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General Excel Resources    -   Free Excel-Specific Tutorials
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Specialized Tools   -       Linear Regressions with Excel

GENERAL INFO SITES (Check out ASSIST.ORG for transfer courses)


SEARCH & WEB INFO SITES  including list of Other Browsers



Do you want to use your home computer for this course?
VERY GOOD DEALS on MS Windows XP (FREE fully licensed version)
and MS Office 2003 Professional  (fully licensed version about $83 total incl tax & s/h)
 - - link to the Systems Requirements page
 - - - - - (it's located in the CLASSROOM area - Course Info & Instructions page)

Here are excellent links to resources to support your continuing use of Excel, answer questions, provide tutorials, tips, FAQs, specific step-by-step solutions, info about new versions/releases, virus info, and much much more.

Please post a message in the FORUMS - Dialogue Chamber - if you discover additional relevant sites to be added to the list. Also, please let me know if any of the links have died. That happens frequently online, especially with dynamic topics such as this.

This page contains useful links to resources to support your continuing business career.

Save this page (HOW TO SAVE WEB INFO below), and refer to it when a question comes up about "How do you do............??? some task???" or "Where did I see that great tip or solution?"

Referenced sites include info about software, small business assistance, mail lists, tutorials, tips, FAQs, specific step-by-step solutions, info about new versions/releases, and much much more. Some are links to publications with some online info and back issues plus information about subscriptions. Some provide info about support via news/discussion groups and list servs. Some provide info about additional software designed to enhance your productivity or with special capabilities for specific functionality.

Many of the sites have been provided by students in my classes. Please share with the class, or send a message to me additional relevant sites to add to this list. Also, please let me know if any of the links have died. That happens frequently online, especially with dynamic topics such as these.

Note: The following links open a NEW browser window, so you may easily return to this page by CLOSING the new browser window when you're through. If the resource is one that you think you might want to use in the future, be sure to ADD it to BOOKMARKs (Netscape Navigator) or to FAVORITES (MS Internet Explorer).


AVC Online Learning (OLL) Resource Center for novice, intermediate and power users

Welcome to Triumph of the Nerds! - http://www.pbs.org/nerds/

Intro to Computers - A Beginners Guide -  http://www.grassrootsdesign.com/intro/index.php 

PC Magazine  -  how to articles, new technologies, comparisons of software and hardware

PC World Magazine  - how to articles, new technologies, comparisons of software and hardware

How Stuff Works - about ...anything!  Recently getting more commercial, but that's how these resources can remain free for our use ...... - http://www.howstuffworks.com

PC Guide - you need to register - free - but the info is terrific! - http://www.pcguide.com

ZDNet: Hardware reviews - http://reviews-zdnet.com.com/ 

NEW !     Glossary of Computer Terms -   http://www.wdell.com/glossary/ 

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HowStuffWorks - Software Channel -

NEW ! REVISED site info:     Solve IT! for Office -
       no longer free but you can view a demo and use a trial version

REVISED site info:     ZDNet: Software reviews -  http://review.zdnet.com/  

Microsoft.com - Windows XP home page -  http://www.microsoft.com/windows/default.mspx

Microsoft.com - Office 2003 home page - http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/default.aspx

MS Office 2003 - Help / Support Center - http://support.microsoft.com/ph/2488

Woody's Watch website is a very useful FREE service of e-zines (electronic magazines) for beginners and pros with terrific info about Microsoft Windows OS and Office apps., providing "Advice, tips and news from author, guru, curmudgeon, and Microsoft software victim, Woody Leonhard, and friends" -- http://woodyswatch.com/

Netscape.com - http://www.netscape.com

Adobe.com - http://www.adobe.com

Macromedia.com - http://www.macromedia.com


Everything about Computers - Free Help - How To's - General Info - http://www.computerhope.com/

HowStuffWorks - Hardware Channel  - http://computer.howstuffworks.com/hardware-channel.htm

