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Aerial view of Surfrider Beach, Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon, CA © 2009 Google Maps
L to R: Malibu Colony, Malibu Lagoon, Surfrider Beach, Adamson House,  PCH, Malibu Pier.

NOVEMBER 11, 2011 (46 Species)

Weather: Partly cloudy with increasing cloudiness, wind and light rain by 1500 hrs. Winds ENE 5 mph; 60F to 68F; Tide high; outgoing.

Time: 0936 - 1505 hrs.

Observers: Merissa Mendez and I.

Areas Covered: Malibu Lagoon State Beach (ML). We walked the main trails through the riparian, marsh, lagoon and to the southwest (breached) channel. We covered the southeast portion of the shoreline and lagoon by walking back along PCH to the Malibu Pier (MP) and Surfrider Beach (SB). We included a brief survey of the Adamson House yard (AH), the adjacent shopping center (MSC) and the north boundary of Malibu Colony yards and gardens (MC). Nearshore waters were surveyed from the Malibu Pier (MP), where there were several fishermen but otherwise little foot-traffic and boat traffic (one LACO Lifeguard boat was working the area immediately south of the pier). The lagoon was nearly full, including the sw backwater marsh and channels. Many more waterbirds were present in the lagoon compared with our last survey on October 21, 2011 (see notes below). Birds of seasonal and/or distributional interest found today included, Pacific Loon, Common Loon, Red-breasted Merganser, Semipalmated Plover, Ruddy Turnstone, Glaucous-winged Gull and Lucy's Warbler.


Gadwall  12 (m,f) swimming in channel, ML.

American Wigeon  8 (m,f)  edge of lagoon, ML.

Mallard   10 (m,f)  edge of lagoon, ML.

Northern Shoveler   25 (m,f) edge of lagoon, ML.

Green-winged Teal  2  (m,f)  mudflats at edge of lagoon, ML.

Bufflehead  4  (m,f)  middle of channel near PCH bridge, ML.

Red-breasted Merganser   8 (f) a cohesive flock skim-racing and submarining in lagoon (photo).

Red-breasted Merganser  south Malibu Lagoon, November 11, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                                          © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Ruddy Duck   12  (m,f) resting in main channel by PCH bridge.

Pacific Loon  3 (ad, imm)   diving near BRCO, DCCO, BRPE, WEGR  in feeding frenzy of topsmelt near pier (MP - photo).

Pacific Loon (immature)   Malibu Pier, November 11, 2011

                                                                                                      © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Gavia sp. (pacifica?)   1 imm. (note paler gray coloration than G. pacifica (above); small white patch on flank, suggesting a juvenile G. arctica) diving near pier, MP (photo).

Gavia sp.  Malibu Pier, November 11, 2011

                                                                                                                             © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Pied-billed Grebe  2 (ad, imm) swimming in lagoon, ML.

Eared Grebe  2  diving near shore, ML.

Western Grebe   60  nearshore, MP; further offshore, ML. Diving for topsmelt in loose flocks and with DCCO, BRCO, PALO, BRPE, HRGU.

Clark's Grebe  1  in loose flock of  WEGR, MP.

Double-crested Cormorant    50 (ad, imm)   resting, swimming, ML;  diving, MP.

Brandt's Cormorant   5  diving for topsmelt in mixed species flock, MP (photo).

Brandt's Cormorant   Malibu Pier, November 11, 2011

                                                                                                                       © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Brown Pelican  18 (ad, imm)  resting in lagoon; diving successfully in shallow schools of small fish nearshore, MP.

Great Blue Heron  2   edge of lagoon and marsh, ML.

Great Egret  1  flying over lagoon, ML.

Snowy Egret  20  edges of marsh and lagoon, ML.

Red-tailed Hawk  1 (ad)  on utility pole, n side of PCH.

American Kestrel  1  (m) in tall Eucalyptus tree at edge of field, MSC.

Sora  1  calls,  marsh, sw ML.

American Coot   250   scattered around edges of lagoon and marsh.

Black-bellied Plover   120 (bsc. plmg.)   resting on sandbar; foraging on shore and rocky tidepools (photo).

Black-bellied Plover   south Malibu Lagoon, November 11, 2011

                                                                                                                              © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Semipalmated Plover  1  on sandbar with SNPL, s ML (photo).

Semipalmated Plover  south Malibu Lagoon, November 11, 2011

                                                                                                                           © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Snowy Plover   24   on beach behind the high tide mark in deep sand; GGAR in same area as Oct. 21, 2011 ML (photo).

Snowy Plover (GGAR)  with other SNPL in same beach area. November 11, 2011.

                                                                                                                                           © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Killdeer  4  on lagoon shore, ML.

Greater Yellowlegs  1  calls (unseen) w ML.

Whimbrel  8  foraging in tidepools, ML.

Sanderling   80  a large, cohesive flock initially present on outer shore, SRB.

Least Sandpiper  3   flying low over lagoon; landing on w shore.

Long-billed Dowitcher  1 (imm)  on inner shore of lagoon, w ML (photo).

Long-biled Dowitcher (immature)   sw Malibu Lagoon, November 11, 2011

                                                                                                               © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Heermann's Gull   25  (ad, imm) in and around lagoon; nearshore with BRPE, WEGR, ML, MP.

Ring-billed Gull    12   (ad, imm)  edges of lagoon, outer shore, ML.

California Gull   130  (ad, imm)  in lagoon, on beach, ML.

Western Gull   85 (ad, imm) in lagoon, inner and outer shore; nearshore waters (photo).

Western Gull (C2)  south Malibu Lagoon, November 11, 2011

                                                                                                                                  © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Glaucous-winged Gull 1 (ad) outer shore and tidepools, SRB (photo).

Glaucous-winged Gull (adult)    Surfrider Beach, Malibu, November 11, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                                              © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Elegant Tern  1  flying over outer beach and lagoon, ML.

Rock Pigeon  50  around buildings, shopping center and pier.

Mourning Dove   3  flying, landing in tall trees, AH.

Anna's Hummingbird  3   calls, flowering shrubs, MC, AH.

Allen's Hummingbird  15   calls, flowering shrubs, MC, AH, ML.

Belted Kingfisher  1  fly, call, se lagoon, ML.

Black Phoebe   4  edge of marsh and riparian, ML, AH.

Say's Phoebe  1 on fence adjacent to large vacant lot, MSC (photo).

Say's Phoebe    Malibu, November 11, 2011

                                                                                   © 2011 Callyn Yorke










OCTOBER 21, 2011 (66 Species)

Weather: Overcast with low fog, partially clearing by 1130 hrs. 65F. Winds wnw 2-5 mph. Tide medium, outgoing.

Time: 0915 - 1400 hrs.

Observers: Dan Byrne, Merissa Mendez and I.

Area Covered: Lagoon, marsh, mudflats, shoreline, nearshore waters, riparian, ruderal fields; Surfrider Beach, Malibu Pier, Adamson House, Malibu Colony and shopping center were included in the survey area. Very low water level in Malibu Creek left dry channels and mudflats exposed throughout the backwater sections (nw) of the lagoon. Malibu Creek breached the outer sandbar on the southwest end of the estuary, resulting in a narrow, swift-flowing channel that we had to cross to access the southeastern lagoon and shore. Very few beachgoers were present until about 1130 hrs. The entire lagoon and adjacent shoreline was quiet and largely undisturbed throughout most of our survey. The sandbar island in the southern lagoon area, now connected to the beach, was easily accessed beyond the creek channel. Most of the waterbirds were in the rocky lagoon shallows north of the beach and former sand island; many birds moved to the exposed tidepools by early afternoon. Purple urchin (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus) and assorted kelp and algal species remains were abundant on the shoreline and edge of the lagoon. A Eurasian Wigeon or AMWI x EUWI was found today in the lagoon.


Gadwall  8 (m,f)  swimming, dabbling,  w, e, edge of the lagoon.

Eurasian Wigeon ( or possible AMWI x EUWI)   1 (f)  swimming  w edge of the lagoon (photo).

 Eurasian Wigeon (female) Malibu Lagoon, October 21, 2011

                                                                     © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Mallard  5  (m,f) swimming, resting,  w edge of the lagoon.

Northern Shoveler  10 (f)  swimming, dabbling throughout, central lagoon (photo).


Northern Shoveler  (female) central Malibu Lagoon, October 21, 2011

                                                                                      © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Northern Pintail  1 (f) swimming, central lagoon.

Green-winged Teal  1 (f)  dabbling, edge of lagoon,e.

Surf Scoter  5 (f; imm)  between Surfrider Beach and pier, flying low, fast, nearshore, se.

Ruddy Duck  5  (m,f)  edge of lagoon, e.

Pied-billed Grebe  1  edge of lagoon, e.

Western Grebe  12  nearshore, around pier; calls, e.

Brown Pelican   45   (ad, imm) resting in lagoon; diving in lagoon; nearshore.

Brandt's Cormorant  1  flying, low, east nearshotre.

Double-crested Cormorant   25  resting in lagoon.

Pelagic Cormorant  1  possibly sick or injured; resting on beach; remiges appeared damaged; did not fly when approached (photo).

Pelagic Cormorant  Surfrider Beach, Malibu, October 21, 2011

                                                                                          © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Great Blue Heron  4  edges of lagoon.

Great Egret  3  edges of lagoon.

Snowy Egret  30  forgaging at edges of lagoon.

Sora  1  calls, north marsh.

American Coot   250 (ad; a few imms.)    in and around edges of lagoon

Black-bellied Plover  200   resting on rocky shore in lagoon and tidepools; flocks flying nearshore.

Snowy Plover    10  small, cohesive flock resting in small depressions on beach; one with color leg bands (photo).

This bird was banded this summer as a chick (HY) in Oceano Dunes (San Luis Obispo County), fide Frances Bidstrup.

Snowy Plover with color leg bands (GG/ AR ) Malibu Lagoon, Oct. 21, 2011

                                                                                                                  © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Killdeer  12   shorelines around lagoon.

American Avocet  3   resting at edge of lagoon.

Willet    10   edge of lagoon and tidepool.

Spotted Sandpiper 1    interior shoreline of lagoon.

Whimbrel 15  edge and interior of lagoon and tidepool with gulls and other shorebirds (photo).

Whimbrel  with HRGU, CAGU   Malibu Lagoon, October 21, 2011.

                                                                                                                     © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Ruddy Turnstone   2  interior shoreline of lagoon with BLTU (photo).

Ruddy Turnstone (left) and Black Turnstone,  Malibu Lagoon, October 21, 2011

                                                                                                                                           © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Black Turnstone  8   small flocks foraging on interior shorelines and in tidepool (photo).

Black Turnstone, Malibu Lagoon, October 21, 2011

                                                                                                                   © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Sanderling    8   in tidepool briefly, then flying out of area.

Least Sandpiper   12  foraging on lagoon shoreline, ne.

Dunlin  5  foraging with LESA  on interior lagoon shoreline, ne.(photo).

Dunlin, Malibu Lagoon, October 21, 2011

                                                                 © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Short-billed Dowitcher  2 foraging on dry shoreline, e (photo).

Short-billed Dowitcher, Malibu Lagoon, October 21, 2011

                                                                                             © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Heermann's Gull    5 (ad, imm)  outer shore and tidepool (see above photo).

Ring-billed Gull  1 (C1)  outer shore (photo).


Ring-billed Gull (immature: first cycle) Malibu Lagoon, October 21, 2011

                                                                                                                     © 2011 Callyn Yorke


California Gull   120  (ad, imm) resting in shallow rocky islets of lagoon; tidepool (see above photo).

Western Gull    85  (ad, imm)  resting in lagoon and on outer shore; tidepool (photo).

Western Gull (immature: early second cycle) with Purple Sea Urchin, Malibu Lagoon, October 21, 2011

                                                                                                                    © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Glaucous-winged Gull 1 (ad)  resting on outer beach (photo).

Glaucous-winged Gull (adult) Malibu Lagoon, October 21, 2011

                                                                                                                        © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Elegant Tern   6  flying over nearshore waters; bathing in lagoon.

Forster's Tern  1  flying low over lagoon briefly then leaving the area.

Rock Pigeon  10  around Malibu Pier and adjacent commercial area.

Anna's Hummingbird  3   garden of Adamson House; calls; Malibu Colony yards.

Allen's Hummingbird   8 (m,f)   calls; male displaying, saltbush scrub, ML; garden, AH.

Belted Kingfisher  1  flying over lagoon, calls.

Black Phoebe   6  brushy edge of marsh and lagoon; AH.

Say's Phoebe  1  low perch in  salt marsh near southern wooden bridge.

American Crow   14  foraging in piles of kelp on beach and edge of lagoon (photo).

American Crow, Malibu Lagoon, October 21, 2011

                                                                                              © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Barn Swallow  3-5  flying low over kelp beds near shore.

Oak Titmouse  1 calls, Malibu Colony gardens.

Bushtit  16   two vocal, active flocks, MC and ne shrubs by parking lot.

