DOWNLOAD OPTION # 1 - Copy Files from AVC S:\ BE-ON-STUDENT Share server at AVC Labs in BE Bldg (easy) 
(this server is not online - it is not available via WWW)

  1. Logon to a computer in the Business Education (BE) Building lab or maybe in SSV building open labs. 

  2. Open Windows Explorer

  3. Maximize Windows Explorer window

  4. Insert your USB drive

  5. Expand the S:\ BE-ON-STUDENT share server to view the folders  --  (Click + before device's icon to list folders)

  6. Open your professor's folder, e.g., kmoore for Kathy Moore

    then open your course folder, e.g., ACCT111, ACCT121, CA103, CA121, or CA221 or ??? other

  7. EITHER Copy the entire data file's folder into your USB drive.


  8. OR just copy specific files and/or folders:

  9. Check total size of selected objects to be certain they will fit on storage. 

  10. EITHER USE the SEND TO command to send the selected items to your USB device's root directory:


  11. OR, use Right-DRAG & DROP

  12. Open storage device to make sure expected folders/files have been saved into it.

- -  DOWNLOAD OPTION # 2 - At Home - Download files from textbook publisher's website (more complex) 
     Get URL from course Syllabus


Last Updated 7/12/2008