COASTAL SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, CA (Including Lake Cachuma,   Santa Ynez Valley and Nojoqui Falls Park)



November 9-11, 2017

May 15-17, 2014

December 11 & 13, 2012 

July 21- 30, 2010

February 18-20, 2010

January 14-18, 2010


                         Gray Hawk (Buteo plagiatus ) Carpinteria, Santa Barbara County, CA  13 December, 2012


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NOVEMBER 9 -11, 2017  Nojoqui Falls Park, Alisal Rd.,Stearn's Wharf and Vicinity, Andree Clark Bird Refuge and Goleta Beach Park (97 Species)




             Yellow-billed Magpie (Pica nuttalli) Alisal Ranch Santa Barbara County CA  11 November 2017                                            

                                                                                                                                                                                      © 2017 Callyn Yorke





Weather: Partly Cloudy; 53F to 65F; winds variable: W, WNW  2 - 10 mph. High tide @ 0930 hrs. seas calm; Surf 1-2 ft.

Time: 0630- 1500 hrs.

Observers (Nov. 11): UCLA Extension Autumn Birds of Southern California class (7 students) and I.

Areas Covered


1) Intersection of Alisal Rd. and Old Coast Hwy. agricultural fields (AGR: 9 Nov. 0730-0840 hrs.; 11 Nov. 1130-1144 hrs.), about 1 mi from Nojoqui Park. Walked the roadways, surveying agricultural and fallow (ploughed) fields and roadside ruderal scrub along the fence lines. Birdlife (mostly sparrows) was abundant here along the fence lines (photo).


                        Intersection of Alisal Rd. and Old Coast HWY 1, viewing north, Santa Barbara County, CA 9 Nov. 2017


                                                                                                                                       © 2017 Callyn Yorke



2) Nojoqui Falls Park (NFP: 9 Nov. 0850-1106 hrs.; 11 Nov. 1150-1325 hrs.): Walked through the park, including the waterfall trail, surveying mature oak woodland (Quercus lobata, Q. agrifolia, Toxicodendron, etc.), riparian (Populus fremontii; Umbellularia californica) chaparral (Eriogonum spp. Eriodictyon californicum), agricultural fields and pastureland. Birdlife was most abundant in the central park area;  the park was quiet only a few visitors were present during the 9 Nov.survey (photo); much busier on 11 Nov..


                                       Nojoqui Falls Trail, viewing north NFP, Santa Barbara County CA  9 Nov. 2017


                                                                                                                       © 2017 Callyn Yorke




  3) Stearn's Wharf and vicinity (SW: 9 Nov. 1340-1450 hrs.),  including the arbor and adjacent shoreline (SW). I walked from Castillo St. and Shoreline Dr. to the harbor, and east along the shore, passing under the wharf and down the shore about 0.1 mile. I surveyed the harbor, breakwater, shoreline, sandy beach, State Street drainage channel, and stagnant ponds with small patches of freshwater marsh. Most of this area was disturbed by boating, dogs on the beach and homeless encampments (photo).


               Stearn's Wharf and vicinity, viewing east, Santa Barbara CA  9 November 2017


                                                                                                      © 2017 Callyn Yorke




  4) Andree Clark Bird Refuge (AC: 10 Nov. 0630-0823 hrs.; 11 Nov. 0715-0858 hrs.): Walked from the entrance on Los Patos Rd., west on pathways bordering the marsh and mudflats. Reversing this route, I continued around the east perimeter of the lake 10 Nov.). The lake water level was relatively low, providing extensive shallows mudflats for shorebirds and waders. There was a strong odor of stagnant water and decay (eutrophication) throughout the area. Increasing numbers of visitors arrived by 0830  hrs., occupying most if not all of the limited number of parking spaces. Nevertheless, despite all the human disturbance (including numerous dogs), birdlife in and around the wetland was abundant and diverse (photo).



            Andree Clark Bird Refuge, Santa Barbara, CA  10 November 2017


                                                                                                                     © 2017 Callyn Yorke





5) Goleta Beach Park (GBP: 10 Nov. 0843-0940 hrs.; 11 Nov.0913-1015 hrs.): Walked from the parking lot at the entrance, initially westward along an embankment and breakwater paralleling the shore. Reversing this route, continued to the Goleta Creek tidal channel and shoreline. A large sandbar has blocked the flow between the channel and the sea; the water here was stagnating with abundant algal build up and decay on exposed mudflats. Birdlife was generally scarce in the tidal channel; flocks of gulls were resting on the breakwater and embankment at high tide. Numerous visitors, several with leashed and unleashed dogs, forced shorebirds and gulls into the the least accessible areas while on constant alert. As I have observed on numerous occasions elswhere along the California coast, shorebirds readily flush when approached by dogs, whether those dogs are leashed or not.



                            Goleta Beach Park, viewing west to UCSB, Santa Barbara County CA  10 November 2017


                                                                                                                       © 2017 Callyn Yorke



Alisal Ranch, Alisal Rd. about 2 miles west of Solvang (AR: 11 Nov. 1400-1145 hrs): We stopped at the ranch entrance to observe birds in and adjacent to the corrals; this was the only location where Yellow-billed Magpie was found (photo).


                                      UCLA Extension Autumn Birds of Southern California, Alisal Ranch, Santa Barbara County CA  11 Nov. 2017


                                                                                                                                                   © 2017 Callyn Yorke






BIRDS NOTED (Date of occurrence and highest daily count is given for locations visited twice on different days)



Mallard 2 (m,f) swimming together, open water, AC; 2 flying over channel, GBP.

Northern Shoveler  80 (m,f) pairs and small flocks dabbling throughout, AC.

Northern Pintail (10 Nov.)  1 (f) dabbling, nwc, AC.

Green-winged Teal  2 (f) swimming, open water and toward shore, AC.

Greater Scaup  2 (m) ID: rounded, greenish head with relatively large bill; a pair swimming with NOSH, partially submerging, frequently dipping just below surface in active pursuit of unidentified prey in open water, AC.

Bufflehead  2 (m) swimming together, open water near shore, SW.

Ruddy Duck  10 (m,f) swimming; resting in open water, AC.

California Quail  3 running on side of road in ruderal patches bordering oak woodland, chaparral-riparian, along fence line, n AGR.

Eared Grebe  3  swimming together near shore and marsh, AC.