Bewick's Wren   4  calls, song in saltbush scrub around marsh; MC garden; AH.

House Wren   1 calls, MC.

Marsh Wren   1  calls, song   nw marsh.

Northern Mockingbird 1   singing on utility pole, MC.

European Starling    15   fly, call, MC; AH.

Yellow-rumped Warbler  20  (m,f)  small flocks in riparian and gardens.

Common Yellowthroat   10  calls in marsh-riparian edge; MC garden.

Spotted Towhee  1 singing briefly in small tree at edge of lagoon (photo).

Spotted Towhee, Malibu Lagoon, October 21, 2011

                                                                                         © 2011 Callyn Yorke

California Towhee  1  calls, nw gardens.

Savannah Sparrow  3   calls, edge of marsh, lagoon, ruderal trailside.

Song Sparrow   8   active, vocal in marsh, edge of gardens (photo).

Song Sparrow, Malibu Lagoon, October 21, 2011


                                                                                                                             ©  2011 Callyn Yorke

White-crowned Sparow   20    vocal, active,  riparian, brushy edges of marsh; gardens.

Red-winged Blackbird  1 (f)  edge of marsh, nw.

Brewer's Blackbird  2   adjacent commercial area.

Great-tailed Grackle    6  (m,f)   Three males foraging together on beach in piles of kelp and debris (photo); competing with BLTU for food item.

Great-tailed Grackle   (males)  Malibu Lagoon, October 21, 2011.

                                                                                                                                                                                       © 2011 Callyn Yorke

House Finch    10  calls, song; gardens, riparian, yards.

House Sparrow   5   garden, adjacent commercial area, calls, AH.








SEPTEMBER 25, 2011  MALIBU LAGOON (72 Species)

Weather: Overcast with light drizzle; 63F. Wind WNW  1-3 mph.

Time: 0746 - 1300 hrs.

Observers: Merissa Mendez and I.

Area Covered: We walked the trails through and around the lagoon, surveying lagoon, marsh, shoreline, Malibu Colony gardens (MC), ruderal fields, outer shore, tidepools and nearshore waters. Increasing numbers of surfers began arriving by 0900 hrs. Several other birders were present during our survey. Conditions were good for finding and identifying birds. We used a 10x42 binocular and a DSLR camera for our survey. Our initial search of the shoreline with piles of kelp did not result in any sightings of a Northern Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe), reported and photographed here by Daniel Tinoco on September 23, 2011 (a number of other birders reportedly also failed to refind this bird at Malibu Lagoon. NOWH , an Siberian-Alaskan breeder, wintering in sub-Saharan Africa and Iraq, has been documented in California at least eleven times prior to 2007, and only once in Los Angeles County (Hamilton, et. al. 2007. Rare Birds of California. p 340-41). Birds of seasonal and/or distributional interest found today included, Pelagic Cormorant (1), Snowy Plover (40)Glaucous-winged Gull (1), White-faced Ibis (1), Peregrine Falcon (1), Vaux's Swift (100) and Cassin's Kingbird (1).


Gadwall   4 (m,f)  backwater area, sw.

Mallard   120 (m,f)  edges of the lagoon.

Northern Shoveler   3  foraging at edge of the lagoon.

Ruddy Duck   3 (m,f)  edge of lagoon.

Loon sp.  2  flying low, northeast, nearshore.

Pied-billed Grebe   4 (ad, imm)   backwater and main lagoon, diving.

Eared Grebe  1  mid-lagoon under PCH bridge.

Double-crested Cormorant   35 (ad, imm)   resting on lagoon island and in tall conifers; swimming in lagoon and near shore.

Brandt's Cormorant  2    flying low, nearshore ne.

Pelagic Cormorant  1  diving in shallow tidepools.

Brown Pelican   40 (ad, imm) resting on lagoon island; lagoon; flying.

Great Blue Heron  3  edge of marsh and sw backwaters of lagoon.

Great Egret   4  edge of marsh and sw backwaters of lagoon.

Snowy Egret   14  in marsh, sw backwaters.

Black-crowned Night Heron   6 (ad, imm; one SY, possibly a BCNH x YCNH - photo). in tules and edge of backwaters marsh.

Black-crowned Night Heron (SY: relatively black bill, thin tarsometatarsus; otherwise typical SY BCNH features; c.f. imm. YCNH August 4, 2010)

Southwest Malibu Lagoon, September 25, 2011           © 2011 Callyn Yorke

White-faced Ibis  1  foraging at edge of  sw lagoon backwater (photo).

White-faced Ibis  Malibu Lagoon sw backwater,  September 25, 2011

                                                                                              © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Red-shouldered Hawk  1  calls, nw.

Peregrine Falcon  1   swooping down of shorebirds, lagoon island; many shorebirds suddenly taking flight a few seconds earlier

Sora  1  calls (repeated) marsh near north wooden bridge.

American Coot   200 (ad; a few young); a mating event with one bird submerged; marsh, backwater and main lagoon.

Black-bellied Plover  40  resting on lagoon island.

Snowy Plover  40 ( est. 70% ad, 30% imm; none banded)   resting in small depressions on beach.

Killdeer  6  lagoon island, adjacent shore, flying.

Black-necked Stilt  1  foraging on lagoon island shore.

Willet  5   shore of lagoon island; adjacent shore.

Spotted Sandpiper   1  lagoon shore.

Ruddy Turnstone   14  lagoon island.

Whimbrel   8  flew in and landed on lagoon island shore.

Long-billed Curlew  3  shore of lagoon island.

Short-billed Dowitcher  2  foraging on shore of lagoon island.

Marbled Godwit  5  shore of lagoon island.

Heermann's Gull   16 (ad, imm) resting on beach.

Ring-billed Gull  1 (ad) on beach (photo).

Ring-billed Gull (adult)  outer beach, Malibu Lagoon, September 25, 2011.

                                                                                 ©  2011 Callyn Yorke


California Gull    12  (ad, imm)  on beach.

Glaucous-winged Gull 1 (ad - worn tail and wing feathers) on surfrider beach ( 3 photos).

Glaucous-winged Gull  1 (ad) (3 photos): Surfrider Beach, Malibu Lagoon, September 25, 2011



                                                                             © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Western Gull   60 (ad, imm) on beach; lagoon, flying nearshore.

Caspian Tern  1  flying near shore.

Elegant Tern   10  flying over lagoon; dipping.

Mourning Dove 2  calls, MC garden.

Rock Pigeon  6  adjacent commercial area, n.

Vaux's Swift   100 +  flying over lagoon and beach for a few minutes, then leaving area entirely.

Anna's Hummingbird  6  fly, calls, MC; edge of riparian.

Allen's Hummingbird  (ad, f; imm)  edge of riparian, MC; tall trees (photo).


Allen's Hummingbird (imm) marsh trailside, Malibu Lagoon, September 25, 2011

                                                                                     © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Belted Kingfisher  1 (m)  fly, call; perched on tree next to main lagoon.

Wood Pewee (Contopus sp.)   1-cont. (c.f. Sept. 18 photos) gave a two-part, clear,(unslurred) quality pewee song (atypical for WWPE) perched at 30 ft. in ornamental trees and on utility line, MC. Note relatively distinct white wing bars and pale lower mandible, suggesting Eastern Wood Pewee (photo).

Contopus sp. MC gardens, Malibu Lagoon, Sept. 25, 2011

                                                                                  Contopus sp.  Malibu Lagoon, September 18, 2011


                                                                 © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Black Phoebe   5  edge of riparian and marsh.

Say's Phoebe   vocal; on fence surrounding vacant lot, adjacent commercial area.

Cassin's Kingbird  1  (note white malar; gray edgings of tail feathers); sally flycatching from small tree, edge of marsh (photo).

Cassin's Kingbird  Malibu Lagoon, September 25, 2011

                                           © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Warbling Vireo  1  in canopy of exotic tree, MC, swc.

American Crow   15  fly, call; perched in trees in yard of Adamson House.

Barn Swallow   25  flying low over marsh, lagoon and nearshore waters; calls.

Oak Titmouse  1  foraging in trees and tall shrubs; vocal, MC, swc.

Bushtit   10  foraging in trees and tall shrubs, vocal, MC, swc.

Bewick's Wren  2  calls and song; shrubby areas, swc, MC.

House Wren  2   scold calls, MC, swc; garden adjacent to vacant lot, commercial area.

Marsh Wren  2-3  calls and song, marsh, n, central, sw.

Northern Mockingbird  2  fly, call, n, sw.

European Starling     16  fly, call; riparian, gardens, MC, sw, ne.

Orange-crowned Warbler   8  foraging in trees, shrubs, herbs (e.g. Conzya sp.- photo) and other vegetation around edges of lagoon.

Orange-crowned Warbler   Malibu Lagoon, September 25, 2011

                                                                        © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Yellow Warbler  1 (f) foraging in mature sycamore, ML.

Common Yellowthroat    20  calls, song, marsh and riparian edge.

Wilson's Warbler  3  foraging in exotic and native trees (e.g. sycamore).

California Towhee  2  calls; in small trees, garden, swc, MC.

Savannah Sparrow  2  calls,  ruderal trailside and edge of marsh, sw.

Song Sparrow    20   vocal; foraging on trails; marsh-riparian.

Red-winged Blackbird   16 (ad, imm) flew into marsh, sw; calls.

Brown-headed Cowbird  2  flew in with flock of RWBL, sw marsh.

Brewer's Blackbird  5  in adjacent commercial area.

Great-tailed Grackle  15   vocal; in yard at Adamson House; on beach; adjacent commercial area.

House Finch   20 (m,f)   vocal; single birds and small flocks; brushy edges of riparian.

Lesser Goldfinch  6   vocal; feeding on trailside weeds, n.

House Sparrow  2  in adjacent commercial area.












SEPTEMBER 18, 2011  MALIBU LAGOON (68 Species)

Weather: Overcast until about 0830 hrs; clearing with WNW winds 5 -15 mph. 58F to 70F. High tide @ 1200 hrs.

Time: 0750-1400 hrs.

Observers: Merissa Mendez and I. We birded briefly with Mark Scheel, Frank and Susan Gilliland; Steve.

Areas Covered: Malibu Lagoon (ML). We walked the main trails around the lagoon, including those up to the edge of the lagoon. We surveyed the freshwater marsh, shoreline, outer shore and nearshore waters (Surfrider Beach (SRB)); gardens in the backyards of Malibu Colony; The Adamson House gardens (AH) and the adjacent commercial area on the north side of PCH. Beachgoers, surfers and others began arriving shortly after our survey began; by 1200 hrs. the state parking lot was full and most of the outer shoreline occupied. A few wildlife photographers and other nature enthusiasts were present, but vastly outnumbered by folks enjoying other forms of amusement. Conditions for finding and identifying birds were otherwise good; most shorebirds taking refuge on the lagoon islands and remote sections of the lagoon and marsh. Birds found of seasonal and or distributional interest included, Royal Tern (4), Snowy Plover (30), Bewick's Wren (2) and Blue Grosbeak (1).


Gadwall  3  (m,f)  swimming in lagoon.

Mallard   50 (m,f) most resting in marsh and on shore.

Ruddy Duck  8  (m, f, imm) edge of lagoon.

Pied-billed Grebe   5 (ad, imm)  young with adults; diving; west lagoon.

Eared Grebe  1  diving, main lagoon.

Double-crested Cormorant   35  perched in trees, on shore and snags in lagoon.

Brandt's Cormorant   5  on rocks offshore.

Brown Pelican   20 (ad, imm) resting on island in lagoon; swimming.

Great Blue Heron  3  in marsh, edge of lagoon.

Great Egret  3  in marsh; edge of lagoon.

Snowy Egret   6  in marsh and edge of lagoon.

Green Heron  1 (ad) flying over marsh, sw.

Black-crowned Night Heron  2 (imm) edge of marsh, w.

Red-shouldered Hawk  1  calls, w.

Sora  1  foraging at edge of marsh near boardwalk (photo).

Sora  west Malibu Lagoon, September 18, 2011         

                                                                                                                          © 2011 Callyn Yorke

American Coot   80 (ad;  2 imm)   around edges of the lagoon and marsh.

Black-bellied Plover   50  resting on island in lagoon.

Killdeer   4  shoreline and edge of marsh.

Snowy Plover  30  on beach and inner shore of lagoon (photo).

Snowy Plover   south Malibu Lagoon, September 18, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                 © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Willet   4  resting on island in lagoon.

Whimbrel   20 (ad, imm) resting on island in lagoon (photo).

Whimbrel ( immature - foreground; adult)  south Mailbu Lagoon, September 18, 2011

                                                                                                                                              © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Long-billed Curlew   2  resting; preening with bill and feet on island and in shallows (photo).

Long-billed Curlew  south Malibu Lagoon,  September 18, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                                   © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Marbled Godwit  3  resting on island in lagoon.

Willet   4  resting on island in lagoon.

Spotted Sandpiper  1 (bsc. plmg.)   foraging on inner shore of lagoon (photo).

