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AVC uses Blackboard Learning Management System for Online and Hybrid Courses, and also to supplement some on-campus courses. 



Step 1  --  Send EMAIL to your Online Professor  to receive course login instructions-

NOTE:  Your Online Professor's Email address is located at the following link
     - Choose the correct semester at:     Current AVC Online Classes

Step 2  --  EMAIL -- SUBJECT - Recommendation:  Include THREE PARTS

CourseID YourLastname - Reason for message

     e.g., SUBJECT format from John Smith for CA103 course: 

             CA103 Smith New Student (or First Message or Introduction, etc.)

Step 3  --  EMAIL -- MESSAGE to Professor

Message for this initial email should also include:

  1. An introduction letting the Professor know you are a registered student

  2. Provide an alternate Email address if you wish to have Email sent to it as well as your myAVC Email account. 
              NOTE:  You can set Email options to either forward (or retrieve) Email between accounts.

  3. Note: If you use AOL or Compuserv, advise your Professor.

  4. Provide any other info you wish, or ask questions. 

  5. Always include your full name in any communications First Middle Initial Last

    and provide your Nickname if you wish the Professor and class to use it.

Step 4 -- Professor's RESPONSE

Your Professor will Email a response, generally within 3 working days, 

Note, the "beginning tasks" will be different from course to course. And the setup of courses will be different also.  Each professor develops courses to suit their teaching styles and to provide you with an effective learning environment.

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NOTE:  Use contact Email at bottom of page if any of these resources are NOT reliable, or if there are inactive links, or if you know of other very useful resources.  Thanks.

  1. Welcome to AVC Online Learning

  2. What is Online Learning?

  3. Are you Ready for Online Learning?  Self-Scored Surveys for you to take

  4. System Requirements

  5. How to Get Your Course Login Information 

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