Horned Grebe (10 Nov.)  1  swimming in open water, AC.

Western Grebe  2  swimming, diving in open water, AC; 30 in loose flocks  offshore and along harbor breakwater, SW, GBP; two dead on beach at high tide line.

Feral Rock Pigeon  20  flying around developments, SW; 8 flying around boardwalk and over channel, pursued by a PEFA, GBP..

Eurasian Collared Dove   2 on utility poles and lines, AGR; 3 AC.

Band-tailed Pigeon  2  flying over oaks, NFP;  2 flying e over suburbs of SB, AC; one at cattle watering well, AR.

Anna's Hummingbird  6 (m) vocal, territorial around flowering bottlebrush and tree tobacco, AC (photo).



                  Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna) male   Andree Clark Bird Refuge, Santa Barbara CA 10 November 2017


                                                                                                                              © 2017 Callyn Yorke





American Coot   80  gregarious, ubiquitous in water, AC.

Black-necked Stilt  20  gregarious; foraging in shallows; appearing to be swimming in deeper water, AC (photo).



    Black-necked Stilt (Himantopus mexicanus) Andree Clark Bird Refuge, Santa Barbara CA  10 Nov. 2017                    

                                                                                                                        © 2017 Callyn Yorke



Black-bellied Plover  2 (bsc. plmg.) together on shore, SW; 4  on shore, GBP.

Killdeer  2  vocal,  edge of ploughed, watered field, AGR, 5 on mudflats at east end of channel, GBP.

Long-billed Curlew  1  foraging on shore, GBP (photo).




                              Long-billed Curlew (Numenius americanus) Goleta Beach Park, SBCO CA  10 November 2017


                                                                                                                                        © 2017 Callyn Yorke







Marbled Godwit  55  gregarious in a tight flock on shore, SW.

Ruddy Turnstone (11 Nov.) 1 flying low over shore; standing on kelp pile, GBP.

Sanderling  6  on shore, GBP.

Western Sandpiper (10 Nov.)  2  with LESA on mudflats, AC.

Dowitcher (Limnodromus sp.) (10 Nov.) 2  on mudflats, AC.

Spotted Sandpiper  2  individuals foraging on distantly separate mudflats, AC.

Greater Yellowlegs  4   together foraging on shore of stagnant channel; moving to outer shore; flushed by a dog on a leash, GBP (photo).



                           Greater Yellowlegs (Tringa melanoleuca) Goleta Beach Park, SBCO CA 10 November 2017


                                                                                                                                          © 2017 Callyn Yorke






Willet  4  with MAGO  on shore, SW; 2 on shore, GBP.

Heermann's Gull  20 (3 imm.) together on shore, SW;  60 (12 imm. C1's) together on breakwater, GBP (photo).


              Heermann's Gull (Larus heermanni) note two C1 immatures (l-center; far r) Goleta Beach Park, SBCO CA  10 November 2017


                                                                                                                                               © 2017 Callyn Yorke



Mew Gull (10 Nov) 1 on shore near CAGU, GBP (photo).


                                         Mew Gull (Larus canus)   Goleta Beach Park, SBCO CA  10 November 2017


                                                                                                                                         © 2017 Callyn Yorke







Ring-billed Gull  2  on shore with CAGU, SW; 3 (ad, imm) on embankment with CAGU and WEGU, GBP.

Western Gull  200 (90% ad) gregarious, ubiquitous in and near water (photo).



          Western Gull (Larus occidentalis) adult     Goleta Beach Park, SBCO CA  10 November 2017


                                                                                                                            © 2017 Callyn Yorke





Probable Glaucous-winged x Western Gull (11 Nov.)  1 C1, ID:  heavy bill with gonydeal expansion, relatively dark gray primaries c.f. WEGU; medium-light gray scapulars, c.f. GWGU;  on shore with CAGU and WEGU, GBP.


                 Glaucous-winged x Western Gull (Larus glaucescens x occidentalis ) C1 Goleta Beach Park, Santa Barbara County CA  11 Nov. 2017


                                                                                                                                    © 2017 Callyn Yorke


California Gull  10 ( 95% ad, C1, C3)  on shore with WEGU, SW;  20 (90% ad; C1, C2)  on embankment and breakwater, GBP (photo).


                        California Gull (Larus californicus) adult   Goleta Beach Park, SBCO CA  10 November 2017


                                                                                                                                           © 2017 Callyn Yorke




Herring Gull (9 Nov.) 2  swimming offshore with WEGU, SW.

Iceland (Thayer's) Gull (10 Nov.)  1 (C1) ID like C1 HEGU but with relatively small head and bill;   resting on inner sandy beach with WEGU and CAGU, SW.

Royal Tern (10 Nov.)  1 (ad; bsc. plmg.) on embankment with CAGU, GBP (photo).


                     Royal Tern (Thalasseus maximus) Goleta Beach Park, SBCO CA  10 November 2017


                                                                                                                                          © 2017 Callyn Yorke





Brandt's Cormorant (9 Nov.)  20  on outer breakwater, SW; flying offshore, SW.

Double-crested Cormorant  10  swimming near shore, in harbor and in shallows, SW, AC, GBP.

Brown Pelican  40  on outer breakwater, shore and anchored boats in harbor, SW,; 1 swimming, AC.

Great Blue Heron  3  on shore, in shallows with large feeding flock of GREG and SNEG, AC.

Great Egret  30  a large feeding flock crowded in shallows, moving around lake, AC (photo).



                      Great Egret (Ardea alba) and Snowy Egret (Egretta thula)  Andree Clark Bird Refuge  Santa Barbara CA  10 November 2017


                                                                                                                                            © 2017 Callyn Yorke



Snowy Egret  20  with GREG and in small flocks in shallows, AC (photo).

Black-crowned Night Heron (9 Nov.)  2  perched in trees at edge of main lake, AC; calls from trees in SB suburbs at night.

Turkey Vulture  2  flying around channel and perched in eucalyptus, GBP; 1 soaring over hills and ranch, AR.

Cooper's Hawk (11 Nov.) 1    flying to outer limb of mature eucalyptus, AC.

Red-shouldered Hawk (9 Nov.) 1  calls (unseen) NFP.

Red-tailed Hawk  1 (ad) in crown of mature valley oak, AGR;  1 (ad) perched in another oak at edge of pasture, NFP.

Acorn Woodpecker  20  vocal, gregarious, ubiquitous, NFP.