How RAM Works - http://computer.howstuffworks.com/ram7.htm 

Your Basic Hardware Page -  How To's - http://www.basichardware.com/how_tos.html 

What is Hardware - select from Hardware Device Listing

Beginning Computer Hardware Guide - old (2000) but generally useful info  -- http://www.comptechdoc.org/hardware/pc/begin/index.html 

Take Good Care of Your Computer Software, Data, & Hardware:


also,  http://www.computerhope.com/cleaning.htm  

Ergonomics - important for comfort and health - much more than just Carpal Tunnel Syndrome -  http://www.ergonomics.com/

OSHA Ergonomics Employee Health - www.osha.gov/SLTC/ergonomics/

Office Ergonomics Training - http://www.office-ergo.com/ 

Ergonomics at Work - http://www.combo.com/ergo/atwork.htm

Ergonomics.org - http://ergonomics.org/

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health -   -  http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/ergonomics/ 

The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Information Home Page- Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders - http://www.carpal-tunnel.com/

ErgoWeb.com   -  www.ergoweb.com/

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Networking:  How Ethernet Works - http://computer.howstuffworks.com/ethernet.htm

Networking:  Wireless Networking - Several very useful articles/sites -

Networking:  How Home Networking Works

Networking:  How hard is it to set up a network between two computers in my home?

Home Network Security - http://www.cert.org/tech_tips/home_networks.html

Networking/Telecommunications:  How Ubiquitous Networking Will Work

Telecommunications:  How Internet Infrastructure Works

Telecommunications:  How Carnivore Worked  (FBI)

Telecommunications:  Why was 911 chosen as the emergency phone number?

Telecommunications:  International Telecommunication Union

Telecommunications:  How Location Tracking Will Work

Telecommunications / Telephony:  How VoIP Works


Microsoft TRAINING home page: 

NEW !  Microsoft AUDIO courses  about  all things Microsoft!

PC Computer Notes & Hardware Tutorials  -  Start with "My Computer" Tutorials 

Computer Training Tutorials - Tutorials about everything related to computer hardware - some with interactive learning activities - http://www.ckls.org/~crippel/computerlab/tutorials/ 

REVISED site info:   Tech Tutorials: Free tutorials about computer technologies - http://www.techtutorials.net/   

Intro to MS Windows Tutorial - ver 2000 but much of it applicable to later versions - http://www.todayskills.com/introwindows/ 

Intro to Computers - A Beginners Guide -  http://www.grassrootsdesign.com/intro/index.php 

Microsoft in Education - Educator's Guide  -- Resources, including in-depth step-by-step tutorial guides for students, teachers, and staff on basics of MS Office, Excel & others

LearnThat.com - http://www.learnthat.com/courses/computer/ - provides very good  FREE tutorials/courses for MS Windows, Office, and lots of other software. 

 Education Online for Computers -  http://www.educationonlineforcomputers.com/ -   this site offers "Free Access To Over 500 Standard Courses  and Free Newsletter Subscription - as our thank you, we give you access to a ton of free templates and forms to use with your Office software!".  Here's a page of links to various services that provide free online tutorials/courses.

Useful Tips - Computer / Windows / Excel / Word by Karen Ellis  -  http://mywebpages.comcast.net/kellis1/computer_tips.htm 

EZResearch.com has specific lessons/tutorials for various Word tasks, such as text alignment, special effects, inserting a symbol, etc.
      http://www.ezresearch.com  click Computers link, Search "tutorial office" key words

Karyn's Toolkit - provides free MS Office tutorials, focusing on specific skills, such as Word shortcuts, using Clipart, using Autocorrect, etc.   http://tutorials.esmartweb.com/ 

NEW !!   LearningElectric.com -   Word and other MS Office and miscellaneous tutorials

Internet4Classrooms.com - basics and a "Beyond the Basics" section

Interactive Keyboard Graphic - What do those keys do?