Spotted Sandpiper   south Malibu Lagoon,  September 18, 2011

                                                                                                                              © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Ruddy Turnstone   16  (ad, imm) resting on lagoon island.

Least Sandpiper   4  foraging on inner shore of lagoon and island.

Western Sandpiper   1  foraging on shore of lagoon island (photo).

Western Sandpiper  south Malibu Lagoon, September 18, 2011

                                                                                                                      © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Heermann's Gull   20  (ad, imm) resting on south shore of lagoon.

Ring-billed Gull  2 (ad) on south shore of lagoon.

California Gull     8 (ad, imm)  on south shore of lagoon (photos).

California Gull (3 photos)   south Malibu Lagoon, Los Angeles County, CA   September 18, 2011     ©. 2011 Callyn Yorke

                                      CAGU Juvenile   Sept 19, . 2011 Malibu Lagoon LACO, CA                       CAGU first cycle with post-juvenile molt , Sept. 19, 2011 Malibu Lagoon                                                                                                 

                                                                                                                © 2011 Callyn Yorke


                                                                              CAGU adult  September 19, 2011  Malibu Lagoon, LACO, CA


Herring Gull   1 (C1)  resting on south shore of lagoon.

Western Gull    40 (ad, imm)  resting on south shore of lagoon and island (photo).

Western Gull   (three photos of Immatures: C1 , C2 & C3)  south Malibu Lagoon,  September 18, 2011              © 2011 Callyn Yorke


         First cycle ( probable female) WEGU with post- juvenile molt                                                  Second cycle (probable male) WEGU



                                                                                            Third cycle ( probable female) WEGU


Elegant Tern   7  (ad, imm; basic plmg.) resting and bathing on and adjacent to lagoon island (photo).

Royal Tern   3 (ad, imm; basic. plmg.) resting and bathing on and adjacent to lagoon island (photo).

Elegant Tern (left) and three Royal Terns ( right), south Malibu Lagoon,  September 18, 2011.

                                                                                                                                                                              © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Rock Pigeon  10  flying around SR beach.

Mourning Dove  3  on utility line behind Malibu Colony.

Anna's Hummingbird   8   calls; foraging in flowering exotic shrubs throughout the area.

Allen's Hummingbird    20 (ad, imm)  foraging in flowering shrubs throughout the area, esp. AH (photo).

Allen's Humminbird (f)  Adamson House garden, September 18, 2011

                                                                                                                                             © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Belted Kingfisher  1   fly, call, south lagoon.

Nuttall's Woodpecker  1  fly, call, Malibu Colony gardens.

 Western Wood Pewee (Contopus sordidulus.) ?  1 silently  sally-flycatching from tall, leafless tree adjacent to parking lot and main trail. Note relatively bold white wingbars,weak eyering and dark head, suggesting the nearly identical but rare Eastern Wood Pewee (Contopus virens) (photo).

Wood Pewee (Contopus sp.)   (2 photos)    Malibu Lagoon, September 18, 2011


                                                                               © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Black Phoebe   10   vocal; sallying from low perches throughout the area, esp. edge of marsh.

Western Kingbird  1  sallying from low perch at edge of marsh, w.

Western Scrub-jay   2  fly, call; Malibu Colony gardens and AH.

American Crow    15  fly, call; on shore, s.

Northern Rough-winged Swallow  5   flying high over marsh, w.

Barn Swallow   20  flying low and high over marsh and lagoon; vocal.

Oak Titmouse  2   calls, MC gardens; AH.

Bewick's Wren  2  singing, scolding, MC gardens and saltbush scrub, central lagoon.

House Wren   4  calls, scolding ALHU in flowering trees, AH; MC gardens (photo).

House Wren   Adamson House gardens,  Malibu, September 18, 2011

                                                                                                                                              © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Marsh Wren  2   calls, song, marsh, w, central.

Bushtit   8   in exotic flowering shrub, MC gardens.

Northern Mockingbird  2    vocal with scold calls, MC gardens and AH.

European Starling   5  fly, call, MC gardens.

Common Yellowthroat   8  calls and song, marsh and riparian, throughout.

California Towhee  2  calls, MC gardens and adjacent brushy areas, w.

Savannah Sparrow  2   one foraging on lagoon shore (photo).

Savannah Sparrow   south Malibu Lagoon,  September 18, 2011


                                                                                               © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Song Sparrow    8   active on ground, in trees; vocalizing, throughout the central marsh along trails (photos showing individual variation).

Song Sparrow (3 individuals, ne, central and south-central)  Malibu Lagoon,  September 18, 2011.           © 2011 Callyn Yorke



                                                                                                                                                                                © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Black-headed Grosbeak  2  calls, MC gardens;  riparian, central ML.

Blue Grosbeak  1 (f)   "chip" calls, flying into exotic tree, MC gardens (photo).

Blue Grosbeak (female), sw Malibu Lagoon

September  18, 2011  © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Red-winged Blackbird    8 (m,f)   in marsh calls, sw.

Brewer's Blackbird   6  (m,f) flying over, ML; 2  in town.

Great-tailed Grackle   5   fly, call, ML; in town.

Hooded Oriole  1 (f)  foraging in exotic fruiting tree, MC gardens (photo).

Hooded Oriole (female)  Malibu Colony gardens, sw Malibu Lagoon, September 18, 2011.

                                                                                                                                                                             © 2011 Callyn Yorke


House Finch   20  (m,f) ubiquitous in brushy and riparian areas.

Lesser Goldfinch    4   tall, leafless trees, ML; AH.

House Sparrow    2   in town.








AUGUST 18, 2011  MALIBU LAGOON (45 Species)

Weather: Overcast, 65F; winds WNW 2 -5 mph. Tide medium high; surf 1-3 ft.

Time: 0828 -1100 hrs.

Observers: Merissa Mendez and I.

Area Covered: We walked on the trails through and around Malibu Lagoon State Beach (ML) including the adjacent Surfrider Beach, pier (SB) and Adamson House gardens (AH). Increasing numbers of beach-goers began arriving by 1000 hrs, when the beaches and main trails and parking area became congested. Birding conditions were good only for the first hour; thereafter most of the waterbirds had dispersed into the less visible portions of the lagoon, or simply left the area altogether. Offshore there were dozens of surfers, dense kelp beds and relatively few birds. A narrow section of tidepool rocks was exposed for about an hour on the main beach; almost no bird life was observed there.


Gadwall   1 (f) resting on edge of marsh.

Mallard  60 (m,f) edges of lagoon and marsh.

Pied-billed Grebe   8 (ad, imm) adults and 4 young in side lagoon.

PBGR adult and young. Malibu Lagoon, August 18, 2011            © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Double-crested Cormorant   25  resting on snags in lagoon; one on offshore buoy.

Brown Pelican  30  (ad, imm) most resting on sandbar in lagoon; a few small flocks flying low offshore.

Great Blue Heron   2  edge of marsh.

Great Egret  2  edge of marsh.

Snowy Egret  12  middle and edge of marsh in loose flocks.

Black-crowned Night Heron   3 (ad, imm) edge of lagoon.

American Kestrel  1 (m) flying nw over marsh.

American Coot   25  edge of marsh.

AMCO adult and young, Malibu Lagoon, August 18, 2011                  © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Black-bellied Plover   40 (bsc. alt. plmg.) resting on sandbar in lagoon.

Snowy Plover   12  resting on beach and on sandbar.

Semipalmated Plover  8  foraging on inner lagoon shore and sandbar.

Killdeer  2  on sandbar in lagoon.

Spotted Sandpiper  1 (bsc. plmg.) AH lagoon.

Whimbrel  8  resting on sandbar in lagoon.

Western Sandpiper   12 foraging on inner shore and edge of sandbar in lagoon.

WESA  immature   Malibu Lagoon, August 18, 2011                          © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Ruddy Turnstone   3  foraging on sandbar.

California Gull   12 (ad, C1, C2) on beach, MB, SB.

Heermann's Gull   10 (ad, C1) on sandbar.

Western Gull   30 (ad, C1, C2, C3) on beach, MB, SB.

WEGU immature,  Malibu Lagoon,  August 18, 2011   © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Caspian Tern   12  resting on sandbar (photo).

Elegant Tern   5 (ad, imm)  on sandbar; fledgling begging from adul (photo).

Black Skimmer  1  resting on lagoon sandbar with ELTE and CATE (photo).

ELTE immature and CATE adult; BLSK  resting in foreground, Malibu Lagoon, August 18, 2011   © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Rock Pigeon    40  around buildings and pier, SB.

Anna's Hummingbird  6  (f)  saltbush - coastal sage scrub, ML.

Allen's Hummingbird   4  (f) calls, gardens and edge, ML, AH.

Northern Flicker  1  calls,  nw.

Cassin's Kingbird  1  in leafless tree across PCH.

Black Phoebe   6  edge of lagoon and marsh.

Western Scrub-jay  2  fly, call, nw, s, ML, AH.

Tree Swallow  2 (ad, imm) flying over lagoon and marsh.

Barn Swallow  30  flying low and high, vocalizing, lagoon and marsh.

Bank Swallow  1? light underparts with dark throat, fast, fluttering wing strokes.flying with BASW over lagoon and marsh.

European Starling   30 (ad, imm) garden at edge of marsh, ML.

Northern Mockingbird  1 1 garden, AH.

House Wren  3   scold calls, song, saltbush scrub-marsh, ML.

Common Yellowthroat   5  marsh and riparian edge, ML, AH.

California Towhee  1  calls, AH.

Song Sparrow   4  song, calls, marsh and riparian, ML, AH.

House Finch  15  (m,f) ubiquitous in brushy areas.

Brewer's Blackbird  6  foraging on sandbar.

Red-winged Blackbird   20 (m,f) marsh, edge of lagoon.

Great-tailed Grackle   10  scavenging on beach; flying over marsh, ML.




JULY 23, 2011  MALIBU LAGOON (50 Species)

Weather:  Hazy overcast early AM; clearing by 1100 hrs. Fair; 65F to 72F;Winds WNW 5-10 mph; surf 2-3 ft. Low tide @ 0800 hrs.

Time: 0850 - 1500 hrs.

Observers: Kellie, Merissa and I.

Area Covered: I walked the main trail from the State parking lot to the beach; perimeter paths; shore (rocks exposed until 1100 hrs) and south edge of the lagoon. A brief visit to the adjacent shopping area was made before leaving the area.Many beachgoers present for a surf competition event (photo). Conditions were good for birding until around 1100 hrs. when many more people began arriving at the beach opposite the lagoon, forcing many birds previously on the beach to take refuge on a narrow sandbar in the lagoon.Frequent low-flying helicopters and planes also appeared to displace birds in the area. The estuary outlet to the ocean was blocked by a large sand berm, trapping downstream flow behind it at a relatively high level (i.e. inundating much of the marsh).


                                                                                                                                                                                                © 2011 Callyn Yorke



Gadwall  3  swimming in lagoon.

Mallard  200 (ad, imm) mostly around the edges of the lagoon.

Ruddy Duck   4  w edge of the lagoon.

Pied-billed Grebe  2   w lagoon.

Brown Pelican  120 (ad, imm)   crowded on sandbar in lagoon.

Double-crested Cormorant    16  lagoon and sandbar.

Great Blue Heron  4  (ad, imm) edges of the lagoon.

Great Egret  5  edges of the lagoon, esp. se.

Snowy Egret   12 (ad, imm)   edges of the lagoon, esp. se.

Black-crowned Night Heron  (ad; imm)  se edge of the lagoon.

American Coot     13 (ad, imm) edge of marsh and lagoon.

Semipalmated Plover   3  shore and edge of lagoon (photo 7/23/11)

                                                                                                                      © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Snowy Plover  3  shore at edge of lagoon.

Killdeer   4  edge of lagoon.

Least Sandpiper   12  flying to shore at edge of lagoon.

Western Sandpiper  1  flew to shore with one LESP.


Short-billed Dowitcher  1  shallows of s lagoon; calls (photo  7/23/11).

                                                                                                                           © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Black Turnstone  1  flew in with RUTU to tidepool.

Ruddy Turnstone   8 (alt. plmg.)   foraging in tidepools, sandbar and shoreline (photo 7/23/11).

                                                                                               © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Heermann's Gull   10 (ad, imm) beach and lagoon.

California Gull    8 (C2; C3) beach and lagoon.

Larus sp.   50 (ad, imm)   note: a relatively small individual (f)  18 in. (c.f. CAGU body size); dark patches on light gray scapulars. Bill fairly heavy and dusky-black with fleshy base of mandible; legs pink; long primary projection. Standing on shore; entered lagoon as I approached; stretched wings showing newly replaced inner primaries (light gray).  (photos 7/23/11). Mr. Jon Dunn judged this to be an immature Western Gull.


                                                                                                    © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Caspian Tern   10 (ad) sandbar, s lagoon.

Elegant Tern    3 (ad, imm)  imm begging from adult, sandbar, s lagoon.