Nuttall's Woodpecker  2  vocal, NFP.

Northern Flicker  2  vocal, NFP; 1 flying, AR.

Peregrine Falcon  2  flying fast, east, 200 ft. agl, AC; 1 diving on and pursuing unsuccessfully on a flying Feral Rock Pigeon, GBP (11 Nov.).

American Kestrel  1  in canopy of oak, NFP (photo); 1 AGR; 1 AR.



                   American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) male  Nojoqui Falls Park, SBCO CA  9 November 2017


                                                                                                                                © 2017 Callyn Yorke


Black Phoebe  15 vocal, ubiquitous.

Say's Phoebe  1  on fence at edge of pasture, NFP; 1 flying over saltbush scrub, AC.

California Scrub-Jay  6  vocal, gregarious, NFP.

Yellow-billed Magpie (11 Nov.) 4-6  vocal, gregarious; foraging on ground in pasture; drinking from cattle well; probably the southernmost population of this California endemic, AR (photo).


                                       Yellow-billed Magpie (Pica nuttalli) Alisal Ranch Santa Barbara County CA  11 November 2017


                                                                                                                                                  © 2017 Callyn Yorke





American Crow  60  vocal, gregarious, ubiquitous.

Swallow sp. (9 Nov.) (possibly RWSW) flying over pasture and riparian strip, NFP.

Oak Titmouse 4  vocal, oaks and riparian, NFP.

Bushtit  (9 Nov.)  1  foraging in msf with YRWA and WBNU in sycamore, NFP.

White-breasted Nuthatch  4  vocal; foraging in sycamores and oaks, NFP; one in a palm, suburbs of SB (photo).



                         White-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis) Nojoqui Falls Park Santa Barbara County CA  11 Nov. 2017


                                                                                                                                 ©  2017 Callyn Yorke              




Canyon Wren (9 Nov.)  1  in cavity of large coast live oak next to waterfall trailhead; responded to my CAWR song imitations by giving scold calls and partial song (photo).



                              Canyon Wren (Catherpes mexicanus) Nojoqui Falls Park, SBCO CA 9 November 2017


                                                                                                                                             © 2017 Callyn Yorke







House Wren  2  vocal in tall roadside shrubs, AGR; calls, NFP.

Marsh Wren  2  vocal in marsh (unseen), AC.

Bewick's Wren  2  vocal (unseen); 2  vocal (unseen) gardens and edge of marsh-riparian, AC.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (11 Nov.) 1 active in saltbush and tules, AC.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet  20  vocal, gregarious; foraging in a variety of trees and tall shrubs, NFP; 1  GBP.

Western Bluebird  4 (m,f)  calls, gregarious. sallying from fence to ground beneath oaks, NFP.

Hermit Thrush  16  vocal; loosely gregarious, ubiquitous in shady oak woodland and riparian, NFP.

American Robin  4  calls; gregarious in sycamores, NFP.

Northern Mockingbird  2  vocal in trees and tall shrubs, GBP.

European Starling   vocal, ubiquitous; 40 foraging in agricultural fields with BRBL and RWBL, AGR; in gardens and palms, AC.

Phainopepla (9 Nov.)  1  calls (unseen) sycamore riparian path, NFP.

Scaly-breasted Munia  8 (ad, imm) foraging together in a tight flock, on inflorescences of tules, AC (photo).



                 Scaly-breasted Munia (Lonchura punctulata)  adult  Andree Clark Bird Refuge, Santa Barbara CA  10 Nov. 2017


                                                                                                                                   © 2017 Callyn Yorke




House Sparrow  6  vocal, gregarious; in garden of restaurant, GBP.

American Pipit (9 Nov.)  6  vocal when in flight; loosely gregarious in ploughed field, AGR.

House Finch  25  (m,f) vocal, gregarious; weedy roadside and fences, AGR.

Lesser Goldfinch (9 Nov.)  2 vocal; with WCSP and HOFI on fence line, AGR.

Common Yellowthroat  8  (m,f) calls; pairs and individuals in marsh-riparian edge, AC.

Yellow-rumped (A) Warbler  60 (m,f) vocal, gregarious, ubiquitous; foraging at all foliage height levels.

Townsend's Warbler 3  vocal (calls) foraging in msf with YRWA, in sycamores, NFP.

Spotted Towhee (9 Nov.) 5  vocal; dense scrub at edge of riparian-oak woodland, NFP.

California Townee  8  vocal (calls) ubiquitous in shrubs, clearings, gardens, lawns and edge of woodland.

Vesper Sparrow (11 Nov.) flushed to fence from weedy roadside border, AGR.

Savannah Sparrow  20 gregarious in weedy roadside area along fence lines, AGR.

Song Sparrow  6  vocal (calls) marsh-riparian- coastal sage, AC; 1 GBP (photo).



                Song Sparrow (Melospiza melodia) Andree Clark Bird Refuge, Santa Barbara CA  10 November 2017


                                                                                                                           © 2017 Callyn Yorke




Lincoln's Sparrow  5  in msf with WCSP and SASP; individuals flushed from weedy roadside to fence, AGR.

White-throated Sparrow (11 Nov.) 1 foraging on ground in leaf litter beneath coast live oaks, NFP (photo).


               White-throated Sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis) Nojoqui Falls Park, SBCO CA 11 Nov 2017


                                                                                                          © 2017 Teresa Palos 




White-crowned Sparrow  80 (ad, imm) vocal (calls and song) gregarious, ubiquitous in brushy areas.

Golden-crowned Sparrow  6  gregarious; foraging with DEJU beneath oaks, NFP (photo);  4 , gregarious; foraging in pasture at edge of woodpile, AR.


                          Golden-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia atricapilla) Nojoqui Falls Park Santa Barbara County CA  11 Nov. 2017


                                                                                                                                            © 2017 Callyn Yorke





Dark-eyed (Oregon) Junco  20  vocal (calls), gregarious on ground beneath oaks, NFP.

Red-winged Blackbird  120  (m,f) vocal, gregarious; foraging in agricultural fields of kale and broccoli, AGR; 300 + foraging in large, vocal flocks with BRBL, BHCO in corrals and ranch entrance, AR.

Brewer's Blackbird  40 (m,f) vocal, gregarious; foraging with RWBL, AGR;  4 on ground in parking area, GBP.