Learn2Type - Typing Test & FREE Typing lessons   -  http://www.learn2type.com/ 

The Personal Computer and Its Construction - select SITE  MAP link for listing of tutorials -

With a bit of knowledge, you can do even more with computer systems:

Build your own computer -- -- http://www.hardwarecentral.com/hardwarecentral/tutorials/109/1/  

Building the Perfect PC -- -- http://www.hardwarecentral.com/hardwarecentral/tutorials/97/1/  

Installing a battery -- -- http://www.hardwarecentral.com/hardwarecentral/tutorials/14/1/ 

PC Show and Tell - Online Software How-To Tutorials - register for 24-hr free trial - 1 user ($30) -


REVISED site info:    The Brookings Institution - Computer Ethics Institute - includes NETIQUETTE - Ten Commandments


Centre for Applied Ethics - Global issues  - covers ethics in many areas, not just business and computers - http://www.ethicsweb.ca/resources/


Ethics in Computing  - Risks, Social Justice, Privacy, Commerce, etc - provides useful lessons and resources about Basics of Ethics in Computing, Risks, Computer Abuse, Social Justice, Intellectual Property Rights, Speech Issues, Commerce, Privacy, etc.


Think Quest - Computer Ethics - http://library.thinkquest.org/26658/


Computer Ethics Institute:  Intellectual Property Rights - http://www.cpsr.org/issues/ip/


Ethics on the World Wide Web site provides links to resources dealing with ethics in many areas, not just business and computers:
      http://commfaculty.fullerton.edu/lester/ethics/ethics_list.html  - CSU Fullerton -


Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility http://www.ccsr.cse.dmu.ac.uk/  
Its mission is to undertake research and provide teaching, consultancy and advice to individuals, communities, organisations and governments at local, national and international levels on the actual and potential impacts of computing and related technologies on society and its citizens.

Privacy: Can your PC be subpoenaed?  By Michael McCarthy The Wall Street Journal Online May 23, 2000


An On-line Interactive Course in Internet Ethics


Computer Ethics, Laws, Privacy Issues -  © Virginia Montecino


NEW !    StaySafeOnline.org  - National Cyber Security Alliance

NEW !    Watch the Security Video at  http://www.staysafeonline.info/video/stay_safe.wmv 

NEW !    Top 8 Cyber Security Practices  from  StaySafeOnline.org  - National Cyber Security Alliance (each is a link to detailed info)

Windows XP Security Home Page - use various security software, including firewalls (Windows XP includes a firewall), anti-virus and anti-spyware, AND keep your software updated:


IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Security and Privacy


Computer Security Institute - http://www.gocsi.com/


Home Computer Security - http://www.cert.org/homeusers/HomeComputerSecurity/


and the Microsoft Security at Home page  -  http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/default.mspx


ITSecurity.com - free assistance - http://www.itsecurity.com/


CERIAS Hotlist: Computer Security, Law and Privacy, Education, Organizations, Solutions


Yahoo! Directory - Security & Encryption - links


Computer Systems Security & Privacy Advisory Board/CSSPAB Home Page - established by the

Computer Systems Security Act of 1987


Ethics in Computing  - Privacy & Risks & Abuse
http://ethics.csc.ncsu.edu/privacy/  &  http://ethics.csc.ncsu.edu/risks/  & http://ethics.csc.ncsu.edu/abuse/


A Guide to Your Child's Safety on the Internet -



Home Network Security - http://www.cert.org/tech_tips/home_networks.html


Desktop Security Resources -

  • http://www.cert.org/advisories/

  • http://www.microsoft.com/technet/default.mspx

  • http://www.viruslist.com/en/viruses/encyclopedia

  • http://SecurityFocus.com

  • http://www.symantec.com/


    NEW !    Ten Commandments of PC Security --  by Paul Gil - Unearthed in a garage near Cupertino, California, experts have found special tablets. With decrees on how to deliver us from computer evils and save us from computer viruses and hackers, these Ten Commandments are good news for everyone. 
    Read and follow the commandments.  And honor thy firewall!


