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Scott Lee, M.S.L.S.

    Information Competency Librarian / Assistant Professor

    Candidate for Ed.D. in Educational Leadership - 2009
        University of California, Los Angeles
   Master of Science in Library Science
        Catholic University of America (Washington, DC) - 1997
Bachelor of Art in Media & Theatre Arts
        Montana State University (Bozeman, MT)  - 1993
   Associate of Art in Visual Communications Technologies
        Montgomery College (Rockville, MD) - 1991


I spent  my early career working as a librarian in public libraries.  I first worked for the public library of Washington, DC (94 - 98), where I was born and raised, and then for the public library in Sacramento, CA (98 - 2001).  

In all of my library experience I integrated teaching into my job.  In D.C., I taught workshops on using computers and the Internet.  In Sacramento, I also worked with Internet training, and eventually was hired as the Library Technology Trainer, which made me responsible for training staff and patrons in the use of computer software, databases and the Internet.

I came to AVC in February of 2001 as an Adjunct Librarian and was hired for my current position in August of 2001.


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