Great-tailed Grackle  2 (m) flying into suburbs, SW; 1 GBP.

Brown-headed Cowbird  20 ( 2 m,f) gregarious; foraging on dry lawn, GBP (photo).



                    Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater) female (left); male (right)  Goleta Beach Park, SBCO CA  10 Nov. 2017


                                                                                                                              © 2017 Callyn Yorke
































MAY 15 -17, 2014  Santa Barbara Harbor, suburbs and Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (63 Species)


UCLA Extension   Birds of Southern California class   Stearns Wharf Santa Barbara CA  17 May 2014

                                                                                      © 2014 M. Mendez


                                             Black Skimmer (Rynchops niger) Mission Creek outlet, Santa Barbara, CA  15 May 2014


                                                                                                                            © 2014 Callyn Yorke


Weather: fair; 65F to 99F.  Above-average temperatures over the past two days; seas calm; low tide @ 0640 hrs.

Observers and Times :  Myself ( 5/15:0600-0745 hrs. 5/16: 0620-0730 hrs); Merissa Mendez and I (5/16: 1120 - 1400 hrs); 5/15: joined by Krista Fahy, Associate Curator of Vertebrate Zoology at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (0945 - 1130 hrs.). UCLA Birds of Southern California class and I (5/17: SBH: 0830-1000 hrs.;  SBMNH :1030-1130 hrs.)

Areas Covered:  1) Santa Barbara Harbor, Stearns Wharf, shoreline, harbor breakwater and adjacent shore (5/16: 0620-0730 hrs.), outlet to Mission Creek (5/15: 0600- 0745 hrs.) and suburban gardens from Castillo St. to State Street, including a channeled drainage of Mission Creek with patches of fresh water marsh (5/16: 1120-1400 hrs.) I walked from 336 West Cabrillo Blvd. to the adjacent harbor, shoreline, warf and outlet to Mission Creek (SBH: 5/15). The shore had abundant piles of kelp and aerial dipterans at low tide. A small freshwater-brackish marsh surrounds the creek outlet. A few people were on the beach and traffic was light on adjacent roadways. Several homeless people were sleeping on the beach near the high tide line and loitering around the public restrooms on Cabrillo Blvd. A few fishermen were at the end of Stearns Wharf. Two pods of Common Dolphin were surfacing near the south end of the warf.  2) The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (SBMNH: 5/15 ). We birded the oak woodland-sycamore riparian area around the museum before and after visiting the exhibits; Krista escorted us through the oak woodland-riparian area with well-maintained pathways behind the museum (closed to the public without paid admission to the museum).Mission Creek runs through the property and featured pools of standing water. Several additional bird species were found here, including, Pacific Slope Flycatcher, White-breasted Nuthatch, Hutton's Vireo and Western Scrub-Jay. The UCLA Birds of Southern California class and I visited the outlet to Mission Creek and Stearns Wharf (5/17: 0830-1000 hrs.), adding two species to the 5/15-5/17 bird list: Western Grebe and Bonaparte's Gull. Earlier that morning a small flock of Great-tailed Grackle was observed flying over Castillo St., bringing the 3-day total to 63 species.

Museum exhibits visited (5/15; 5/17), included a recently remodeled bird room with many superb specimens of Southern California birds, arranged according to their ecological roles in a variety of habitats, as opposed to the more traditional taxonomic displays found in most other museums. The bird room also includes educational videos, interactive computer programs, William Leon Dawson's original bird egg collection, and priceless dioramas painted by Ray Strong and others from the school of California plein-aire artists in the 1930's and 1960's.

                                             Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History  15 May 2014


                                                          © 2014 M. Mendez


Note: Additional species found after 5/15/14 are indicated by the first date they were encountered.



Brant  1 foraging on a grassy knoll next to the creek outlet, SBH (photo).


Brant (Branta bernicla) Mission Creek outlet, Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara, CA  15 May 2014

                                                                                                 © 2014 Callyn Yorke


Mallard  6 (m,f) creek outlet, SBH.

Bufflehead  1 (f) creek outlet, SBH.

Ruddy Duck  1 (f) creek outlet, SBH.

Pacific Loon  8  flying low and fast, northward well offshore, SBH (5/16).

Western Grebe  1 swimming near shore, SBH (5/17).

Eared Grebe  2 (alt. plmg.) swimming together near wharf, SBH.

Double-crested Cormorant  20  flying in small flocks over the harbor, SBH.

Brandt's Cormorant  1 (imm) flying low offshore, SBH.

Brown Pelican  60  (alt. bsc. plmg.) ubiquitous; esp. on outer breakwater and shore, SBH (photo).


Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara CA  15 May 2014

                                                                                              © 2014 Callyn Yorke



Great Blue Heron  on shore, harbor and creek outlet, SBH; about 7 pairs nesting about 50 ft. agl in ornamental tree at the intersection of Castillo St. and West Mason St., about 150 yards north of the Santa Barbara Harbor. Adult birds seen commuting to and from the colony; one nest with a nearly fledged young bird; other nests too high in elevation to see the contents (photos).

Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) Santa Barbara Harbor, CA  16 May 2014

                                                                                                          © 2014 Callyn Yorke


Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) adult and young on nest, Castillo St, and Mason St. Santa Barbara CA  16 May 2014


                                                                                                             © 2014 Callyn Yorke


Snowy Egret  1 (ad)   flying over creek outlet, SBH.

Black-crowned Night Heron   25 (ad, imm. some in alt. plmg.)   vocal; roosting in ornamental trees between the roadway and a drained pool on West Cabrillo Blvd. and Castillo St; birds largely habituated to human presence.; on shore of estuary, SBH (photo).

Black-crowned Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax)   Mission Creek outlet, Stearns Wharf, CA  15 May 2014


                                                                                                     © 2014 Callyn Yorke


Red-shouldered Hawk  calls (unseen) heavily vegetated hillside on n side of E Cabrillo Blvd. at Castillo St., SBH (5/16).

Cooper's Hawk  1 (ad) chased by a flock of crows, SBMNH.

American Coot  2   swimming together in creek outlet, SBH.

Killdeer  2  on sandy beach above high tide line, creek outlet, SBH.

Black-bellied Plover  1 (bsc. plmg.) on inner shore next to harbor breakwater with BRPE and WEGU, SBH (5/16) (photo).