    NEW !    CyberAngels - volunteer organization, originally a group of parents whose children had been victimized.  Homefront site is their training courses for parents, children, etc.


    NEW !    TopTenReviews.com - reviews various software, including: 

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    General Excel Resources

    Microsoft Excel Home Page -- info, support, updates, solutions, examples, templates,...See links in section at bottom - Tools to Help You Work Smarter in Excel

    Microsoft in Education - Educator's Guide
    Resources, including in-depth step-by-step tutorial guides for students, teachers, and staff on basics of MS Office, Excel & others

    MS EXCEL2003 - Help / Support Center - http://support.microsoft.com/ph/2512

    Comprehensive Spreadsheet Resource - Excel - http://www.j-walk.com/ss/
    Comprehensive is an understatement! - San Diego's JWalk & Associates, Inc. provides one of the best sites on the WWW covering all facets of all major spreadsheets.

    Mathtools.net - Learning > Newsletters > Excel directory - The technical computing portal for all your scientific and engineering needs - featuring Microsoft Excel

    Learning Microsoft Excel - basics and useful tips - http://www.usd.edu/trio/tut/excel/index.html

    Pearson Software Consulting, LLC - Expert Excel & VBA Consulting -
    This web site is provided as a public service.  It includes terrific Excel, Office, and Visual Basic solutions.  Search for the skill/task you need to learn.

    Excel Worksheet Basics with Sample worksheets to download -- http://www.internet4classrooms.com/on-line_excel.htm

    Excel & Excel VBA Help.. Free MS Office Support -
    Use the forums to get answers to questions -  http://www.ozgrid.com/forum/

    Advanced Excel Add-Ins  & Tips -  -  http://www.digdb.com/ 

    Ask MrExcel.com - get useful responses - http://www.mrexcel.com/
       and strange Excel Function Clock :-)  http://www.mrexcel.com/excelfunctionclock.html 

    Excel - Free MS Office Support - Basic thru Advanced - register free
    Use the forums to get answers to questions -  http://www.ozgrid.com/forum/

    Free ExcelTips.com Email Newsletter - Sign up at - http://www.exceltips.com/

    Joseph Rubin's Excel Tips .com Free -   http://www.exceltip.com/

    FREE ElementKJournals.com Email TIPS on Excel &/or other apps - Sign up at -

    Cal Poly  Excel Resources - TUTORIALS for EXCEL and all other MS Office apps plus more

    Excel - Various Ways To Do Tasks  -  Use Mouse or Menu Bar or ShortCut Menu or Keyboard ShortCut to do all sorts of Excel tasks

    Excel Tutorials 
    (some of the General Excel Resources provide tutorials - some covering very specific concepts & skills)

    Basic Excel Tutorials - Free
    http://www.usd.edu/trio/tut/excel/  - Intro Level - includes functions
      -  http://www.chemistry.usna.edu/plebechem/excel_tutor/xlstut1.htm 
      -  http://www.wcu.edu/ccenter_inf/CatOnline/MSEX/
      -  http://www.fgcu.edu/support/office2000/excel/ -
    - good graphics
    http://www.uwec.edu/help/excel03.htm  - Excel 2003 Tutorials
      -  http://www.baycongroup.com/el0.htm - Very detailed steps with skills exercises
    http://www.compusmart.ab.ca/alummis/excel/exceltutorial.html  - step-by-step intro skills with detailed graphics

    Example:  http://www.microsoft.com/education/Excel2002Tutorial.aspx   -- Hands-on Tutorial Packs -- Analyzing Data with Excel 2002 -- Learn How To:

    • Gather real-world data from different sources, including text files, databases, and the Web
    • Use PivotTables® and PivotCharts® to ask questions of complex data
    • Save your analysis as an interactive Web page

    For basic steps to put various kinds of Excel object on the web, click on -- About Putting Excel data on the Web 

    For steps in creating and enhancing Excel worksheets, click on -- Publish interactive data to the Web using Excel and FrontPage

    NEW !    Microsoft.com  - Excel 2003 Tutorial courses
     - http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/training/CR061831141033.aspx 

    Put EXCEL OBJECTS ON THE WEB - basic steps tutorial
    About Putting Excel data on the Web 

    For steps in creating and enhancing Excel worksheets, click on -- Publish interactive data to the Web using Excel and FrontPage

    Businesssoft.about.com -- Free Excel tutorials  -- Functions & Formulas - basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.


