Physical Geography Lab  
antarctica map
1 unit
3 hours weekly
Prerequisite: Completion of GEOG 101 or concurrent enrollment.

Provides students with a “hands-on” introduction to the processes at work shaping Earth’s surfaces. This class provides an introduction to the methods used to present spatial relationships found in our physical environment. Students will identify, explore, analyze, and compare methods used in mapping and expressing spatial relationships. Students will develop fundamental geographic skills that can be used in a variety of professional situations.

Syllabus, Fall 2016 (pdf, 51kb)
Schedule, Fall 2016 (pdf, 55kb)
Latest Grades, Fall 2016 (pdf, 12kb)

Physical Geography Lab Manual

Convert Program Download (link to Josh Madison's page)
Download topo maps (link to USGS, click on Map Locator)
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Careers in geography (link to AAG)

Final Prep Lab (pdf)
Final Prep Lab Key (pdf)
Lancaster West Topo Map (pdf, 6.75mb)