GIS and Cartography links
AVC GIS reading and resources
Essential GIS/Cartography reading
Geosearch (Geospatial Jobs)
NASA remote sensing tutorial
Geoportail (French GIS site)

General Geography links
Association of American Geographers
National Geographic Society
California Geographical Society
Association of Pacific Coast Geographers
CSUN Geography
San Diego State Geography
CSULB Geography
CSUF Geography
Cal State LA Geography
CSUSB Geography
UCLA Geography
UCSB Geography
Cal Geography

Cultural Geography links
So you want to be a cultural geographer... essential reading
United Nations
World Bank

GPS links
Essential GPS/Navigation reading
Garmin GPS

Physical Geography links
United States Geological Survey
USGS earthquake resources
USGS volcano resources
NASA Science
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
UA Climate Change Lectures

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Red Meat Comics
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