    Excel Keyboard & Mouse Shortcuts for commands -

    PC Show and Tell - How-To Tutorials for a wide variety of software - register for 24-hr free trial - 1 user ($30) -  e.g. Excel XP = 1584 objects in this library as of 2/17/2005.

    Accounting Tips - Tutorial of accounting tips for Excel. Build an A/R system. Learn about forecasting techniques, comparative ratio analysis, ROI analysis, and more. Also, fee for service online Excel project assistance. - http://www.lacher.com/toc.htm

    Interactive Accounting, Business, Computer terminology and concepts exercises -

    NEW !   Go to CHARTS section below for chart tutorials

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    Functions & Formulas
    (some of the General Excel Resources provide tutorials - some covering very specific functions and formulas concepts & skills)

    Excel Functions  & Formulas
    http://www.meadinkent.co.uk/excel.htm = Index of Excel Functions
       - http://it.stlawu.edu/our_support/office/excel_functions.htm & common error messages
       - http://spreadsheets.about.com/od/excelfunctions/

       - http://www.functionx.com/excel/ 
    - http://www.stewartpubliclibrary.ca/Common%20Excel%20Functions%20and%20Formulas.htm

    Excel Function - Calculate the business hours between dates  -  http://www.freevbcode.com/ShowCode.asp?ID=5244

    Using an Excel worksheet - Basics of Using Functions - Internet4Classroom - http://www.internet4classrooms.com/excel_functions.htm

    Excel Functions - used for Sampling Data

    Financial Functions in Microsoft Excel - handouts including Excel Basics

    Selected Excel Financial Functions - And more, some rather exotic, Excel functions

    Pearson Software Consulting, LLC - Expert Excel & VBA Consulting - Macros & Functions -  http://www.cpearson.com/excel/differen.htm

    Mathtools.net - Excel Functions on Ranges - http://www.mathtools.net/Excel/Functions_on_ranges/

    Excel  - select Formulas & User-Defined Functions - http://www.barasch.com/excel/
    A list of hard to find, hard to write Excel formulas to solve common problems:

    • Formula FAQs
    • Grab the last part of a string into a new formula
    • Extract and count the number of like elements in the middle of a string
    • A customer wanted to show both the formula and results in the same cell. It’s not very smart or useful but it works.
    • Compare 2 columns of numbers and count if a condition exists
    • Longest formula I ever created
    • Functions - basic to esoteric and combinations
    • Using external number templates in a spreadsheet
    • Determine number of working days between 2 days excluding holidays
    • Determine exact date for company holidays into the future
    • Convert a Gregorian date to Julian date
    • Figure how many hours someone worked
    • Build better Array functions

     VLOOKUP - Microsoft tutorial page

     VLOOKUP - Step-by-step tutorial - example to determine the letter grade for numeric scores


    About.Com - Mathematics - Tutorial - very straightforward


    The Math Forum @ Drexel - What is the correct order of operations?  The purpose for this section is to understand how to build formulas and to avoid incorrect an over use of  parentheses.


    Order of Operations & Evaluating Expressions -  rules, self-scoring practice, learn it.  OK, so it's from a K-12 math course - if we do not know something well, a good resource is a good resource!


