GEOG 221
Spatial Analysis in GIS  
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3 units
3 hours weekly
Prerequisite: Completion of GEOG 205. Advisory: Completion of MATH 080 and MATH 102, and Completion of or concurrent enrollment in MATH 115, and Eligibility for College Level Reading and ENGL 101.
Instructional materials fee required for this course and must be paid at registration.

This course provides a general survey of the fundamentals of spatial information systems and a survey of quantitative techniques applicable to spatial data. This course is focused on the functionality of GIS as an effective tool for modeling and analyzing complex spatial relationships. The applications of a variety of quantitative methods will be explored using GIS software including ArcGIS and ArcInfo. Students will use their knowledge to complete a GIS project. (CSU, UC, AVC)
Syllabus, Fall 2015 (pdf, 63kb)
GIS Readings, Resources, & Exercises
ESRI Spatial Analysis Course (link to external site)
Take-home exam (pdf, 25kb)
Final Project (pdf, 29kb)