California Least Tern  15  (ad, imm) resting in depressions on beach; flushed at about 30 ft.;  pairs flying over lagoon; calls. (photo 7/23/11).

                                                                                                                                                                                       © 2011 Callyn Yorke



Black Skimmer 1 (ad) sandbar at s edge of lagoon.

Rock Pigeon  10  adjacent shopping center.

Mourning Dove  4  flying over riparian edge of lagoon.

Allen's Hummingbird  3  call, fly, gardens and sw edge of marsh.

Belted Kingfisher  1  fly, call, s lagoon.

Ash-throated Flycatcher  1   flushed from tall saltbush and mulefat, w edge of lagoon.

Black Phoebe   5   low perches in marsh and edge of lagoon.

Western Scrub-jay  1  calls, sw gardens.

American Crow   10  shoreline and tidepools; fly, call.

Tree Swallow  6  (ad, imm) flying low, back and forth over nw marsh.

Cliff Swallow  20  flying low and high over marsh and lagoon; calls.

Barn Swallow  4  flying low over nw marsh; landing in medium-high growth at edge of marsh; calls.

Bushtit  2  calls, dense mulefat, central, n; calls.

Northern Mockingbird  1 singing on utility pole sw.

European Starling  20  feeding on berries of exotic tree, swc.

Common Yellowthroat  3  calls in dense saltbush at edge of marsh, central, nw.

Song Sparrow  3  calls in dense saltbush, central marsh.

Red-winged Blackbird  10  active in tules, central, nw marsh.

Brewer's Blackbird  3  flying over lagoon; in town.

Great-tailed Grackle  6  foraging on beach around garbage containers; in town/

Brown-headed Cowbird  2  (m,f) in fruiting tree, swc.

House Finch   20  gardens and saltbush scrub.

Lesser Goldfinch  2  fly, call, sw.

House Sparrow   6  adjacent shopping area.






FEBRUARY 13, 2011  MALIBU LAGOON (60 Species)

Weather: Fair to partly cloudy with incoming fog at 1300 hrs; 60F to 65F. Winds SSE, WSW 2- 5 mph. Low tide.

Time: 0905 - 1330 hrs.

Observers: Merissa Mendez and I.

Area Covered: 1) Malibu Lagoon (ML): We walked from the State parking area south through the tidal marsh to the shoreline. Water level in the lagoon was low; wide mudflats exposed throughout. We surveyed riparian, freshwater and brackish marsh, sandy and rocky shorelines and nearshore waters, using binoculars and a DSLR camera. A Black-tailed Gull was reported here yesterday by Jon Fisher and was the objective for several birders this morning; no sign of this bird was found. We did find what appeared to be an adult Yellow-footed Gull this morning (see notes and photos below).  2) We walked east on PCH to the Malibu Pier, surveying the nearshore waters and adjacent shoreline (MP).  3) Lastly, we strolled through the busy Malibu mall across the street from the ML, where four species were added to our day-list: Red-winged Blackbird, Brewer's Blackbird, Great-tailed Grackle and House Sparrow (MM).


Gadwall  10 (m,f) backwater and edge of estuary ML.

American Wigeon  8 (m,f) dabbling in the estuary, ML.

Mallard  9 (m,f) edge of estuary, ML.

Cinnamon Teal  3 (m,f) backwater, w, ML.

Northern Shoveler   8 (m,f) backwater and edge of estuary, ML.

Green-winged Teal  20 (m,f)  dabbling in muddy backwaters, w and edge of estuary, ML.

Bufflehead  2 (m,f) diving in middle of estuary, ML.

Red-breasted Merganser  3 (m,f) resting and swimming in estuary, s, ML.

Ruddy Duck   18  (m,f; one m  trans, alt. plmg) resting and diving upstream of PCH.

Eared Grebe  2  diving, nearshore, MP.

Brown Pelican  40  resting and bathing in estuary, ML.

Brandt's Cormorant  1  resting on nearshore rocks, ML.

Double-crested Cormorant   30  resting in estuary; diving nearshore, ML.

Great Blue Heron  1  flying over estuary, ML.

Snowy Egret   12  foraging in backwaters and edge of estuary; also rocky outcrops, ML; MP.

Red-shouldered Hawk   1 circling, calling, above estuary; chased by crows, ML.

Sora  1  calls from marsh near n wooden bridge, ML

American Coot   120   backwater and edge of estuary; upstream, ML.

Black-bellied Plover 35 (bsc. plmg.)   in exposed tidal rocks, ML (photo 2/13/11)

                                                                                                                                                                                           © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Snowy Plover  25  sand bar at south end of estuary, ML.

Killdeer  4  mudflats in backwater; edge of estuary on rocks, ML.

Black Oystercatcher  3  on outer shore rocks, ML.

Willet  1  on rocky shore, ML.

Spotted Sandpiper  1  on w shore of estuary, ML.

Whimbrel  1  in rocks on outer shore, ML.

Ruddy Turnstone   7  on outer shore near exposed rocks, ML.

Sanderling   22  foraging on sandy and rocky outer shore, ML.

Bonaparte's Gull  2  (ad, imm) on shore of estuary, ML.

Heermann's Gull   18 (ad, imm) mixed in with CAGU and WEGU; outer shore; estuary, ML.


Mew Gull  2 (ad - photo 2/13/11); C1 estuary and outer shore, ML.

                                                                                               © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Ring-billed Gull  26 (ad, imm) shore of estuary, w; outer shore with other gulls, ML.

California Gull   800 (90% ad) resting on outer shore rocks;  bathing in estuary, ML.

Herring Gull   10 (ad, imm) mixed in with CAGU, ML.

Western Gull   150 (ad, imm)   resting on outer shore rocks; estuary, ML.

Western Gull (yellow-footed) 1 (ad) on sandbar at south end of estuary with WEGU; entered water, returned to shore (photos). Note yellowish feet; flattened, blockish head; heavy, bulbous bill; narrow yellow-orange orbital ring; dark gray mantle (c.f  WEGU). ( Post-script:  A review of these photos by a member of the California Bird Records Committee, who is a recognized authority on identification of WEGU and YFGU, raised the possibility that this bird is actually a yellow-footed variant of a Western Gull) photo 2/13/11


  © 2011 Callyn Yorke                                                                                                                                                                                © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Western YFGU (left) and typical WEGU (right) at Malibu Lagoon, photo 2/13/11.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Glaucous-winged Gull  4 (ad, imm) on shore at s end of estuary; on outer rocks, ML (photo 2/13/11)., .

                                                                                                                                                                    © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Black Skimmer  2  resting on shore of estuary, w, ML.

Rock Pigeon 35   flying over estuary ML, MP, MM.

Mourning Dove  1  in Sycamore, ML.

Allen's Hummingbird  6  (m,f)   in saltbush scrub, ornamental shrubs, calls ML.

Anna's Hummingbird  2 (m)   gardens and edge of lagoon, calls, w, ML.

Belted Kingfisher  1  flying, calls, estuary, ML.

Black Phoebe  4  edge of marsh and riparian, ML.

American Crow  12  fly, call, around estuary and PCH, ML.

Bushtit   16  two flocks, w and n riparian, ML.

Marsh Wren  1  calls, near n wooden bridge, ML.

Bewick's Wren  1  singing atop mulefat, w riparian edge of estuary, ML.

Northern Mockingbird  3  singing, s, w gardens and riparian, ML.

European Starling   4  calls, song, riparian, ML.

Yellow-rumped Warbler  10  active in tall shrubs and trees; riparian, gardens, ML.

Common Yellowthroat  3  calls from marsh, w, n edge of riparian, ML.

California Towhee  1  riparian edge near parking lot, ML.

Savannah Sparrow  1  edge of marsh, w, ML.

Song Sparrow  10 calls and song throughout, ML.

Red-winged Blackbird  3 (m)   singing in tree, middle of mall, MM.

Brewer's Blackbird   10 (m,f)   flying, calls, MM.

Great-tailed Grackle   5  (m,f)  fly, calls, MM.

House Finch     20  calls, song, in tall trees and shrubs around margins of estuary, ML.

Lesser Goldfinch   4  fly, call,  in crown of Sycamore, w ML.

House Sparrow    6  fly, calls, MM.










                                                                                                                               © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Weather: Fair; 65F; winds WNW 2-5 mph; Low tide @ 1500 hrs. Surf 2-3 ft.

Time: 1110 - 1528 hrs.(ML); 1545 - 1610 hrs. (PD).

Observers: Merissa Mendez and I.

Areas Covered: 1) Malibu Lagoon (ML), tidepools (1450-1520 hrs.), boardwalk and adjacent shorelines (BAS). We began at the MLSP parking lot and walked south through the lagoon across the wooden bridges. We continued to the shoreline, surveying the estuary, coastal saltbush scrub, riparian, freshwater and brackish marsh and adjacent suburban gardens. We also walked east on PCH and out to the end of the boardwalk, surveying nearshore waters and the adjacent shoreline. The shoreline and lagoon area was relatively undisturbed; only a few people were on the beach and/or surfing. Mammals found at ML were: Common Dolphin (4), California Ground Squirrel (2) and Cottontail (3). We used binoculars and a DSLR camera for the ML survey. When finished with the ML survey, we drove slowly through the adjacent shopping center (SC) on the north side of PCH, then west to Pt. Dumé.   2) Pt. Dumé State Park (PD). We walked south from Cliffside Drive to the promontory and viewing platform below, surveying the eastern shoreline, tidepools, rock outcrops and nearshore waters using binoculars and a scope. Three species were added to our day-list: American Kestrel, Sanderling and American Pipit. A vocal, active colony of about ten California Sea Lions was on and around a buoy and rock outcrop below the cliffs.  People were walking on the beach and in the tidepools; four were climbing the west-facing rock wall. Dozens of lobster traps (indicated by small floats) were scattered over the nearshore waters below the cliffs.


Gadwall  6 (m,f) dabbling in backwater and edges of lagoon, ML.

American Wigeon  3 (m,f) dabbling at edges of the lagoon, ML.

Mallard   12 (m,f) edge of backwater lagoon; foraging in tidepools, ML.

Cinnamon Teal  2 (m) resting at edge of lagoon, ML.

Northern Shoveler   4 (m,f) dabbling in backwater, ML.

Green-winged Teal  18 (m,f) mudflats, backwater, edge of lagoon, ML.

Bufflehead  6 (m,f) diving in central lagoon, ML.

Red-breasted Merganser  1 in lagoon, ML;  4 (m,f) nearshore, BAS.

Ruddy Duck  16 (m,f) resting in lagoon, mostly on north side of PCH, ML.

Eared Grebe  2  in lagoon, ML;  2 diving nearshore, BAS.

Western Grebe  1  diving nearshore, BAS;  14  resting offshore, PD.

Brown Pelican   25 (alt. plmg. - photo)   resting on shore; swimming in lagoon, ML;  5 diving offshore, PD.

Double-crested Cormorant   35  resting on shore at edge of lagoon; on offshore rocks; diving near shore, ML.

Brandt's Cormorant   2  flying low near shore, BAS;  6 on rocks, PD.

Great Blue Heron  1  west side of lagoon, ML.

Great Egret  1  marsh on north side of PCH, ML.

Snowy Egret   10  foraging on arthropods in piles of kelp on shore ( photo 1/25/11); foraging in tidepools, ML; PD.

                                                                                                                                                                                           © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Black-crowned Night Heron 1 (imm) partly concealed at edge of marsh, sw, ML.

American Kestrel   1  on utility wire, PCH, PD.

Sora  2  calls from marsh near first bridge, ML.

American Coot   55  scattered around the backwater and lagoon, ML.

Black-bellied Plover  19  forgaging in tidepools, ML.

Snowy Plover  22  on shore, resting amongst small piles of kelp; one color-banded: AY/AA (photo 1/25/11).

Snowy Plover  ( AY/AA banded as a chick at the Salinas River, Monterey County, 2010, fide Frances Bidstrup)   Malibu Lagoon, LACO, Jan 21, 2011..

                                                                                                                                                                                                 © 2011 Callyn Yorke


American Avocet  2  edge of lagoon, ML.

Spotted Sandpiper  1  west edge of lagoon near PCH, ML.

Sanderling  21 on low, algae-covered rocks in tidepools, PD.

Marbled Godwit  8   foraging on shore, east of boardwalk, BAS.

Whimbrel  2  in tidepools, ML.

Bonaparte's Gull 1  in lagoon, ML.

Ring-billed Gull 7 (ad, imm)   on shore, ML.

Mew Gull 2 (C1, C2) on outer shore feeding quickly amongst piles of kelp, vocalizing "mew" calls repeatedly, ML (photo 1/25/11)..

                                                                                                                                                                                                © 2011 Callyn Yorke

California Gull  350  (ad, imm) resting on shore; bathing in lagoon, ML.