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    Specialized Tools
    (some of the General Excel Resources provide tutorials - some covering very specific concepts & skills for the following and more specialized tools)

    Solver Help  -  http://www.frontsys.com/xlhelp.htm
    Comprehensive Solver information, answers, how to's, tips, such as:

    • Help with specific Solver messages
    • If you aren't getting the solution you expect (12K)
    • If the solution process takes a long time (10K)
    • If you've exceeded problem size limits
    • Known problems in Microsoft Excel Solver
    • Hints on Using Specific Solver Features
    • Understanding the Solver Reports
    • Understanding the Solver Options
    • How the Solver handles constraints (10K)
    • Hints for building readable, manageable models (25K)
    • Controlling the Solver with macros and VBA
    • Optimization Concepts (from the Tutorial)
    • Elements of Solver models
    • Linear and nonlinear functions
    • Discontinuous and non-smooth functions
    • Algorithmic methods used by the Solver

    Solver Tutorial for Optimization Users  -
    http://www.solver.com/tutorial.htm includes sections about:

    Excel-VBA Tips and more - http://www.excel-vba.com/

    Free VB code - search "Excel" - http://www.freevbcode.com/

    EXCELTIP.COM on VBA Macros - Custom Functions -

    Pearson Software Consulting, LLC - Expert Excel & VBA Consulting -
    This web site is provided as a public service.  It includes terrific Excel, Office, and Visual Basic solutions.  Search for the skill/task you need to learn.
    e.g. Macros & Functions -

    Excel & Excel VBA Help.. Free MS Office Support -  - register free
    Use the forums to get answers to questions -  http://www.ozgrid.com/forum/

    NEW !     VBA for Microsoft Excel - tutorial 

    NEW !     Excel VBA - Variables and Data Types 

    NEW !     Excel VBA Examples

    NEW !     Anthony's VBA Page - Excel VBA tutorials, projects, etc. 

    NEW !     Introduction to VBA Excel - .pdf file tutorial. 

    NEW !     Indigoware - how to add context-sensitive HELP to Excel VBA applications 

    Macro Viruses
    Solid info from Microsoft about viruses written into Excel macros. As viruses are discovered, Microsoft provides add-in utilities to detect the virus, and has built-in those utilities for subsequent versions and releases.

    Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Forum - Office - Excel
    Home page for Developers who want to create custom solutions using MS Office products.  Search keyword "Excel". - http://msdn.microsoft.com/

    Risk Management - Product information on Financial CAD, a risk management add-in for Excel  (Free Trial available). FinancialCAD for Excel/PLUS for Excel - includes purchasing info. Everything you need to work with financial instruments and derivatives in Microsoft Excel. - http://www.fincad.com/ 

    Excel with Exl-Plan -- fastest, best way to prepare financial projections
    Entire business built on MS Excel technology. Some FREE stuff you can try out.

    PsyFunc Psychrometric Functions for Excel -- Add in for Excel  - download a full-featured free demo - http://www.linric.com/pfdown.htm

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     Linear Regressions with Excel

    Analyse-It - Linear Regression for Microsoft Excel - free trial download

    Multiple Linear Regression - free trial download

    Linear Regression - downloadable .PDF files

    Linear Regressions - Using Excel

    Graphing Linear Regressions in Excel  

    Essential Regression and Experimental Design --

    Slide Show - Linear Regression with Excel --

    Regression Using Excel's Solver --

       Excel Charts - What to use & when?  Types & Sub-types

    NEW !   Microsoft.com  - Overview tutorial - How to CREATE A CHART in EXCEL

     NEW !     Univ of Texas - Useful graphics and basic tips for Creating an Excel Chart (old but still good)

     NEW !     About.com - Another useful How To Create Excel Charts with very good graphics and tips

    NEW !   Microsoft tutorial about CHARTs of various types, including combination charts, and charts with secondary axes

    This page includes how to differentiate chart SUB-TYPES


    NEW !      Univ of Vermont -  Limited graphics but precise steps to Create and Manipulate an Excel Chart

    NEW !   LabWrite Resources - I like this q - quick tutorial - they use the correct terminology - GRAPHS

    NEW !   Better Solutions.com  -  Excel Charts HOW TO, from very basic, click F11 to create a quick chart, thru very detailed information, including how to effectively use the Chart Tool Bar


    College View -- A great resource for students. It gives great info about, you guessed it, colleges :-)

    *****  ASSIST.ORG - See if courses you take at AVC or any other CA public college or university are articulated (will transfer easily) to another CA public college or university.
       ASSIST is a computerized student-transfer information system that displays reports of how course credits earned at one California college or university can be applied when transferred to another.
       ASSIST is the official repository of articulation for California’s colleges and universities and therefore provides the most accurate and up-to-date information available about student transfer in California.


