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  Blackboard Learning Management System

 If your instructor uses Blackboard, and you are officially registered, follow the instructions below to log in. Sites are typically available the first week of the semester.


Contact AVC ITS Help Desk if you are unable to LogIn to myavc.avc.edu .

Do Not call the AVC ITS Help Desk for Blackboard related problems!

AVC Blackboard HELP is available 24/7 provided by Presidium Learning,
using live Web chat, email, knowledge base, and telephone.  


IMPORTANT:  Cookies must be enabled in your Web browser to access AVC Blackboard.  Popups should be allowed..

  • If you have problems, link to the Blackboard Browser Settings page for HowTo steps for MS Internet Explorer 6.x and Mozilla Firefox 2.0.x and other browsers' settings

TIP:  While in Blackboard, use BB's internal navigation tools instead of the Browser tools such as Back and Forward and Refresh / Reload buttons.

TIP:  In most tasks you will need to click Submit button when finished,
         or Cancel to quit and return to previous window.

Blackboard Login instructions:

Step 1: Go to the system's AVC portal: http://avc.blackboard.com/   
--  add this URL to Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox & Netscape Navigator

and add to Favorites in MS Internet Explorer.

Step 2:  Click USER LOGIN button, and log on to the system using:

  • BB Username = Your myAVC User Name
    • (First initial of first name and complete last name, e.g. wsmith for William Smith
      May include a number if others have the same first initial and last name combination.
            Case sensitive - no capital letters or blank spaces.)
  • BB Password: 900######  = your 9-digit AVC Student ID number  
    • (AVC Student ID # is the default for all AVC BB students.
    • See instructions below to change your password immediately to your myAVC Password.)

Step 3:  Successful Login to AVC Blackboard.
              Having problems?  Link to info about AVC Blackboard Support.

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The default portal page is the " My Institution " tab/window. 

  • Important ONE-TIME-ONLY settings TO DO during your FIRST LogIn:

    1. Select Personal Information hyperlink in the left-side navigation bar.
    2. Select the following options. 
    • Change Password  -  immediately = exactly same as your myAVC Password
        This will no longer be necessary when Blackboard is fully integrated into myAVC

            1 -  Password:   Input your myAVC Password
            2 -  Verify Password:  Input your myAVC Password again
    • Set Visual Text Box Editor - for MSIE browser
      Set Availability:  click the Available radio button to be able to use the formatting and other buttons when typing messages in some areas.
      • Visual Text Box Editor setting does not apply to other browsers.
        Mozilla Firefox provides a fix if you wish to use it.
        Also, you can use HTML code, if you know it.
    • Set CD-ROM Drive
      If your course links to or refers to a CD/DVD, you should set this option:
      • CD ROM (for PC):  Check your Windows devices, via My Computer or Windows Explorer, to know the letter of your CD/DVD ROM drive.
        Then select that letter from the drop-down box , e.g. F:
      • CD ROM (for MAC):  Check your MAC devices to know the label of your CD/DVD ROM drive.
        Then carefully type in the complete label, exactly as shown in the devices menu.
    • Set Privacy Options
      • Personal Information:  No changes are necessary. 
        Do NOT input your personal Info.  Students can contact you through BB MESSAGES area and through myAVC Course Email.
      • Directory Status:   Do NOT check!!!   The directory gives access to your info in the "Personal Information" section above, to everyone who has access to this BB server - not just for this course!
  • ALWAYS, read  My Institution Announcements
    They provide important system-wide information for all of us


Step 7:  Go to your AVC COURSE(s)

  • either click the course name in the My Courses area,
  • or click the COURSES tab, which is beside the My Institution tab.

Step 7:  What's Next? How Do I Proceed?
Before doing anything else, wander around the site.


  • Click Syllabus or Documents link in the left navigation bar to locate your course Syllabus,  Calendar/Schedule of assignments, FAQs page, etc


  • Click Lessons/Labs link in the left navigation bar to begin the course work Assignments.  

    • Select the Orientation Tasks Assignment  - to be done before anything else, to acquaint you to the virtual classroom environment and to your professor's requirements.

  • Complete all relevant tasks.  Follow instructions.  Submit all work on time.

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**  ADDING AN ONLINE COURSE?   You can not Log In to Blackboard until you are registered into the AVC Admissions & Records sysem.

  • ADD and REGISTER for the course at AVC Admissions & Records as soon as your professor signs your ADD slip.

**  TECHNOLOGY-RELATED QUESTIONS?  Unable to Login to Blackboard?  Forgot your revised password?

** COURSE-RELATED QUESTIONS?   Contact your professor.

  • COMMUNICATE in a timely and appropriate manner, with your professor, to assure your success!!!  ASK QUESTIONS AS NEEDED,  IF, AFTER reading all provided material, you need assistance.
                 DO NOT WAIT & WASTE TIME & GET STRESSED!!

**  USING YOUR HOME COMPUTER?  If you are using your home computer for this course,
Read all system information Announcements, and take appropriate steps.

Here's to a fun class!   I hope you enjoy this semester's online experience using Blackboard.
    Kathy Moore

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By K E MOORE copyright 2006