Black-bellied Plover (Pluvialis squatarola) Santa Barbara Harbor, CA 16 May 2014

                                                                                               © 2014 Callyn Yorke



Spotted Sandpiper  1  on outer shore of creek outlet, SBH.

Marbled Godwit  14  foraging on outer shore, Stearns Wharf, creek outlet, SBH.

Bonaparte's Gull 4 (3 imm; 1 ad) in and around the creek outlet, SBH (5/17).

Heermann's Gull  20 (C1) together on shore, Stearns Wharf, harbor, SBH.

Ring-billed Gull  8 (ad)   together on shore, creek outlet Stearns Wharf, SBH (photo).


Ring-billed Gull (Larus delawarensis) adult  Mission Creek outlet, Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara CA  15 May 2014


                                                                                                          © 2014 Callyn Yorke


California Gull  1 (C1) on shore with WEGU, creek outlet, SBH.

Western Gull  80 (ad, imm) ubiquitous; esp. on shore and around Mission Creek outlet, SBH (photo).


Western Gull (Larus occidentalis) left, immature (C1) and right foreground, adults, Mission Creek outlet, Santa Barbara CA  15 May 2014


                                                                                                                        © 2014 Callyn Yorke


Caspian Tern  3  on shore; calls, flying offshore, SBH.

Royal Tern  30  (most in bsc. plmg.) together on shore with ELTE and BLSK, near harbor breakwater; flying ot creek outlet, SBH (photo).

Elegant Tern  6  (alt. plmg.) together on shore near breakwater; flying to creek outlet with ROTE and BLSK (photo).

Black Skimmer  8  (one with unreadable metal band on left tarsus - photo) together on shore near harbor breakwater; flying ot creek outlet (photo).

Black Skimmer (Rynchops niger) center (banded); Royal Tern (Thalasseus maximus) far left and right; Elegant Tern (T. elegans) 5 adults, Mission Creek outlet, Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara CA  15 May 2014


                                                                                                                                  © 2014 Callyn Yorke


Band-tailed Pigeon  1  on ground in garden, SBMNH.

Rock Pigeon   20 flying around wharf and adjacent commercial area, SBH.

Eurasian Collared Dove  2  flying around park adjacent to Castillo St, SBH.

Streptopelia sp. (albino)  1 walking around parking lot at Castillo St., SBH.

Mourning Dove  1  on nest in outer hallway of SBMNH.

Allen's Hummingbird  1 calls, garden, SBMNH.

Anna's Hummingbird  1 (m) calls; utility wire over garden, SBH (5/16).

Nuttall's Woodpecker  1  calls, oaks, SBMNH.

Acorn Woodpecker  2  vocal; in oaks and sycamores, SBMNH; 2  in tall palms, State Street, SBH (photo).

Acorn Woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorous) Santa Barbara CA  16 May 2014

                                                                                   © 2014 Callyn Yorke



Pacific Slope Flycatcher calls, oak-riparian, SBMNH.

Black Phoebe  1  calls; sallying low, creek outlet, SBH.

Hutton's Vireo  1  foraging at mid level in oaks, SBMNH.

Western Scrub-jay  1  oak-riparian, SBMNH.

American Crow  10  creek outlet, SBH;  10  on ground; chasing COHA, SBMNH.

Cliff Swallow  2  flying low, back and forth over creek outlet and shore with piles of kelp, SBH.'

Barn Swallow  30  pairs flying low, back and forth over shore with abundant kelp and flies, SBH.

Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica) nest, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, CA  15 May 2014

                                                                                            © 2014 M. Mendez


Northern Rough-winged Swallow  2   a pair flying back and forth over Mission Creek channel; one repeatedly bringing nest material to drainage pipe in channel wall (5/16)..

Oak Titmouse  2   repeated calls; on ground, oak-riparian, SBMNH.

Bushtit  10  vocal, loose flocks in a variety of vegetation, SBMNH.

American Robin  1 repeated song; tree overhanging Mission Creek channel, SBH (5/16).

White-breasted Nuthatch  1  foraging on horizontal oak branch, SBMNH.

Northern Mockingbird  1  gardens adjacent to Castillo street, SBH.

European Starling   5  park adjacent to Castillo street, SBH.

Cedar Waxwing  calls (unseen) park with ornamental flowering trees at East Cabrillo Blvd. and Castillo St. SBH (5/16).

Orange-crowned Warbler  3  repeated song, oaks and gardens, SBMNH.

Common Yellowthroat  1  repeated song, marsh at edge of creek outlet, SBH.

California Towhee  repeated calls, gardens, SBMNH.

Song Sparrow  1 repeated song, Mission Creek channel, SBH (5/16).

Dark-eyed Junco  3  gardens and oak-riparian, SBMNH.

Great-tailed Grackle  3 (m,f) vocal; flying over park adjacent to Castillo St., SBH (5/17).

Hooded Oriole  2  (m,f)  repeated song; possibly nesting in tall palms adjacent to creek outlet, SBH (photo).

Hooded Oriole (Icterus cucullatus) Mission Creek outlet, Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara CA  15 May 2014


                                                                                           © 2014 Callyn Yorke


House Finch  2  repeated song, gardens, Cabrillo Blvd., SBH; song (unseen) SBMNH.

Lesser Goldfinch  4  repeated song; sycamores, SBMNH,

House Sparrow  30  ubiquitous, esp. gardens and adjacent beach, SBH.











DECEMBER 11 & 13, 2012.  Carpinteria, Andree Clark Refuge, Goleta Beach, Santa Barbara Harbor and Los Carneros (89 Species)

Weather: Partly cloudy to fair; 52F to 72F; wind WNW  2 -7 mph. High Tide @ 0900 hrs. Surf 1-3 ft.

Time: 12/11/12: 1016 - 1543 hrs.; 12/13/12: 0813 - 1440 hrs.

Observers: 12/11/12: C Yorke; 12/13/12  M.Mendez and C Yorke.

Areas Covered: 12/11/12:  1) Santa Claus Lane (SCL), adjacent beach and nearshore waters (1016 - 1110 hrs.; 1419 - 1543 hrs.). This is a commercial roadway between the beach and HWY 101 in Carpinteria. I walked around the location where a Gray Hawk was reported to occur (3717 Santa Claus Lane) but failed to locate this bird during both a morning and afternoon visit. Subsequently, Eric Culbertson, the local biologist who discovered the Gray Hawk here last month, joined me in another search for this bird. If accepted by the CBRC, Eric's discovery of a Gray Hawk would be the first record for that species in California.

