systems. AVC faculty and staff are providing this opportunity for you and others who need or want this alternative delivery of education. Congratulations on this excellent choice!



There is usually an adjustment period for most students as they learn the rhythm and patterns of online communication. Here are some tips for getting comfortable:

  1. Take time to review all the Help files and available material, especially Orientation information, such as this website.
  2. Spend some time navigating your way through the class, clicking on all the buttons and text links.
  3. Set designated blocks of time to work on the class. It's very easy to spend either too little or too much time on the class; your time management skills will be critical.
  4. Download or print out pages for reference and review away from the computer.
  5. Set priorities. Pay close attention to what your instructor says about class priorities.
  6. Ask for help if something isn't going right, whether it's a technical issue or something to do with the class environment.

We understand your time is limited. Do not spend too much time trying to solve a problem. 
      Contact your Professor or use support services provided by your course's learning management system.

Click on the underlined links below to find out all about it!

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NOTE: If linked pages open a new browser, when finished, CLOSE the new browser to return to this page.

NOTE:  Use contact Email at bottom of page if any of these resources are NOT reliable, or if there are inactive links, or if you know of other very useful resources.  Thanks.
  1. Welcome to AVC Online Learning
  2. What is Online Learning?

  3. Are you Ready for Online Learning?  Self-Scored Surveys for you to take

  4. System Requirements

  5. How to Get Your Course Login Information 

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