Herring Gull 5 (ad, C1) resting on shore; swimming in lagoon; foraging on outer shore (photos). A possible Western Gull x Glaucous-winged Gull hybrid in water (photo 1/21/11) ML.  Note: Mr. Jon Dunn thought the adult gull (left) resembles more closely GWGU than HEGU and that the immature in the water is a C1 WEGU. However, the combination of light iris and medium gray mantle of the adult suggests HEGU to me. The light markings on the head of the immature gull in the water are, in my opinion, more typical of a C1 HEGU than WEGU.


                                                                                               © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Possible Western Gull x Glaucous-winged Gull (or HEGU?) hybrid (C2)  Malibu Lagoon, (photo 1/21/11 )

                                                                                                                                                                                            © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Larus sp. 1 (C1) resting on shore with CAGU, ML (photo 1/25/11). Note small, rounded head and short bill, indicating Thayer's Gull. However,  the relatively dark brown coverts and p9 suggests an immature Herring Gull, according to Mr. Jon Dunn.

                                                                                                                                                                                            © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Western Gull    60 (ad, imm)  in lagoon, resting on shore, outer shore and tidepools.

Glaucous-winged Gull  2 (C1-2)   resting on shore (photo 1/21/11).

                                                                                                                                                                                             © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Royal Tern  1  on outer shore with CAGU, ML; 2 in flight around point, PD.

Elegant Tern ? 1  in flight behind two ROTE, PD. Noted relatively slender, yellow-orange bill.

Black Skimmer  1 (imm) resting on edge of lagoon, ML.

Rock Pigeon 30  flying around buildings and boardwalk, BAS.

Mourning Dove  2  flushed from shrubby edge of beach, s, ML.

Anna's Hummingbird  3  fly, call, saltbush scrub and riparian bordering marsh, ML.

Allen's Hummingbird  4 (m,f) perched on tall shrubs at edge of marsh and lagoon; calls & displays (photo 1/21/11).


                                                                                                                     © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Belted Kingfisher  1 (m) fly, call sw lagoon, ML.

Northern Flicker  1  calls from nw, ML.

Black Phoebe  3  low perch, sally-gleaning at edge of marsh and lagoon, ML.

Say's Phoebe  1  on chain-link fence at edge of vacant lot, SC.

American Crow  22  edge of lagoon, tidepools, ML; flying over SS.

Oak Titmouse  1  in pines, sw border, ML.

Bushtit  14  two vocal flocks around edges of marsh and lagoon, ML.

Bewick's Wren  1 singing , s edge of saltbush scrub bordering fence and gardens; staying low, ML.

Marsh Wren  1  song (briefly) , calls, near bridge, ML.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet  2  riparian and pines; calls, foraging, ML.

Northern Mockingbird  2    singing on fencelines and utility wires, s border of the marsh, gardens, ML.

European Starlng  4  sw edge of marsh-gardens, ML.

American Pipit  2  fly, call, PD.

Yellow-rumped Warbler  5  (1 Myrtle- by call)  pines, riparian and gardens, ML.

Common Yellowthroat  3  calls, edge of marsh, ML.

Song Sparrow  4  calls, song, edge of marsh-riparian, ML.

Red-winged Blackbird  2  song, calls, SC.

Brewer's Blackbird  12  fly, calls, SC.

Great-tailed Grackle  1 (m) SC.

House Finch  8  fly, call, song, riparian, ML.

Lesser Goldfinch  6  song, calls, riparian and edge of gardens, ML.

House Sparrow  5  SC.





JANUARY 1, 2011 (57 Species)


Weather: Fair to partly cloudy; 60F to 64F; winds WNW 2-5 mph; Low Tide; surf < 1 ft. seas choppy.

Time: 1100 - 1500 hrs.

Observers: Merissa Mendez, Ethan Yorke and I.

Area Covered: We walked from the Malibu Lagoon State parking area, south through the lagoon and onto the beach, surveying brackish backwater marsh, mudflats,  Sycamore-Willow riparian, saltbush scrub, beach, tidepools and nearshore waters. We also surveyed along PCH across the Malibu Creek bridge, boardwalk (to Ruby's) and adjacent mini-mall. We used binoculars and DSLR cameras for the survey. Auto traffic on PCH was heavy; foot traffic in the lagoon and on the beach was light. Recent heavy rains caused Malibu Creek to connect with the ocean, blocking our route eastward along the beach.


Gadwall  6 (m,f) foraging on edges of the lagoon.

Mallard  12 (m,f)  foraging in tidepools and edge of lagoon.

Northern Shoveler  2 (f) west edge of the lagoon.

Green-winged Teal  18 (m,f) foraging and resting on mudflats in the lagoon (photo 1/1/11).

                                                                                                                                  © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Bufflehead  12  (m,f) diving in Malibu Creek.

Red-breasted Merganser  2 (f) diving nearshore.

Ruddy Duck  30 (m,f)   in Malibu Creek near PCH bridge.

Loon sp (possibly RELO) .  1 diving nearshore, tidepools.

Pied-billed Grebe  8  in Malibu Creek.

Horned Grebe  2 diving nearshore, tidepools.

Eared Grebe  1  diving nearshore, boardwalk.

Western Grebe  2  nearshore, tidepools.

Brown Pelican   22 (ad, imm)   resting in tidepools and lagoon.

Double-crested Cormorant  50 (ad, imm)   resting in lagoon and nearshore rocks.

Brandt's Cormorant  3 (ad) on nearshore rocks.

Great Blue Heron  1  east edge of Malibu Creek.

Snowy Egret   16  Malibu Creek and lagoon; tidepools.

American Coot  120  Malibu Creek and lagoon.

Black-bellied Plover   10  forgaing in tidepools.

Snowy Plover  25 foraging on outer beach and tidepools.

Killdeer  3  forgaing on mudflats, w lagoon.

American Avocet  1  on sandbar in Malibu Creek.

Willet  3 foraging in tidepools.

Spotted Sandpiper  1  foraging on mudflats, e Malibu Creek.

Whimbrel  2  foraging in tidepools.

Marbled Godwit  3  foraging in tidepools.

Ruddy Turnstone  1  foraging in tidepools.

Sanderling  20 foraging on outer beach and tidepools.

Bonaparte's Gull  2 (bsc. plmg.)  nearshore, tidepools (photo 1/1/11).

                                                                                                                                © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Heermann's Gull  12 (ad, imm)   in msf with CAGU and WEGU, tidepools.

Ring-billed Gull  16 (ad, imm)  edge of beach and tidepools with CAGU.

California Gull  300 (ad 90%) beach and tidepools in crowded flocks.

Herring Gull   4 (ad, C1, C2) outer beach and tidepools.

Western Gull  100 (ad 90%)   lagoon, beach and tidepools.

Glaucous-winged Gull   10 (C1, C2; x Western) on beach and tidepools; eating urchins (photos 1/1/11).


                                                                                                    © 2011 Callyn Yorke


Possible Glaucous-winged x Western Gull hybrid (C2), ML tidepools  ( photo 1/1/11)

                          © 2011 Callyn Yorke

Royal Tern  4  edge of CAGU flock in tidepools.

Forster's Tern  1  flying nearshore.

Rock Pigeon  10  flying over PCH.

Anna's Hummingbird  2 (m)  riparian edge; calls.

Allen's Hummingbird  1  fly, call, edge of garden, s.

Belted Kingfisher  1 calls, s end of lagoon.

Black Phoebe  3  edge of lagoon.

Say's Phoebe  1 open area in marsh, w.

American Crow  20  foraging in tidepools; flying over PCH with EUST.

Bushtit  10  foraging in tall shrubs adjacent to gardens, sw.

Marsh Wren  2  calls from marsh near wooden bridges.

European Starling   20  flying over PCH.

Orange-crowned Warbler  1   calls in dense shrubs adjacent to gardens, sw.

Yellow-rumped Warbler  15  riparian and edge of marsh.

Common Yellowthroat  4  calls and chasing at edge of marsh, w.

Song Sparrow  3  singing at edge of marsh, sw.

White-crowned Sparrow  8  saltbush scrub and edge riparian edge.

Brewer's Blackbird  3  fly, call, PCH.

Great-tailed Grackle  9 (m,f)   fly ing over PCH , land ing in tall sycamore; calls

House Finch  10  riparian and edge of marsh, calls.

Lesser Goldfinch  6  riparian and flowering shrubs; calls.

House Sparrow  2  n side of PCH in town.







SEPTEMBER 11, 2010 (73 Species)

Weather: Heavy coastal fog until about 1000hrs. 54F to 62F;  Afternoon winds WNW  5-10 mph.High tide @ 1200 hrs. Surf 1-3 ft.

Time: 0830-1600 hrs.

Observers: Ethan Yorke, Jim Abernathy, Mark and Janet Scheel, Darren, myself and several other birders.

Area Covered: I walked around the western and southern portions of the lagoon, surveying all habitats (including outer beach and tidepools), using a 10x42 binocular and DSLR camera. Later in the morning I was joined by Jim Abernathy who offered the use of his scope. Part of my afternoon survey was with Mark and Janet Scheel, who, also using a scope, had independently found a Ruff and Baird's Sandpiper on the sand island at the south end of the lagoon, while my son Ethan and I were occupied by the sighting of an immature Yellow-crowned Night Heron in the marsh near the second bridge (photo). The latter individual appeared to be the same bird I photgraphed at this location on August 4, 2010 (see previous field notes). We also briefly surveyed (1600-1620 hrs.) the adjacent shopping area north of PCH. Many surfers and beachgoers were in the survey area today. An individual from a local conservancy was circulating a petition opposing the proposed Malibu Lagoon Restoration project, which seems likely to have a significant negative impact on wildlife (including several species listed by resource agencies) if implemented as planned.


Brant  5  scattered around the south end of the lagoon; individuals foraging on surface algal mats near shore; one molting.

Mallard 40 (m,f) shallows and marsh around the lagoon.

Northern Shoveler  6 (m,f) dabbling in backwaters, SW lagoon with Mallards.

Gadwall  20 (m,f) edges of the main lagoon.

Ruddy Duck  3 (m,f)  W edge of main lagoon; resting.

Pied-billed Grebe  10 (ad, imm) edges of lagoon.

Double-crested Cormorant  20 (ad, imm)   resting on snags in lagoon; swimming, flying.

Great Blue Heron  4   around the edges of the lagoon; two on sand island involved in a territorial dispute.

Great Egret 4 edges of the lagoon.

Snowy Egret   20 (ad, imm)   foraging in marsh and edges of the lagoon.

Green Heron  1 (ad) SW corner of marsh.

Black-crowned Night Heron  1 (imm) flying over central lagoon.


Yellow-crowned Night Heron 1 (imm) possibly the same individual I photographed here on August 4 (see previous survey notes): the bird was actively hunting at the edge of the SW marsh near the middle bridge about 100 feet S of where I found it last month. I observed the bird walking alertly through relatively tall marsh vegetation, showing an upright, neck extended posture for several minutes (photo  9/11/10), then flying NE across the PCH bridge and out of view. Compare photos of Malibu Lagoon bird and  juvenile YCNH from New York (undated)..

       Yellow-crowned Night Heron Juvenile

YCNH at SW Malibu Lagoon, September 11, 2011.© 2010 Callyn Yorke                  YCNH from New York area                             © 2008 Laura Meyers


Cooper's Hawk  1 flying in from SW corner.

Red-shouldered Hawk  1 (ad) flying across the main lagoon.

Sora  1  calling from the W side of the marsh.

American Coot  30 (ad, imm)  edges of the marsh; young calling (photo 7/11/10).

                                                                                                © 2010 Callyn Yorke

Brown Pelican (ad, imm)  80  sand island, S lagoon.

Black-bellied Plover  50-60 (most in bsc. plmg; 2 trans. alt.) resting on sand island, S lagoon.

Semi-palmated Plover 8  foraging on sand island and inner shore of lagoon (photo 7/11/10).

                                                                                                            © 2010 Callyn Yorke

Killdeer 5  sand island and inner beach of S lagoon; calls.

Black-necked Stilt  1  sand island and inner shoreline of S lagoon.

Baird's Sandpiper  1(imm)  sand island S lagoon. Initially a difficult Calidris to assign due to distance and poor views. Subsequently the characteristic field marks: black legs, long wings, buffy head and breast, grey back and white underparts, dark rump (in flight) were clearly seen by several observers (photo 7/11/10).


                                                                  © 2010 Callyn Yorke

Western Sandpiper  8  sand island and inner shore, S lagoon.

Least Sandpiper  25  sand island and inner shore, S lagoon.

Willet  10  sand island, S lagoon.

Whimbrel   16  sand island, S lagoon and outer shore.

Marbled Godwit  3  sand island, S lagoon.

Ruff  1(imm)   on sand island, S lagoon; flew W up the coast line, AM; returned to sand island, PM. Reported at MB several days ago. Apparently quite mobile, going to and from ML during the day. Seen about 11 AM by JA and CY ; then seen briefly again around 3PM by MS and JS.

Ruddy Turnstone  20  sand island, S Lagoon; outer beach with kelp.

California Gull  10 (ad, imm)  S lagoon and island.

Heermann's Gull (ad, imm) 20  island S lagoon and outer beach.