2) Andree Clark Bird Refuge, Santa Barbara (AC). I walked around the north shore of the refuge, birding the estuary, marsh and surrounding mixed native-exotic vegetation (1120 -1238 hrs.)  3) Goleta Beach (GB). I walked from the west parking area along the slough and east along the shore to the channel outlet into the sea. A few people were on the shore; one with a leashed dog. Immature Western Gulls were feeding on a decomposed pinniped carcass near the channel outlet. Noted large U-shaped bite wound on the posterior right side, possibly inflicted by a Great White Shark (photo).


Western Gull (Larus occidentalis) feeding on a pinniped (Zalophus californianus?) carcass, Goleta Beach, CA,  11 Dec. 2012

                                                                                                                                             © 2012 Callyn Yorke


12/13/12  1) Santa Claus Lane, Carpinteria (SCL). This was a return visit to the area where a Gray Hawk was reported. We met two other birders, Larry Ballard and Chet Ogan, who also reported having seen the Gray Hawk in the area over the past two or three days. Merissa and I walked the railroad tracks from the intersection of SCL and the HWY 101 onramp, to and from the Carpinteria Marsh (CM), then west to 3717 SCL (Salt Clothing Store). We found the Gray Hawk on the roof of the Salt Store and obtained several identifiable photos (0813 - 1115 hrs.).  2) Santa Barbara Harbor, Beach and Pier (SBH). We walked along the west shore to the pier and back, surveying the beach and nearshore waters. Relatively few visitors were present during our survey (1135-1240 hrs).  3) Stow House, Los Carneros Lake (LC). I walked through the well-maintained gardens of Stow House, then continued around Los Carneros Lake. The hills and lakeside were a mosaic of soft chaparral and eucalyptus woodland. The lake included several acres of open water and a freshwater marsh. Several people with dogs were present during the survey; one dog owner, carrying a leash in hand, stubbornly refused to leash his dog, despite numerous signs indicating a leash requirement (1308 - 1440 hrs.).


Mute Swan  2 (introduced) swimming near shore, LC.

Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) Lake Carneros, Santa Barbara County, CA  13 Dec. 2012

                                                                                        © 2012 Callyn Yorke


Swan Goose (introduced)  1  LC.

American Wigeon   6  fly, calls, CM.

Mallard   30  (m,f) ubiquitous in marsh, estuary and lake areas.

Northern Shoveler  250 (m,f) ubiquitous in  tidal marsh, and lake areas.

Green-winged Teal  8  swimming; flying over marsh, CM.

Bufflehead   50  (m,f) ubiquitous in tidal channels and marsh.

Red-breasted Merganser  1 (f) diving near pier, SBH.

Ruddy Duck   200  (m,f) ubiquitous in marsh, estuary and lakes.

Red-throated Loon  2   a pair diving outside of surf zone, SCL.

Pied-billed Grebe   8  diving in channel, GB.

Horned Grebe  1   swimming in channel near overpass, GB.

Eared Grebe  30  ubiquitous in channel, tidal marsh inshore waters.

Western Grebe  100 +  ubiquitous offshore and in channel, SCL, GB, SBH.

Clark's Grebe  2  in backwater area of channel, GB.

American White Pelican  1  circling and gaining altitude over lake, LC (photo).

American White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) Lake Carneros, SBCO, CA  13 Dec. 2012


                                                                  © 2012 Callyn Yorke


Brown Pelican   50  ubiquitous offshore and in harbor, SCL, SBH.

Brandt's Cormorant  10    resting on breakwater and buoy in harbor, SBH.

Double-crested Cormorant   60  ubiquitous in marsh, tidal channel, nearshore waters.

Pelagic Cormorant  1  diving in surf zone, SCL.

Great Blue Heron   10  ubiquitous around edges of marsh, channels and shorelines.

Great Egret  10     ubiquitous around edges of marsh and tidal channel and lakes.

Snowy Egret   4   ubiquitous though less numerous than GREG; found everywhere GREG occurred.

Osprey  1  flying over marsh with fish in talons, CM.

White-tailed Kite  2   a pair perched together in a mature cypress tree, SCL; one hovering over marsh, CM.

GRAY HAWK (Buteo plagiatus )   1 (imm) found perched on edge of roof of one-story building (3717 Santa Claus Lane) in Carpinteria. Allowed me to approach to within about 30 feet before taking flight (photos). A Red-shouldered Hawk was perched nearby on the same building and flew off with the GRHA. This bird was discovered here in late November, 2012 by Eric Culbertson and is reportedly a new addition to the list of birds for California. Taxonomic note: Gray Hawk (Buteo nitidus) was recently split into two species (B. nitidus and B. plagiatus) due to differences in vocalizations, plumage and morphology, by the AOU (53rd Supplement to the AOU checklist, July 15, 2012; see also, Millsap, et. al. 2011. Condor 113:326-339).

Gray Hawk (Buteo plagiatus ) immature (same individual in both photos)   Carpinteria, Santa Barbara County, CA  13 Dec. 2012.  

                                                                                                         © 2012 Callyn Yorke


Red-shouldered Hawk  1  fly, call, following GRHA, SCL;  1 (imm) in ecualyptus tree; calls, LC.

Red-tailed Hawk  1 (imm) on utility pole next to highway, SCL.

American Kestrel  1 (m) flew from large conifer across open field, LC.

Sora  1  calls, dense marsh, AC.

American Coot   350  ubiquitous in wetlands and tidal channels.

Black-bellied Plover  1  foraging on shore, SBH.

Killdeer  5  fly, call, CM;  1 call at edge of channel, GB.

Black-necked Stilt  10  foraging at edge of channel, GB.

Willet   15  ubiquitous on outer shorelines.

Whimbrel  1 ?  fly, call,  over marsh, CM.

Long-billed Curlew  1  foraging in clumps of algae at low tide, GB.

Marbled Godwit  1  foraging near  LBCU  in clumps of algae at low tide, GB.

Sanderling   50  flocks moving around on shore, SCL.

Western Sandpiper  2  foraging on shore with LESA, SCL.

Least Sandpiper   15  foraging in a tight flock on shore amongst clumps of algae, SCL.

Short-billed Dowitcher  2  foraging at edge of channel, GB (photo).

