GEOG 298A, GEOG 298B, GEOG 298C
Special Studies in GIS  
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1 unit, 2.3 hours weekly; 2 units, 4.6 hours weekly; 3 units, 7 hours weekly
Prerequisite: Completion of GEOG 205. Advisory: Completion of MATH 080 and Eligibility for College Level Reading and ENGL 101, and Eligibility for MATH 115.
Instructional materials fee required for the two and three-units courses and must be paid at registration.

These courses provide students with the opportunity to work independently on a GIS project. Students will use GIS skills to collect data, model and analyze complex spatial relationships. BEFORE ENROLLING students must have computer skills, knowledge of georeferencing, coordinate systems, process of data capture, data management and analysis, and the skills necessary to produce a GIS map. These courses are intended for Geography/GIS majors and persons interested in using GIS in professional settings. Students will enroll in the section that will match their specific project time commitment and be awarded units accordingly.
Syllabus, Fall 2015 (pdf)
GIS Readings, Resources, & Exercises