Western Gull  35  sand island and outer beach, S lagoon; two dead on island.

Glaucous-winged Gull 1 (ad) sand island, S lagoon. slightly darker primaries than usual suggested Western x Glaucous hybrid.

Forster's Tern 20 (ad, imm) sand island; flying, diving in main lagoon.

Elegant Tern  30  (ad, imm)   resting on sand island, flying; flushed by someone's kite flying overhead.

Black Skimmer  1 resting on sand island, S lagoon. No sign of eggs, chicks or the rest of the colony (see previous survey notes).

Rock Pigeon 12 flying over N section of the lagoon.

Anna's Hummingbird  2 (m,f) riparian and coastal sage edge, N and SW; calls and aerial hawking.

Allen's Hummingbird  2 (m,f)   foraging on large blue-flowered vine, SWC; calls.

Selasphorus sp. 1 (f) Allen's size with buffy flanks, white underparts, very thin bill; Sycamore-riparian edge, N.

Belted Kingfisher 2 (m,f) edge of main lagoon; calls and flying.

Western Wood Pewee  1 low snag perch; aerial sallies, S marsh.

Black Phoebe  4  low perches around edges of marsh in main lagoon and SW; calls, chasing.

Ash-throated Flycatcher  1 (imm) low perch, central marsh of main lagoon (photo 7/11/10).

                                                                                © 2010 Callyn Yorke

Western Kingbird  2  flying over central lagoon and S shore; perched low in SW marsh (photo 7/11/10).

                                                                                                                                 © 2010 Callyn Yorke


American Crow  6 flying around the main lagoon; outer beach.

Tree Swallow   2 flying over SW marsh.

Northern Rough-winged Swallow  4  flying low over SW marsh.

Bank Swallow  1 flying low over SW marsh.

Cliff Swallow  1  flying over SW marsh near SW trail and backyards.

Barn Swallow  20 flying over SW marsh and edge of main marsh; resting on utility line, SW.

Oak Titmouse  1 calling in riparian edge, N.

Bushtit   20 brushy edge of marsh SW and NW; calls.

Marsh Wren  1 singing S-central marsh.

California Gnatcatcher 1? called three or four times from dense coastal sage-saltbush scrub on W side of trail near middle bridge. Movement seen without plumage details. Call was a single note, weak, nasal sound, repeated twice with about a 5 second interval and again following my psshing calls. Returned to same location about 20 minutes later but failed to find the bird again; quite a lot of noisy foot traffic at this time (1300-1340 hrs.). Apparently, there are no recent records from MB of this highly sedentary species.

Northern Mockingbird  1  W- central marsh island, main lagoon.

European Starling  3  marsh, W edge of main lagoon.

Phainopepla  1 calls (distinctive, palintive single whistle) heard from SW corner of marsh adjacent to backyards.

Orange-crowned Warbler  1-2 low shrubs, N; calls.

Yellow Warbler  1  riparian edge, N; calls.

MacGillivray's Warbler  1 low shrubs and horsebrush, SW corner; calls repeated for several minutes while concealed and moving quickly (photo 7/11/10).

                                                                            © 2010 Callyn Yorke

Common Yellowthroat  10  calls from several locations around the main and SW marsh.

California Towhee  1  on ground beneath shrubs, SW corner of marsh.

Savannah Sparrow  1  perched in tall shrub, marsh island, W lagoon.

Song Sparrow  3  coastal sage-saltbush scub, W-central and SW marsh; calls.

Red-winged Blackbird   10  central-W marsh; calls.

Brewer's Blackbird  10  adjacent shopping area, N.

Brown-headed Cowbird  1  flying across SW marsh.

Hooded Oriole  2 (f) SW corner, backyard trees.

House Finch  12  SW edge of marsh.

Lesser Goldfinch  3  fly, call  W-central and N section.

House Sparrow  10  adjacent shopping area, N.














AUGUST 4, 2010 (50 Species)

Weather:  Overcast and winds calm until about 1230 hrs; sunny, winds WNW 5-10 mph. High tide @ 1600 hrs. Surf 2-4 ft.

Time: 0930 - 1600 hrs.

Area Covered:  I walked along the all of the paths through Malibu Lagoon State Beach, beginning at the main parking lot. Habitats surveyed included riparian, saltbush, saltmarsh, brackish backwaters, Malibu Creek estuary, sandbar, outer beach, nearshore waters, adjacent suburban gardens and ruderal edges. Many beachgoers and surfers present during the survey; parking areas full by 1400 hrs. A focused bird survey, using a 10x42 binocular and DSLR camera was made between 0935 and 1200 hrs. The rest of the time only casual observations were obtained from the outer beach or nearshore waters while on my surfboard. One bird species of interest today was an immature Yellow-crowned Night Heron photographed as it was initally found foraging in the salt marsh (see photo below). This sighting, if accepted by CBRC, represents the fourth record of YCNH in Los Angeles County (see Hamilton, R. et. al. 2007).


1) Mallard  30 (ad, imm) scattered around the lagoon.

2) Brant  2  south edge of the lagoon. Apparently the same individuals found here over the past several months (see previous notes).

3) Ruddy Duck  2 (f, m, alt. plmg)   sw edge of the lagoon.

4) Pied-billed Grebe  3 (ad, imm)    backwater and open water areas of the lagoon.

5) Brown Pelican  170  (ad, imm) most resting on sandbar at s end of lagoon.

6) Double-crested Cormorant  20 (ad, imm) most resting on sandbar; a few swimming in lagoon and nearshore.

7) Brandt's Cormorant  2  flying low over nearshore waters.

8) Great Blue Heron  4 (ad, imm)   edges of marsh and lagoon.

9) Great Egret  2  edge of lagoon.

10) Snowy Egret  12  edge of lagoon and marsh.

11) Black-crowned Night Heron  3 (ad, imm) edge of marsh and lagoon.

12) Yellow-crowned Night Heron 1 (imm.)  I observed and photographed this bird for about 10 minutes (1105 -1115 hrs.) foraging actively and alone, west of the main path between the parking area and the beach, near the second wooden bridge The bird was alert, raising and lowering its neck and body, probing and jabbing its bill into flooded area of Salicornia and taller vegetation. A relatively long neck with fine black streaks; a heavy, predominately black bill, were features clearly visible and what initially drew my attention using a binocular from a distance of about 50 feet (photo: Nikon  D3X  80-400mm ). Compare photos of Malibu Lagoon bird (8/4/10)and juvenile YCNH from New York, (undated).

    Yellow-crowned Night Heron Juvenile

 YCNH juvenile from Malibu Lagoon, August 4, 2010   © 2010 Callyn Yorke        YCNH from New York, 2008                © 2008 Laura Meyers


13) American Coot   8 (ad, imm)   edge of marsh and lagoon.

14) Least Sandpiper  1 foraging on sandbar.

15) Western Sandpiper  4  foraging on S edge of lagoon.

16) Spotted Sandpiper   1  on floating algae near edge of lagoon.

17) Sanderling  6 (bsc. plmg.)  on outer beach.

18) Whimbrel  6  on sandbar and outer beach.

19) Long-billed Dowitcher  1 (alt. plmg.)  foraging on edge of sandbar.

20) Ruddy Turnstone  1  (bsc. plmg) foraging on sandbar.

21) Black-bellied Plover  12 (alt, basic and trans. plmg.) resting on edge of lagoon.

22) Snowy Plover  22  on outer beach in deep, dry sand.

23) Semi-palmated Plover  4  foraging on sandbar.

24) Killdeer  3  on sandbar and edge of lagoon.

25) California Gull  20 (imm) on sandbar and outer beach.

26) Western Gull  35  (ad, imm) lagoon, outer beach.

27) Heermann's Gull 60 (ad, imm) sandbar and outer beach.

28) Elegant Tern  2   (ad, imm) on sandbar.

29) Forster's Tern  4 (ad, imm) ad and begging juvenile on algae mat at edge of lagoon; others diving in lagoon and backwater.

30) California Least Tern  2  flying around , diving in lagoon.

31) Caspian Tern  20  on sandbar.

32) Black Skimmer  30   on sandbar.

33) Rock Dove  2  adjacent to PCH.

34) Allen's Hummingbird  2 (m)  edge of suburban garden and saltbush scrub along main path to the beach.

35) American Crow  4  flying over; calls.

36) Barn Swallow   20 flying low, back and forth over the marsh.

37) Tree Swallow  2 imm flying low around marsh.

38) European Starling  5  flying over the marsh.

39) Northern Mockingbird  1  edge of lagoon.

40) Black Phoebe  3  edge of marsh and lagoon.

41) Western Kingbird  1  low snag at edge of lagoon; sally-flycatching.

42) Bewick's Wren  1  riparian edge on east side of parking area.

43) Common Bushtit   6  saltbush and suburban gardens.

44) Common Yellowthroat  3  calls from marsh.

45) California Towhee   1  calls from dense saltbush and edge of gardens.

46) Brown-headed Cowbird  1  calls from riparian area.

47) Hooded Oriole  3 (m,f) edge of suburban garden and riparian.

48) Red-winged Blackbird  4 (m,f) riparian and marsh along main trail.

49) House Finch   8  edge of suburban gardens; saltbush scrub and riparian.

50) Lesser Goldfinch   1 riparian on E side of main path.










JULY 23, 2010 (30 Species)

Weather: Overcast until about 1300 hrs. 65 to 72F; winds WNW 5-12 mph; surf 3-8 ft. Tide medium-high.

Time: 1200 - 1600 hrs.

Observers: Merissa Mendez, Ethan Yorke and I.

Area Covered: Surfrider beach and South Malibu Lagoon State Beach. I used a 10x42 binocular and DSLR camera. Many beachgoers and surfers (photo) parking lot full.

Longboard surfer at Malibu.  July 23, 2010.

                                                                                                                                 © 2010 Callyn Yorke


1) Mallard   20 (ad, imm)   in and around the lagoon.

2) Brant  3  (ad) S edge of lagoon (photo 7/23/10).

                                                                                              © 2010 Callyn Yorke

3) Pied-billed Grebe   3  lagoon.

4) Brown Pelican  300 (ad, imm)   most resting on sandbar in lagoon;  large flocks occasionally taking flight.

5) Double-crested Cormorant   10 (ad, imm)   in lagoon and flying offshore.

6) Great Blue Heron  2  edge of lagoon.

7) Great Egret  2  edge of lagoon.

8) Snowy Egret  20  edges of lagoon; flocks of 6 to eight birds foraging (drinking?) in forward posture  (photo 7/23/10).

                                                                                                                                                                                                 © 2010 Callyn Yorke

9) Black-crowned Night Heron  5  (ad, imm) edges of marsh and lagoon.

10) American Coot   10  edges of lagoon and marsh.

11) Least Sandpiper  2 foraging on sandy edge of lagoon (photo 7/23/10)..

                                                                                            © 2010 Callyn Yorke

12) Snowy Plover  6  running in deep sand between Surfrider Beach and lagoon.

13) Western Gull  40 (ad, imm)   in and around lagoon; scavenging on beach.

14) California Gull   14  (imm) in and around lagoon

15) Heermann's Gull   30  (ad, imm) in and around lagoon.

16) Caspian Tern  10 on sandbar and flying around; calls.

17) Elegant Tern  60  on sandbar and flyng around (photo 7/23/10).

                                                                                     © 2010 Callyn Yorke


18) California Least Tern  3  flying around S end of lagoon (photo 7/23/10).

                                                                                                              © 2010 Callyn Yorke


19) Black Skimmer  10 on sandbar and skimming S lagoon (photo 7/23/10).

                                                                                                                                                                                           © 2010 Callyn Yorke


20) Rock pigeon   10  flying around PCH.

21) Anna's Hummingbird  1  calls from saltbush at edge of marsh.

22) European Starling  10 flying over marsh.

23) Northern Mockingbird   2 singing at edge of marsh and suburbs.

24) Bushtit   10  suburban gardens at edge of marsh.

25) Common Yellowthroat  2 singing in marsh.

26) House Finch  4  riparian edge of marsh.

27) Song Sparrow  2 singing in marsh.

28) Red-winged Blackbird  4 flying over marsh.

29) Hooded Oriole  1 (m) flying to gardens, S.

30) House Sparrow  6  in town.







MAY 21, 2010  (36 Species)


Weather: Fair,  68-72F; winds WNW  5-10 mph. Tide low @ 1200 hrs. Seas choppy, surf 2-4 ft.

Time: 1115 - 1342 hrs.

Observers: Merissa Mendez and I.

Area Covered: We walked from the Malibu State Beach parking area through and around the lagoon and along the outer beach. Habitats surveyed included riparian (Sycamore, Willow, Mulefat), Saltbush, adjacent gardens, tidal marsh, shoreline, mudflats, sandflats, beach and nearshore waters. We initially searched for the Scissor- tailed Flycatcher reported here two days ago on the Yahoo L.A. County Birds Group list server, by Bruce Starrett. However, after two surveys of the lagoon edges and open areas within the State Beach property, we failed to find this bird. Otherwise, birding here was fairly good for the late spring, with notably fewer shorebirds present compared with our May 1, 2010 survey. An elementary school field class was in session during our survey, along with dozens of beach-goers, surfers, two other birders and a nature photographer. Conditions were fair for identifying bird vocalizations.