Short-billed Dowitcher (Limnodromus griseus) Goleta Beach, Santa Barbara County, CA  11 Dec. 2012

                                                                                                                                         © 2012 Callyn Yorke


Heermann's Gull  40  (ad, imm) ubiquitous on sandy shore; several on pier, SBH.

Mew Gull   8 (ad, imm) on shore with CAGU and WEGU, GB.

Mew Gull (Larus canus) Goleta Beach, Santa Barbara County, CA  11 December, 2012

                                                                                               © 2012 Callyn Yorke


Ring-billed Gull   30  (ad, imm) on shore with CAGU, WEBU, HEGU, GB, SBH.; also a few in the lake, LC.

Western Gull   50  (ad, imm)  ubiquitous on outer shores,

California Gull  500  (ad, imm) ubiquitous in wetlands and shorelines.

Herring Gull  1 (C1) resting in lake with CAGU, LC.

Larus sp. 1-2 (C-1): note light speckled upperparts and dark primaries edged with white; pink feet and relatively short black bill, rounded head (c.f. Herring Gull x Glaucous-winged; Glaucous winged x Western Gull); resting on shore with CAGU, WEGU, HEGU, GB (photo)

 Larus sp. Two immature individuals (C1), Goleta Beach, Santa Barbara County, CA  11 Dec. 2012.

                                                                                              © 2012 Callyn Yorke


Glaucous-winged Gull   2 (ad, C2)  on shore, GB.

Tern sp. (Thalasseus sp.) flying offshore; a relatively large tern, though not a Caspian; flight profile suggested T. maximus, SCL.

Black Skimmer  75    resting together on shore with CAGU and other gulls, SBH.

Black Skimmer (Rhynchops niger) and California Gull (Larus californicus) Santa Barbara, CA  13 Dec. 2012

                                                                             © 2012 Callyn Yorke


Rock Pigeon  10  fly; on utility poles, SCL.

Anna's Hummingbird  10  (m,f)  ubiquitous; vocal, active in bottlebrush (photo) and eucalyptus.

Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna) Andree Clark Bird Refuge, Santa Barbara, CA  11 December, 2012

                                                                                                                                                  © 2012 Callyn Yorke



Belted Kingfisher  1 fly, call CM; 1  calls near channel, GB.

Acorn Woodpecker   2  evidently storing acorns in loose bark of Royal Palms along roadway, AC;  5 fly, call; in oaks, LC.

Nuttall's Woodpecker   1  calls, LC.

Black Phoebe   10  ubiquitous at edges of wetlands.

Say's Phoebe  1  low perch at edge of marsh, CM.

Myiarchus sp. (possibly tuberculifer or cinerascens) slight but distinct crest; landed briefly on snag at edge of marsh-woodland; poor view in harsh light, CM.

Western Scrub-jay  2  fly, call SCL.

American Crow   150  ubiquitous; most numerous at GB.

Common Raven  1  seen chasing an unidentified raptor, SCL.

Swallow sp. (possibly H. rustica) flying low offshore, SCL.

Oak Titmouse  1  calls, oak hillside adjacent to marsh, AC.

Verdin   1  distinctively loud, rapid chirping call (unseen); woodland-snags at edge of rr tracks and marsh, about 200 yards east of east end of SCL, Carpinteria.

Bushtit   50  ubiquitous in vocal flocks affecting assorted shrubs and trees; often with RCKIand YRWA.

Bewick's Wren  2  vocal, active in understory of chaparral, LC.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher  2  calls, saltbush scrub, AC; LC.

American Robin  3  feeding on red berries; defending a fruiting Heteromeles arbutifolia shrub from flock of CEWA, LC.

Northern Mockingbird  3  active, vocal in gardens and second-growth; marsh, SCL.

California Thrasher  1  singing repeatedly (unseen) in  oak woodland - hillside chaparral, LC.

European Starling  5  on utility lines, SCL.

Cedar Waxwing   20  feeding on abundant fruits of Heteromeles arbutifolia shrubs, LC (photo).

Cedar Waxwing (Bombycilla cedrorum) Los Carneros, Santa Barbara County, CA  13 Dec. 2012

                                                                                                  © 2012 Callyn Yorke




Orange-crowned Warbler   10  calls, ubiquitous in shrubs and trees, all levels.

Yellow-rumped (A) Warbler   60  (m,f)  calls, ubiquitous,  flocks foraging at all levels and vegetation types.

Townsend's Warbler   8   calls; foraging singly; ubiquitous inouter foliage of deciduous and coniferous shrubs and trees

Townsend's Warbler (Setophaga townsendi) Carpinteria, SBCO CA 13 Dec. 2012


                                                           © 2012 Callyn Yorke

Common Yellowthroat  4  calls, active in marsh and edge, AC;  2 gardens and marsh, SCL.

California Towhee  5  foraging on ground, LC.

Song Sparrow  15  vocal, ubiquitous in fresh-water marsh-riparian and exotic vegetation near water.

White-crowned (gambeli) Sparrow   100 +  (80% ad)  vocal, ubiquitous in flocks of 10 -20 birds; foraging on ground.

Golden-crowned Sparrow  1  foraging on trail in chaparral, LC.

Red-winged Blackbird  3  calls, in marsh, AC;  1 with BRBL, GB.

Brewer's Blackbird   15 (m,f)  on utility line, GB.

Great-tailed Grackle   1  calls, west marsh, AC.

Brown-headed Cowbird  2 (f)  with BRBL on utility wire, GB.

House Finch   80  (m,f)   males showing yellow-red color variation (photo); vocal, ubiquitous in many vegetation types.

House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus) males showing yellow and red color variation. Carpinteria, Santa Barbara County, CA  13 Dec. 2012


                                                                                                                        © 2012 Callyn Yorke


Lesser Goldfinch  2  calls, AC.

House Sparrow   5  around buildings and gardens, SCL.

















JULY 21-28, 2010 (72 Bird Species; 6 Marine Mammal Species)

Black Skimmer (Rynchops niger)  Santa Barbara, CA      January 15, 2010

                                                                                                                                                                                    © 2010 Callyn Yorke



Weather: Mostly cloudy, often clearing by 1400 hrs. Temp. 61 - 74F; Winds WSW, WNW 2 - 15 mph.Tide low @ 1500 hrs. Surf 1 -3 ft.

Time: 0700 - 1930 hrs.

