GEOG 205
Introduction to GIS  
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3 units
3 hours weekly
Advisory: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in GEOG 201 or FTEC 201 and Completion of or concurrent enrollment in MATH 102, Completion of CA 103 and MATH 080, and Eligibility for College Level Reading and ENGL 101.
Instructional materials fee required for this course and must be paid at registration.

This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Students will explore the methods, technology and software used to capture, manage, analyze and present geographic data. Students will use their knowledge to complete a GIS project in a field of interest. This course is intended for Geography/GIS majors and persons interested using GIS in professional settings.
Syllabus, Fall 2014 (pdf, 61kb)
Schedule, Fall 2014 (pdf, 38kb)
GIS Readings, Resources, & Exercises

Take-home midterm #1
Skill set for midterm #1
Resume Example
Final project instructions
Developing your final project
Final project examples

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