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Division: Business, Computer Studies, & Economic Development Division
Email: kmoore@avc.edu
Subjects: Computer Applications / Accounting / Business
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Office Hrs: see specific course's Syllabus, or send Email, or call for appt
Phone: (661) 722-6378
FAX: (661) 722-6372
Office: BE 228 - Business Ed building - second floor

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ACCT 111 - Bookkeeping (On-Campus  Summer Only)

ACCT 201 - Financial Accounting - (Online both Fall and Spring)

CA 103 -  Introduction to Microcomputers (On-Campus Summer Only)

CA 121 - Microcomputer Spreadsheets (On-Campus  & Online sections both Fall & Spring)

CA 221 - Computer Concepts and Applications in Business (On-Campus & Online sections both Fall & Spring)

AVC Student Online Learning Information Guide helps you learn what is required to be successful in online courses and to use online course material,
and provides System Requirements info if you are using your home computer for course work.

Link to Listing of AVC Online Courses for Current Semester
            No complete listing of AVC Online Courses is available at this time online.  Check the hardcopy Schedule of Classes in the back section after the listing of all courses.  Email your professor if instructions are not available.

updated 8/3/2010
K E Moore

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