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I teach four courses about library and information research skills.  All are either taught in Rm. L118 of the library or online.  

LIB 101 - Introduction to Library Research
2 Credits

This course covers the basics of library research.  Use of reference materials, library catalogs, databases and the Internet will be covered.  Evaluation of information for academic quality is heavily stressed.


LIB 105 - Introduction to Library & Information
3 Credits

This course covers all of the same materials as LIB 101, plus has addition information about the history and development of libraries and research tools and the libraries place in a society.


LIB 107 - Information Competency
3 Credits (Online Class Available)

This course is based on the Association of College & Research Libraries standards for Information Literacy.  Many colleges and universities require you to meet these standards to graduate.


LIB 110 - Introduction to Internet Research
1 Credit (Online Class Only)

This course teaches you how to use the Internet as an academic research tool.  

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