1) Brant  7  S  foraging in shallows at S end of lagoon near sandbar.

2) Mallard   25 (m,f; ad and imm)   around edges of the lagoon

3) Gadwall   2 (m,f) edge of the lagoon.

4) Pied-billed Grebe  1  edge of lagoon; calls.

5) Great Blue Heron  1  island in the lagoon, W.

6) Great Egret  1  island in the lagoon, W.

7) Snowy Egret  10 (alt. plmg.)   edges of lagoon and rocky intertidal area.

8) Brown Pelican  120   big, crowded flock on sandbar (100 + individuals); some flying around and swimming in lagoon.

9) Double-crested Cormorant   5 (ad, imm)   on snags in lagoon; flying.

10) Brandt's Cormorant  1 flying E offshore.

11) Spotted Sandpiper  2 (alt. plmg.)   edge of lagoon.

12) Whimbrel  2  foraging in intertidal rocks.

13) Black-bellied Plover  6 (bsc. plmg.)   foraging in intertidal rocks.

14) Heermann's Gull  4 (imm)   intertidal rocks.

15) California Gull  25 (imm) on intertidal rocks.

16) Western Gull  50 (imm; ad) on beach, in lagoon; flying; intertidal rocks.

17) Ring-billed Gull  1 (imm) intertidal rocks.

18) Elegant Tern  13  flying over lagoon; calls.

19) Caspian Tern  6 (alt. plmg.) on sandbar; pairsdisplaying courtship behavior.

20) American Coot  6  edge of lagoon, W.

21) Rock Pigeon  2  flying over PCH.

22) Allen's Hummingbird  2  (m) in Saltbush scrub, edge of lagoon; calls.

23) Black Phoebe  4  edge of marsh and lagoon.

24) Cliff Swallow  1 flying over lagoon.

25) American Crow  4  flying over lagoon; calls.

26) Northern Mockingbird  2  edge of lagoon and gardens; song.

27) European Starling  2 flying over riparian area.

28) Bushtit  10  edges of gardens; calls.

29) Common Yellowthroat  1 singing in marsh.

30) Song Sparrow  6 (ad. and imm.)  marsh; song.

31) House Finch   4  riparian and gardens; calls and song.

32) Lesser Goldfinch  2  riparian and edge of garden.

33) Hooded Oriole  2  (m,f) Eucalyptus in gardens.

34) Brewer's Blackbird  2  adjacent shopping area.

35) Red-winged Blackbird  2  marsh; calls and song.

36) House Sparrow  2  adjacent shopping area.







MAY 1, 2010  (48 Species)


                                                                                                                                     Allen's Hummingbird (Selasphorus sasin) Malibu Lagoon   May 1, 2010   


 Bonaparte's Gull (Larus philadelphia)  Malibu Lagoon May 1, 2010                                                                                              © 2010 Callyn Yorke


Weather: Fair; 63 to 72F; winds WNW 5-15 mph. High Tide @ 1400 hrs. Surf 2-3 ft.

Time: 1307 - 1630 hrs.

Observers: Ethan Yorke and I.

Area Covered:  We walked to the Malibu Pier from the Surfrider Beach parking lot, then back along the shore; We surveyed nearshore waters, beach and mudflats, lagoon, marsh, riparian, gardens (e.g. Adamson House) and ruderal habitats. Hundreds of people on and around the beach and lagoon; heavy traffic on PCH. A group of teenagers, making  anti-environmental comments when passing us on the beach, began throwing debris into the roped off and signed Snowy Plover - Least Tern nesting area. Neither of those two species was found today during our survey. Conditions were generally poor for identifying bird vocalizations.


1) Brant  3  swimming in lagoon, W.

2) Gadwall  5 (m,f)  dabbling, W edge of lagoon.

3) Mallard  20 (m,f)  open water, marsh and edges of the lagoon.

4) Surf Scoter  3  (ad, imm)  next to pier.

5) Red-breasted Merganser  1 (f) diving in surf zone.

6) Pacific Loon  2  flying E ,low,

7) Common Loon  1  flying E low, offshore.

8) Pied-billed Grebe  1 (alt. plm.) near shore in lagoon; sinking.

9) Western Grebe  1  diving in surf zone.

10) Brown Pelican  140 (ad, imm)  on sand bar, lagoon, S.

11) Double-crested Cormorant  5  (ad, imm) on snags in lagoon; flying.

12) Great Blue Heron  1  flying low into E marsh.

13) Great Egret  1  middle  island in lagoon.

14) Snowy Egret  18  (alt. plm.)  18  edges of marsh and island in lagoon.

15) Cattle Egret  1 (alt. plm.)  east end of marsh with Snowy Egret.

16) American Coot  50 edges of the lagoon.

17) Killdeer  2  calling from E side of lagoon.

18) Spotted Sandpiper  3 (alt. plm.)   on floating logs and edges of lagoon.

19) Whimbrel   3  marshy edge of lagoon and inside Snowy Plover protected area.

20) Bonaparte's Gull (ad, imm)  beach opposite Snowy Plover protected area; one individual with bone spur deformity on right leg (photo).

21) Heermann's Gull  1 (imm) with Pelicans on sandbar.

22) Ring-billed Gull   2 (imm)   with California Gull  on sandbar; one flying near shore.

23) California Gull  200 (est.) (ad, imm) mostly on sandbar and lagoon.

24) Herring Gull  2  (imm) with California Gulls on sandbar.

25) Western Gull  20 (imm)   with California Gulls on sandbar and beach; one beached, 3rd cycle bird with large fishing lure hooked into leg.

26) Glaucous-winged Gull 2  (imm)  with California Gulls on sandbar.

27) Caspian Tern  25  flying and on sandbar; calls. One flying with small fish in beak.

28) Elegant Tern  1  flying offshore.

29) Forster's Tern  2 flying offshore.

30) Rock Pigeon   20 in and around parking lots.

31) Mourning Dove  2  flying over edge of marsh.

32) Anna's Hummingbird  4  in flowering shrubs (e.g.Hibiscus) around Adamson House and E edge of lagoon.

33) Allen's Hummingbird  5  in flowering shrubs around Adamson House and saltbush at edge of lagoon (photo).

34) Black Phoebe  2  edge of marsh and lagoon; calls.

35) American Crow  10 on beach and around parking lots and lagoon.

36) Northern Rough-winged Swallow  2  flying over lagoon.

37) Barn Swallow  6  flying low and picking up mud at edge of NE marsh.

38) Bushtit  30  several flocks of 3-5 individuals in brushy areas and gardens throuhgout.

39) Northern Mockingbird  1  singing along NE border of marsh.

40) European Starling  5  flying and calling around edges of lagoon.

41) California Towhee  2  calls from garden (Adamson House) and NE border.

42) Spotted Towhee  1  calls from saltbush scrub, on edge of NE marsh.

43) Song Sparrow  10 singing from edge of marsh and lagoon.

44) Red-winged Blackbird   20  NE marsh and edge of lagoon; flying, song and calls.

45) Brown-headed Cowbird  2  NE edge of marsh; calls.

46) House Finch  20  in riparian and brushy areas around lagoon; song and calls.

47) Lesser Goldfinch  3  in mature Sycamore,  N parking area; calls.

48) House Sparrow   6  gardens and buildings around lagoon; calls and song.












January 25, 2010 (66 Species)

Weather: Increasing cloudiness; 57F. winds NW 2-10 mph. Low Tide at about 1200 hrs.

Time: 1012 - 1320 hrs.

Observers: Merissa Mendez and I.

Area Covered:  We walked to the south end of Malibu Pier (MP) twice, surveying nearshore waters and beach using a 10x42 binocular and DSLR camera. Walked along Surfrider Beach (SB) to the mouth of Malibu Creek  (MC), surveying beach, exposed rocks, lagoon and Adamson House gardens (AH). Crossed the HWY 1 bridge and walked into Malibu Creek State Park (MCP), surveying saltbush scrub, adjacent ornamental trees and shrubs, mudflats, shoreline, lagoon and nearshore waters. We walked on most of the trails that allowed views of all the aforementioned habitats. A few surfers and other visitors in the park; birding conditions were good throughout the survey areas, except along HWY 1, where heavy traffic and emergency vehicle sirens made detection of bird vocalizations difficult.


                                Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis) (f) in Malibu, CA   January 25, 2010                       © 2010 Callyn Yorke



               BIRDS NOTED

Brant  2  MCP  in shallows inside of surf zone.

Gadwall   10  (m,f) MCP  dabbling at edge of lagoon and in  backwater slough.

American Wigeon  14  (m,f) MCP  "                     ".

Mallard  3  (m,f)  MCP   swimming at edge of lagoon; flighty.

Green-winged Teal   8 (m,f)  MCP   foraging in mud and in backwater slough.

Northern Shoveler   5 (m,f)  MCP  foraging in backwater slough.

Northern Pintail  1 (f) MCP  foraging at edge of backwater slough.

Bufflehead  4  (m,f)  MCP   swimming fast along edge of lagoon.

Red-breasted Merganser   3  (f) MP and MCP   diving along the inside of the surf zone.

Long-tailed Duck  1(f)  swimming around and under the W side of the pier (photo). Reported here several weeks ago.

Surf Scoter   2 ( ad. m ; imm f)  MP  near S end of pier.

    Surf Scoter (Melanitta perspicillata ) 1 (imm f) Malibu pier Los Angeles County, , CA  (photo January 25, 2010)   ©  2010   Callyn Yorke                                                   


Ruddy Duck  5  MCP  resting at edge of lagoon and backwater slough.

Common Loon  1  MP   about 80 yards S of the pier.

Pacific Loon  2  MP   one on W side of the pier preening oily-looking feathers.

Horned Grebe  2  MP   diving on E side of pier.

Eared Grebe  4  MP  preening on E and W side of pier.

Western Grebe  15  MCP  50 yards offshore; 1 in lagoon (photo).


  Western Grebe (Aechmophorus occidentalis) in Malibu, CA    (photo January 25, 2010)   ©   2010  Callyn Yorke                                                                    


Brown Pelican  25 (ad, imm)   MP; MCP   resting on pier (photo) and shore; a few flying along E bluff and shore; 3 dead on beach. A pair was attacking a Brandt's Comorant that was tangled in fishing line.


   Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis)  in Malibu, CA   (photo January 25, 2010)  ©  2010  Callyn Yorke                                                                   


Brandt's Cormorant   5  MP, MCP; resting on rocks off shore; flying; diving. One with left foot caught in fishing line, hauled in, cut loose and released unharmed (photo).


 Brandt's Cormorant (Phalacrocorax penicillatus) being cut loose from fishing line at Malibu Pier.  (Photo January 25, 2010)                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                                  © 2010 Callyn Yorke

Double-crested Cormorant   45  MCP   resting on edge of lagoon; diving in lagoon.

Great Blue Heron   4  MCP  edges of lagoon and backwater slough.

Great Egret  1 MCP   edge of lagoon.

Snowy Egret 5  MCP  edge of lagoon and slough; nearshore rocks.

Red-tailed Hawk   1 (ad) AH soaring over adjacent hillside.

Red-shouldered Hawk   1 (ad) MCP  calling from near top of a mature Sycamore.

American Coot   120 (est)   MCP  widespread in lagoon and backwater slough.

Black-bellied Plover  12  MCP  foraging on beach and in rocky tidal areas.

Snowy Plover  26  MCP   well-concealed and largely immobile on sand-bar with piles of dry kelp.

American Avocet  2  MCP  edge of lagoon and slough.

Spotted Sandpiper    2  MCP  edge of lagoon and rocky intertidal zone.

Sanderling   8   SB; MCP  running along shore.

Willet   5  SB; MCP  foraging on sandy and rocky shore.

Marbled Godwit   5  SB; MCP  foraging on sandy shore and among intertidal rocks.

Whimbrel   1  MCP  foraging among intertidal rocks.

Ruddy Turnstone   2  MCP  foraging among rocks near outer tide line.

Black Oystercatcher   3  SB - MCP   trio foraging among exposed intertidal rocks (photo).


      Black Oystercatcher (Haematopus bachmani) in Malibu, CA    ( photo January 25, 2010)          © 2010 Callyn Yorke                                 


Ring-billed Gull   35 ( 80% ad)    SB; MCP  on shore and edge of lagoon.

California Gull   150 (est: 85% ad) MCP resting and bathing in lagoon.

Heermann's Gull 20 (ad, imm)   SB; MCP  on beach and in lagoon.

Western Gull    60 (est)  (ad, imm) MP; SB; MCP  ubiquitous; one dropping an urchin on the beach from about 20 feet, then pecking it. Another adult WG trying unsuccessfully to swallow a large, round object ( photo).


