World Culture


WHAT is the EXPO?

The EXPO is a multi-sensory, educational display of the many different first cultures represented at AVC,

especially the first cultures of our ESL students.

(WHY?) WHAT is the purpose of the EXPO?

The EXPO has several purposes:

to promote diversity education and appreciation of world cultures at AVC;

to provide English language practice for ESL students;

to network AVC students from similar or different first cultures.

WHEN is the EXPO?

The EXPO is usually during the day hours of a Wednesday and Thursday in April or May.

WHERE is the EXPO?

The EXPO is usually in or near the AVC cafeteria.

HOW is MY EXPO presentation done?

1) Get a poster board.

2) Include things that are:

Informational (the country's name at the top, data, culture, photos, flags, maps)

Personal (MY hometown, family, friends, hobbies, school, class writing, favorite things)

Multi-sensory (small food/drink samples, music, artwork, clothing, flowers/plants, pictures)

Remember, all EXPO students...

...are teachers and experts on their first cultures!

...practice their English with others at AVC!

...receive grades on their presentations!

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