    Greetings site - is not business related but - all work and no play ....   

    Accounting Jokes - http://www.ahajokes.com/accounting_jokes.html 

    Business Jokes  - http://www.ahajokes.com/business_jokes.html

    Computer Jokes - http://www.ahajokes.com/computer_jokes.html

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    NEW !   Internet for Beginners - by Paul Gil - sign up for free newsletter

    including Student's Quick Reference Guide to Internet Research

     NEW !   LearnTheNet.com  - tutorials about all-things Internet and World Wide Web

     NEW !   Library at University at Albany - How to use Internet / WWW tutorials:

     NEW !   HowStuffWorks.com - Computer section - lots of useful tutorials/info

      NEW !   WebTeacher.org - Interactive, illustrated guides




    For those wondering how to go about a search, here are some tips:

    For our topics - business, accounting or bookkeeping, computers, small business startup, management, online e-commerce business, etc., - you would go to one of the search tools listed below and either (1) select a topic such as BUSINESS or eCOMMERCE or COMPUTER, then a subtopic such as ACCOUNTING or SMALL BUSINESS or HARDWARE or SOFTWARE, until you see links to websites that look promising;
    or (2) input key words or phrases, such as ACCOUNTING or COMPUTERS;
    or (3) in AskJeeves input a question, such as HOW DO IT START A SMALL BUSINESS? or HOW DO I UPLOAD A WEB PAGE?

    A list of sources will be provided, some with useful information.

    SINK OR SWIM site -- A good workshop on searching the Internet is at http://www.ouc.bc.ca/libr/connect96/search.htm

    Search About - useful search site - http://www.search.about.com

    SearchEngineWatch.com - all about, well, you know  .... http://searchenginewatch.com/

    NEW !     ISP Comparisons http://www.thelist.com/ 

    BASIC INFO ABOUT SEARCH TOOLS see Search Internet course page

    SEARCH INDEXES / DIRECTORIES - these create their own indexes of popular topics. So, if we're looking for general information about a fairly normal topic, like we are, we can usually get reliable results just by going to the site and selecting a topic, then a sub-topic -some good ones are

    GoTo -- http://www.goto.com
    Lycos -- http://www.lycos.com/
    Open Directory - http://dmoz.org
    Yahoo which calls the AltaVista search engine if there are few or no sites in its directory- http://www.yahoo.com

    META SEARCH ENGINES - send queries simultaneously to multiple Web search tools. When looking for specific or exotic information, using one of the following will generate large-scale searches utilizing several search tools at once:
    Ask Jeeves - : http://www.askjeeves.com/ just ask a question
    Cyber411: - http://cyber411.com/ Searches 16 search tools
    Dogpile: - http://www.dogpile.com/ searches newsgroups, too
    SavvySearch: - http://www.savvysearch.com full-featured
    ProFusion - http://www.profusion.com

    INDIVIDUAL SEARCH ENGINES - Search engines check your key words against a database most often created automatically, by "spiders" or "robots" - with these you are not searching the web "live"

    AltaVista - http://www.altavista.com
    Excite - http://www.excite.com
    Google - http://www.google.com
    HotBot - http://www.hotbot.com
    Infoseek - http://infoseek.go.com

    OTHER BROWSERS instead of Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer:

    C|Net Latest in Browsers
    The latest news about browsers from C|Net.

    Cello Web Browser
    A multipurpose Internet browser that allows access to the myriad information resources of the Internet.

