"How do I like my guys?

                                                      Well, all I can do is tell you about Bill.

                                                      I guess I love him because he's all man.

                                                      I guess I need him because he needs me.

                                                      I guess I respect him because he knows



                              It's true!  Gals all over campus are "getting with" the big swing to MATH because

                             they realize that a guy who knows his numbers is a guy you can count on.  So why not 




Add to your income




Subtract dreariness from your life




Multiply your opportunities for advancement




Divide and conquer the girl (or guy) of your dreams


                                Sign up MATH!  You'll be glad you did.

                                And so will she.





The concept for this page taken from a National Lampoon Mini-Poster circa 1974 by Michael O'Donoghue