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Computer Applications / Accounting / Business


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Office Hours:

Office hours are in the course's Syllabus


(661) 722-6378


(661) 722-6372


BE 228 - Business Ed building – second floor


The course Syllabus is the most important document for any course.

Click on your course link below, to view, download, save, and print the course’s .pdf Syllabus.



PRE-SEMESTER INFORMATION: Before you can get the Syllabus to go online, online students should get very useful information by going to the online “Schedule of Classes” site- http://www.avc.edu/information/schedule/ , and Click your course’s CRN #.

  • AVCONLINE home page http://avconline.avc.edu/
    • Important Blackboard and other AVC technologies info.
  • Click the "Online Courses" link to view important Pre-Semester messages which ALL online faculty should provide.
  • Faculty may send Email to students' avc.edu accounts with instructions. So, check your avc.edu account regularly. (Website: gmail.com – Use your AVC Email account, and your AVC password.)


Are you using your home computer for AVC courses?
Go to the Syllabus “SOFTWARE USED IN THIS COURSE” for helpful info.


Student Email Requirements for my courses.  ALWAYS, set up SUBJECT as follows:
Subject: (ACCT121 or CA121 or CA221) - Yourlastname - Reason for email message.

And include in the body of the message a well-written, brief message,
and include your First and Last names.


If you have no information from your professor by the weekend before the semester begins:

  • Email or call before the first day of class, always attending class meeting if any.
  • Online students always Log In to your online Blackboard course early in the first day.


updated 1/14/2014
K E Moore