World Culture



"What a Wonderful World!"

(A multi-sensory display of our ESL immigrant and international students' first cultures)

A Taste of Culture!

Sonia from El Salvador has the spirit!

Sandra loves LA!

Iris from El Salvador

Lalitha from Sri Lanka

Esther and Amy represent awesome Asia!

Mexico teaches us some dance moves!

The Middle East was "in the house"!

Rush hour at the EXPO!

Jessica and Sandra represent Guatemala with excellence!

Roberto from Pero and Scott Jenison.

The heart of Ecuador!

Eduardo includes the five senses!

Amazing Armenia!

South Korea brought Korean sushi!

Not just a taste, but a feast!

Tova Schilling and her ESL 019 Students

Scott Jenison and his ESL020 (AM) Students (and friends)


Mr. Jenison and his ESL020 (PM) Students

Stephen Burries with his ESL 039 Students

Scott Jenison and his ESL 049 Students (and friends)