Some Essential GIS/Cartography Reading
  • DeMers, Michael (2003) Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems
  • Dent, Borden (1990) Cartography: Thematic map design
  • Holmes, Nigel (1984) Designer's guide to creating charts and diagrams
  • Imhof, Edward (1982)[1965] Cartographic relief presentation
  • Joćo, Elsa Maria (1998) Causes and consequences of map generalization
  • Keates, J.S. (1973) Cartographic design and production
  • Lupton, Ellen (2004) Thinking with type: A critical guide for designers, writers, editors, and students
  • McClelland, Deke and Sandee Cohen (2000) Real world Adobe Illustrator
  • Monmonier, Mark (1993) Mapping it out
  • Robinson, Arthur et al.(1995) Elements of cartography
  • Tufte, Edward (1983) The visual display of quantitative information
  • White, Jan (1984) Using charts and graphs: 1000 ideas for visual persuasion
  • Williams, Robin (2004) The non-designer's design book
  • Williams, Robin (2003) The Mac is not a typewritter

Deep Cuts

  • Mitchell, Andy (2005)The ESRI guide to GIS analysis, Vol. 2: Spatial measurements & statistics