GEOG 106
California Geography  
california bear flag

3 units, 3 hours weekly
Advisory: Completion of ENGL 101 and Eligibility for College Level Reading, and Completion of GEOG 101 or GEOG 105.

This course will explore California’s diverse physical, cultural and economic geography. Students will be exploring the many relationships between the State’s past, present and future physical, historical, cultural and economic landscapes and examine California’s modern landscapes. Students will also explore issues faced by all Californians: growing population, limited resources, water, urbanization, agriculture, etc. This course will be valuable for geography majors, future teachers, transfer students, and anyone with an interest in California. (CSU, UC, AVC)
Syllabus, Spring 2014 (pdf, 57kb)
Schedule, Spring 2014 (pdf, 55kb)
Blackboard Login Page (for class readings)
Study Guide, Midterm 1, Spring 2014 (pdf, 55kb)
Study Guide, Midterm 2, Spring 2014 (pdf, 55kb)

Mapping Assignment #1 (pdf, 45kb)
Map #1 (pdf, 216kb)
Migration project (pdf, 46kb)
World map for Migration Project (pdf, 783kb)
USA map for Migration Project (pdf, 189kb)
California map for Migration Project (pdf, 107kb)

Debate Topics (pdf, 37kb)
Debate Rubric (pdf, 53kb)

Research Paper Instructions (pdf, 49kb)
Final grades, 06/04/2014 (pdf, 31kb)