AVC's ESL Study Center What a Concept!

Introduction With the help of those in the AVC Learning Center (especially the Writing Center 's Diane Flores-Kagan) and a $40,000 grant from Verizon, the ESL Study Center (ESC) has been serving the needs of English language learners for the past several years.

1) The Components of the ESC  

•  Space for everything and everyone


•  Resources which are varied and effective


•  Tutors who care for students


•  Students who are motivated

2) The Benefits of the ESC

•  Technology (hardware, software, texts, games, etc.)


•  Interaction (with tutors or other students in small groups)


•  Comfort (a low-stress, learner-centered environment)


•  Customization (both high and low Ss get what they need/want)

3) The Services of the ESC

•  Individual work


•  One-on-One Tutoring


•  Group Tutoring