                      Western Gull (Larus occidentalis) dealing with a large food item in Malibu, CA    (photo January 25, 2010)        © 2010 Callyn Yorke



Glaucous-winged Gull  4 (ad, imm)   MCP  foraging in intertidal rocks.

Royal Tern  5  MCP  flew in and landed on outer beach.

Rock Pigeon   30  SB; AH  on wall, roofs and utility poles.

Parrot (Amazona sp.)  AH calls (unseen).

Allen's Hummingbird  1 (m)  AH  flying, calls; landed in large red-flowering shrub.

Anna's Hummingbird   8  AH; MCP. flying, calls; landing in trees and shrubs.

Black Phoebe  4    AH; MCP   garden fences; low perches; calls.

Say's Phoebe  1  AH  on S fence at edge of beach.

Western Scrub Jay  2  AH  adjacent hillside; calls.

American Crow   15  AH; MCP  in tall trees, intertidal rocks and lagoon; calls.

American Pipit  2  MCP   flying over; calls.

Wrentit  1  AH  singing on adjacent hillside.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet  5  AH; MCP  in shrubs, trees and dense undergrowth; calls.

Northern Mockingbird  1  AH  in large flowering shrub.

European Starling  30  AH   two large flocks landed in tall trees; calls and song.

Yellow-rumped Warbler  20  AH; MCP  gardens, salt bush; trees everywhere; calls.

Orange-crowned Warbler  1 AH  inside large hedge near entrance; calls.

Common Yellowthroat  5  MCP  cattails, tules and shrubs around edge of lagoon and backwater slough; calls.

Song Sparrow   10   AH; MCP  widespread in shrubs and trees around lagoon; song and calls.

White-crowned Sparrow   20  AH; MCP  "                     ".

California Towhee   1  SB  brushy edge of sidewalk.

Spotted Towhee   1  MCP   adjacent garden; calls.

House Finch   12  MCP  brushy areas with trees; song and calls.

Red-winged Blackbird   4 (m,f)  MCP  edge of lagoon; calls.

Great-tailed Grackle  3 (m,f)   MP; AH   around restaurant and gardens.







November 11, 2009  (79 Species)

Weather: Overcast to partly cloudy; 57 to 68F; NW winds 2-5 mph; Tide high 0900 hrs; low 1500 hrs.

Time: 0800 - 1336 hrs.

Observers: Ethan Yorke and I.

Area Covered: (1) Parked in the pay lot next to Adamson House and walked along the shore to Malibu Lagoon. We surveyed nearshore waters (NW- including around the Malibu Pier) using binoculars, scope and a DSLR camera; We walked along Surfrider Beach (SB), and on trails through the Malibu Lagoon State Park (MSP), scanning the marsh (stagnant, due to sand barrier at mouth of estuary), adjacent hillsides and bordering gardens. We walked through the Adamson House property (AH), noting birds using the many exotic flowering shrubs and trees. We included a brief afternoon survey of the north end of the lagoon (NML) from the HWY 1 bridge; Malibu Town center (MTC) and open fields along Civic Center Drive (CCD) on the N side of HWY 1 (1300-1330 hrs.).

2 ) On the return trip, we obtained a visitor pass at the entrance of the Pepperdine University (PU) campus, and parked adjacent to the campus pond (PP), surrounding lawns and hillsides with coastal sage. I made a brief walk-through survey of the southwestern part of the campus(1347-1410 hrs.). Birding was excellent in all areas visited, especially Surfrider Beach at low tide, the lagoon and marsh. The survey total was 79 species; 75 of which were found in the vicinity of Malibu Lagoon. A highlight of the survey was EY's discovery of an immature Greater White-fronted Goose in the Surfrider Beach parking lot.

Greater White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons )( imm)  in Malibu, Los Angeles County, CA ( photo 11/11/09)    ©  2009 Callyn D. Yorke
Greater White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons ) in Malibu, Los Angeles County, CA © 2009 Callyn D. Yorke



1) Greater White-fronted Goose  1 (imm) taking food with Rock Pigeons in the Surfrider Beach parking lot. A local man (unaware of the bird's specific identity and unusual occurrence) who was tossing handfulls of crumbs to this bird and some Rock Pigeons, said it arrived about three weeks earlier and had initially been following some Mallards (wild-type) around the lagoon before wandering down the beach to the nearby parking lot. This bird appeared similar to one I found (and photographed) in Apollo Park (Antelope Valley, CA) in September, 2009 and continued to be present through November 1.

2) Gadwall  6 (m,f) MSP, dabbling close to NW edge of lagoon.

3) American Wigeon  4 (m,f) MSP, open water; 4 (m,f) PP, resting until alarmed by my approach; calls.

4) Mallard  4 (m,f) MSP, SW edge of lagoon; 50 (m,f) PP, resting and relatively approachable.

5) Northern Shoveler  8 (m,f) MSP, open water and edge, dabbling and preening.

6) Ruddy Duck  20 (m,f) MSP, NML, open water, resting.

7) Common Loon  1 NW, peering and diving.

8) Pied-billed Grebe  4  MSP, open water;  2 PP.

9) Eared Grebe  2 NML, open water.

10) Western Grebe  10 NW, sleeping and swimming together.

11) Clark's/Western Grebe  1, NW, near shore with WG. Noted bright yellow bill and whitish sides; eye in gray area of face.

12) Brown Pelican  15 (ad, imm)   MSP, NW; resting on shore and on rocks; flying low.

13) Double-crested Cormorant  16 (ad, imm) MSP, resting on shore; 3 PP, resting on shore.

14) Brandt's Cormorant  4 (ad, imm) NW, resting on cluster of off-shore rocks; preening next of PC.

15) Pelagic Cormorant  2 (ad)  NW, on cluster of off-shore rocks with BC.

16) Great Blue Heron  6 MSP, on shore in marsh; 2 on roof-top of beach-front home; on tiny isle in lagoon.

17) Great Egret 1  MSP, edge of lagoon/marsh.

18) Snowy Egret  6  MSP in tide pools at low tide; 1 PP, edge of water.

19) Black-crowned Night Heron  1 (ad) MSP, hidden in tules;  1 (imm) PP, on shore.

20) Cooper's Hawk  1  PU, flying low toward pond.

21) Red-Tailed Hawk  1 AH; 1 MSP on utility pole; 1  circling over hillside S of HWY 1.

22) Red-shouldered Hawk  1 NML, flying low to NE side.

23) American Kestrel  2  Malibu Canyon Road, on utility lines and poles next to open fields.

24) American Coot  150 (est) MSP, ubiquitous in the lagoon and marsh; 10 PP.

25) Black-bellied Plover  30, SRB, resting on shore; flushed a short distance (photo).

26) Snowy Plover  30 (est.) SRB, resting on shore, well concealed in sandy depressions; approachable to within about 20 feet (photo).

27) Killdeer  5 MSP, edge of marsh; 4 PP, on shore;  25 CCD resting and well-concealed in barren, ploughed field.

28) Spotted Sandpiper  4  MSP, edge of lagoon; flying low for short distances.

29) Willet  4  SRB, foraging in shallows; flying low.

30) Whimbrel  2  SRB, foraging in tidepools and on shore (photo).

31) Marbled Godwit  7  SRB, foraging in tidepools and on shore (photo).

32) Ruddy Turnstone  8  SRB, foraging on shore and in tidepools (photo).

33) Sanderling   30  SRB, tight flocks foraging at edge of tide-line; flying fast, low along shore; resting, preening (photo).

34) Heermann's Gull  2 (ad, imm) SRB, mixed species gull flocks on beach, resting, flying over water.

35) Ring-billed Gull  9 (ad, imm)  SRB, same as for HG.

36) California Gull 130 ( est - ad, imm.) SRB and MSP; resting on beach and in Lagoon.

37) Western Gull  50 ( est.- ad, imm )  SRB and MSP, resting; flying over water.

38) Forster's Tern  2 NW, flying E, low, near shore; diving.

39) Elegant Tern  2  NW, flying and diving near shore; calls.

40) Rock Pigeon  65  SRB parking lot and adjacent structures; feeding on tossed crumbs.

41) Mourning Dove  1  AH, perched in dead tree.

42) Anna's Hummingbird  2  AH, calls from ornamental flowering shrubs (unseen).

43) Allen's Hummingbird   10  (m,f) MSP, AH; gardens at edge of lagoon; calls, foraging on flowering shrubs.

44) Selasphorus sp.  2 (f)   MSP, AH, in flowering trees.

45) Belted Kingfisher  2  SRB, MSP, fly, call; perched on fence at tide line; 1 NW hovering over water at about 15 ft.

46) Nuttall's Woodpecker  1 MSP, foraging in willow; calls.

47) Black Phoebe  5 MSP, SRB, low perches, sally over water and land; calls.

48) Say's Phoebe  3  MSP; SRB, one perched on orange cone by lifeguard station; others on fences and in trees; calls.

49) American Crow  20  MSP, MTC, PU; ubiquitous, fly, calls.

50) Raven  1  CCD, flying over HWY 1, southward.

51) Oak Titmouse  2  MSP, southwest corner with ornamental trees and shrubs; Mixed Species Flock (MSF) with Bushtit, House Wren, Townsend's and YRW.

52) Bushtit  40   AH, MSP, PU; ubiquitous in shrubby areas; noisy flocks of 8-15 birds; often accompanied by other birds (see above); agitated by Pshing noises.

53) Bewick's Wren  1 MSP, foraging on ground at base of Horsebrush with WCS.

54) House Wren  4  MSP,  scold calls, pair chasing and in MSF in southwest corner.

55) Marsh Wren  1 MSP, calls and partial song from edge of central marsh.

56) Ruby-crowned Kinglet  4 MSP, AH, foraging in trees and shrubs; calls

57) Hermit Thrush  1 AH, flycatching and snatch-gleaning in large tree in S section of yard (photo).

58) Northern Mockingbird  1 MSP, calls and partial song from adjacent garden SW; 1 AH, singing in garden.

59) European Starling  3 MSP, flying over; 5 MTC, in tree.

60) American Pipit  2  PU, PP, fly, calls.

61) Cedar Waxwing   16 MSP, flock flying SE.

62) Orange-crowned Warbler   4 MSP, tall shrubs with YRW; 3 AH, garden, Hibiscus, and other ornamental shrubs; calls.

63) Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon's)  25 MSP; SRB, AH, PP, PU, CCD; foraging, calls; all vegetation and levels; MSF.

64) Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle) 2 PU, in ornamental plantings and coastal sage scrub; calls.

65) Townsend's Warbler (m,f) MSP, shrubs and trees in southwest corner, MSF.

66) Common Yellowthroat   20 (m,f)   MSP (photo), AH, PP; calls, active but usually well-concealed phreatophytic vegetation.

67) Spotted Towhee  2 MSP, secretive in brushy southwestern corner; calls.

68) California Towhee   4  MSP, same as above but more conspicuous; calls.

69) Song Sparrow  20 (at least 2 distiinct color morphs intermixed in the same areas; call differences also noted )  MSP, AH; active in dense marsh and shrubby edge.

70) Lincoln's Sparrow  3  MSP, N-central area; calls.

71) White-crowned Sparrow  50 (est.- ad, imm) MSP; !0 AH; 20 PU; ubiquitous is mixed shrubs, gardens, ruderal areas; calls and song; foraging on ground.

72) Red-winged Blackbird  1 (f) MTC, in tree with ES; 7 (m,f) PU, in tules; calls.

73) Brewer's Blackbird  2 MSP, flying NW; 4 MTC , in trees and on ground.

74) Great-tailed Grackle  2 (m,f) MSP, edge of lagoon; 2 (m with relatively short tail) on Malibu Pier; calls.

75) Western Meadowlark 1 PU, on edge of lawn.

76) House Finch  5 MSP, southwest corner;   2 NML, flying N; calls.

77) Lesser Goldfinch   5  MSP, shrubby area in central section; feeding on horsebrush and other exotic vegetation in gardens; calls.

78) American Goldfinch  10  MSP, same as above, but in a bigger flock; calls.

79) House Sparrow   10  MTC, flying up to tile roofs; calls.

Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) on Surfrider Beach, Malibu, CA (photo 11/11/09)     © 2009  Callyn D. Yorke
Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) on Surfrider Beach, Malibu, CA © 2009 Callyn D. Yorke


Black-bellied Plover (Pluvialis squatarola)  Malibu Lagoon State Park, CA (photo 11/11/09).   © 2009 Callyn D. Yorke
Black-bellied Plover (Pluvialis squatarola) Malibu Lagoon State Park, CA. © 2009 Callyn D. Yorke


Whimbrel (Numenius Phaeopus) on Surfrider Beach, Malibu, CA (photo 11/11/09). ©  2009   Callyn D. Yorke
Whimbrel (Numenius Phaeopus) on Surfrider Beach, Malibu, CA. © 2009 Callyn D. Yorke


Common Yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas) Malibu Lagoon State Park, CA (11/11/09)      © 2009 Callyn D. Yorke
Common Yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas) Malibu Lagoon State Park, CA © 2009 Callyn D. Yorke



September 4-5, 2009

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