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Ready or Not?


Scott and Priscilla Jenison

English as a Second Language

Antelope Valley College

A) The Arrangements

     1) Pick a course/courses (based on the COR: Course Outline of Record) (Which skills/levels?).

     2) Get approval. For a CCC, submit a course TMI (Technologically Mediated Instruction) Form. (Online or hybrid?)

     3) Select the course management system (e.g., Blackboard, Moodle), and coures curriculum, preferably with an

          online component (e.g., Pearson Longman's FOGi and Northstar Lab).

     4) Build the course. (This can take at least two weeks to inititally set up a "shell".)

     5) Promote the course (e.g., class announcements, ads in the schedule, ESL webpage)!

B) The Benefits

      1) It's Visual. Vigorous use of reading/writing skills are demanded. (No more "blah-blah-blah" teacher talk)

     2) It's Flexible. Students and instructors can do the work on their own time (asyncronous).

     3) It's Economical. There can be a big time/$ savings when transportation to/from a classroom is not required.

     4) It's Individual. Students work independently and at their own pace (but within the academic term).

     5) It's Simple. It is very convenient for the instructor to maintain, run, and rerun the course AFTER it is set up.

Positive Student Feedback:

"It likes me because I can take my lesson in anytime and anywhere. As housewife it give me the opportunity to attend my home and my husband, and I can stay home. However, I also can go to visit my family out this country and I don't go miss lessons."

"What I like is that it's convenient.  You just do your work at any time of the day."

"This is my first time taking an online class, and i really like it. I work full time and i also have 2 young kids, so for me the idea of not having to go to class is really convenient."

" I really enjoy this class it helps me to understand nouns, adjectives, sentence structure and so. I am not taking this class as a second language, I need it to help me understand and use the English I was born speaking. I am an afro-American 55 year old. In your class I have learned a lot and I hope I can continue to learn under your teachings. There is nothing I don't like about this class I recommend it to any one who have problems with the basics of English. This is a hard language to understand the proper way to use it. Thank you for all your help and support.

"I love my online class because I can practice any time, and you have several attemps and I can practice until get it."

C) The Cons

      1) It's Technical. Students must have access to a computer/internet and should have some keyboarding skills.

     2) It's Asocial. Although students can and do interact within forums, it employs an independent mode of study.

     3) It's Virtual. Because it is virtual and not physical (face-to-face), students may not feel "a sense of community".

     4) It's Attritional. There is a tendency for students to drop out for a variety of reasons.

     5) It's Formidible. It initially takes a LOT of time/effort for the instructor to create (and Ss to engage in) the course.

Negative Student Feedback:

"Sometimes I don't understand some thinks on grammar notes on the book, and I need send you e-mails in order to ask you about it. It does not like me a lot because I think I can't explain you well what exactly I don't understand. In this context I prefer to have a verbal communication than writing communication. Also, in my opinion I think that in the class room we have the opportunity of interact with classmates and we can learn more one another."

"I have no dislikes."

"Until now, there is nothing i dont like."

"There is nothing that I don't like is perfect for me since I am full time mother and full time worker."

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