    HotJava Web Browsers
    A lightweight, highly customizable solution for OEMs and developers creating Web-enabled devices and applications.

    Lynx Web Browser
    Possibly the most widely used text mode browser on the Internet.

    NCSA Mosaic Web Browser
    The last version of NCSA Mosaic for Windows was version 3.0.  It should be noted that version 3.0 is Windows 95/NT specific.

    Opera Web Browser
    A refreshingly different Internet Client that has a number of features that undoubtedly make it the Number 1 for the serious online computer user.

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    Paperless Copies of Web Pages & Email and Discussion Messages

    Select the Email or BB message you want to save. Be sure to Click once inside the message to be sure the frame it's in is selected. Then from the FILE menu, select SAVE FRAME AS if this command is available, else use SAVE AS, select FILE, choose the location to which you want the document to be saved.

    If you are in EMAIL or Discussion Forums, the default filename will refer to the server and will not identify the message.  So, change the name to something that describes what you're saving. I always include  _em for email and _bb for forums messages to help remember the source.

    Don't type the file extension and don't use periods (dots).

    Then to view the file later, either Option (1) find the file in My Computer or Windows Explorer and double click on it to open your browser and open the file. Yes, you can use your browser OFFLINE - without dialing up your ISP - howabouthat!!

    Option (2) would be to open your browser, or use one that's open and select FILE, OPEN, BROWSE to find the file you want to view and double click on it to view it in the browser.

    Cool, huh!! Let me know if any questions - Kathy Moore

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    SEMESTER PROJECT IDEAS - Stumped about what to focus on for the Semester Project?  The purpose is to do something that interests you, and then fill it up with lots of non-repetitive Excel skills.  You'll only get ONE occurrence of a skill credited, so don't spend time repeating skills.

    Check out some of these ideas and run with them, loading them up with all the skills you've learned.

     Your textbook has ADDITIONAL CASES, just after Tut 12 and before Appendix 1.  They might give you some ideas from which to build a great project. 
        Others have used them as a foundation.  Don't use their numbers or exactly copy them, because you need to do original work.  Copying anyone else's work for these projects, or for anything you do, is not okay and won't earn any credit.
         But you can certainly use the skills exactly as they have them done, just as you can use the skills just as they are done in any of the tutorials or appendices. 
        However, be sure you work the skills into a sensible use for your project.

    Webpage titled "Excel Suggestions" - what could be better?  These are from a 1999 workshop, by Elizabeth Brunner, quite simple, but you can get ideas and build lots more Excel skills into them.  These don't use lots of skills, but lots more could be added to it.  These skills are introductory, and you'll be learning them early on.

    CHEM LAB Excel Spreadsheets Projects - with tutorials and scientific Excel projects, if that interests your or might be of value -

    Does your project require coordination of various components across time?  Consider using a GANTT project chart - simple and useful:

    Some clever K-12 Excel projects if you're interested.  Some of these are not useful as the basis for the CA121 project, but they're fun to do.  Also, it's interesting to see what elementary school kids can do with Excel.

    And another page of K-12 projects

    MrExcel.com is an excellent overall Excel site. Here's a page of project ideas, including some great ideas that I haven't seen done before by any of my students:

    Internet4Classrooms is another excellent overall excel site.  Here's a page of how-to skills and some interesting project ideas.

    Analytical / Statistical projects:

    Interactive Excel webpages that you can download for various science projects:

    NEW !      eMints.org - numerous ideas for doing classroom projects that include the use of Microsoft Excel. There are many examples of using timelines, graphs, and probability charts  

    This page is ALWAYS under construction.    If you find good, course-relevant resources, post the info as a message into the Blackboard Communication area / Discussion Board /  Dialogue Chamber Q&A forum.
    Also, let me know if there are any broken links.  Websites come and go, and get revised all the time.

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    For more information please use following Links graphic - not a link:


      FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) - Assignments, DUE dates, Download Data Files

      Semester Project Instructions
      Submit Assignments as Attachments / Using WinZip file compression

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