ObserversMerissa Mendez, Ethan Yorke and I.

Areas Covered:  1) East Beach, Santa Barbara, including Stearns Warf, adjacent Harbor and Leadbetter Beach (EB: 7/21; 22 ). Andres Clark Bird Refuge (ACBR: 7/24); El Capitan State Beach (ECSB: 7/22); Refugio State Beach (RSB: 7/28: photo ); Goleta Beach and UCSB (GB: 7/22); Devereaux Slough and Coal Oil Point (DS: 7/27); Santa Barbara Channel adjacent to Santa Rosa and San Miguel Islands; primarily a marine mammal survey (1000 - 1500 hrs.)on the Condor Express (SBC: 7/26).

                                                Immature Wood Duck ( Aix sponsa ) Andres Clark Bird Refuge, Santa Barbara, July 24, 2010.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  © 2010 Callyn Yorke

Refugio State Beach, viewing west, July 28, 2010.

                                                                                                                                                                                          © 2010 Callyn Yorke

Humpback Whale ( Megaptera novaeangliae) in western Santa Barbara Channel, July 26, 2010


                                                                                © 2010 Callyn Yorke                                                                                         © 2010 Callyn Yorke


Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in western Santa Barbara Channel, July 26, 2010.

                                                                                                                                                                                        © 2010 Callyn Yorke

Humpback Whale ( Megaptera novaeangliae) in western Santa Barbara Channel, July 26, 2010.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 © 2010 Callyn Yorke


Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus : adult & immature) in western Santa Barbara Channel, July 26, 2010

                                                                                                                                                                                        © 2010 Callyn Yorke

MARINE MAMMALS NOTED ( Santa Barbara Harbor - Santa Barbara Channel: Santa Rosa and San Miguel Islands: July 26, 2010  1000-1500 hrs. aboard the Condor Express with about 90 passengers, crew, two Channel Island naturalist volunteers (with limited knowledge of birds) and the Captain, Matt (a skilled birder, who called out the names of birds seen, but did not slow or stop the boat for us to study any of them). Weather: High overcast, visibility 3 miles; air temp 58 to 60F; winds wnw 1-15 mph; seas 1-2 ft.. Our original destination in the channel was Santa Cruz Island, which was changed due to scouting information received recently by the captain.

1) California Sea Lion  (Zalophus californianus)  12  about 8 on bouy outside of harbor; others (mostly young) swimming near whales in channel.

2) Dall's Porpoise (Phocoenoides dalli)   2   a pair swimming fast, northeasterly direction, alongside the boat and opposite our direction of travel.

3) Risso's Dolphin ( Grampus griseus)  80+ a pair seen on outgoing journey in western channel; large pod of 70+ in channel on return trip (photo).

                                                                                                                                              © 2010 Callyn Yorke

4) Common Dolphin (Delphinus sp.)  4 eastern portion of channel; also seen from shore in this region.

5) Humpack Whale ( Megaptera novaeangliae)  30-40 est.(ad, imm); pairs and loosely aggregated pods in western channel (photo). Breaching, spy-hopping and rolling observed.

6) Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus)  15-20 est.(ad, imm) pairs and singles intermingled with Humpack Whales in western channel. Many identified by relatively high, single blow (photo). One mother with calf, according to captain (photo).


BIRDS NOTED (all locations combined; see above list for abbreviations)

1) Wood Duck  1 (imm) approachable on shore with mallards ACBR; possible domesticated escapee (photo).

2) Mallard  20 (f; imm) on and near shore ACBR:  9  RSB;  12 DS.

3) Red-breasted Merganser  1 (f) on shore at edge of breakwater, EB.

4) Pied-billed Grebe  1 diving in w slough, DS.

5) Brown Pelican  40 -80 (ad, imm)   ubiquitous along coast and eastern SB channel; flocks of 12-16 flying in formation along cliffs.

6) Double-crested Cormorant 10 -20 (ad, imm)  ubiquitous along coast and in lagoons.

7) Brandt's Cormorant  2  flying low, off-shore, RSB.

8) Great Blue Heron   3 DS; 2 EB.

9) Great Egret   4 DS;  1 GB; 1 EB.

10) Snowy Egret  10 DS;  6 EB; 2 GB.

11) Green Heron  2  DS; 1 ACBR.

12) Black-crowned Night Heron   5 (ad, imm) ACBR;  3 RSB;  3 DS.

13) Red-shouldered Hawk  1 (ad)   Ocean Meadows golf course adjacent to DS.

14) Red-tailed Hawk  1 (ad)  DS; 1 RSB.

15) American Kestrel  3 (m,f)   on utility poles and lines, RSB.

16) Turkey Vulture  2  flying low over marsh, DS;  2 flying over hillside, RSB.

17) Black-bellied Plover  70 (alt. plmg; basic plmg.)   tight flock on shore of slough, DS.

18) Killdeer  1  calls DS.

19) Snowy Plover   4  on sandy shore, DS.

20) Semi-palmated Plover  8  on shore, foraging and resting, DS.

21) Black-necked Stilt  10  on shore and in shallows, DS.

22) Spotted Sandpiper   2 (alt. plmg.)    resting on sandbar at edge of w slough, DS.

23) Lesser Yellowlegs  2   foraging in shallows, DS.

24) Western Sandpiper  8 (ad, imm.)   foraging on shore, DS.

25) Least Sandpiper  4   foraging on shore, DS.

26) Sanderling  2 flying/calls along coastal shore, DS.

27) Short-billed Dowitcher  2  foraging in shallows, DS.

28) -billed Dowitcher (?)   1 (alt. plmg.) foraging in shallow lagoon, EB (photo).

                      © 2010 Callyn Yorke                                                                                                                     © 2010 Callyn Yorke


29) Willet  1  fly, call  RSB.

30) Whimbrel   4   on shore around small lagoon, EB.

31) Long-billed Curlew  3  on shore around small lagoon with Whimbrels, EB.

32) Ruddy Turnstone  1 on shore at edge of lagoon, DS.

33) California Gull  10 (imm) RSB;  20 EB; 2 DS.

34) Western Gull  10 -40 (ad, imm)   ubiquitous along coast, in lagoons and offshore.

35) Heermann's Gull 30 (ad, imm)   on beach and flying nearshore, EB; 1 DS outer beach.

36) Caspian Tern  5   on shore EB;  1 flying near shore  RSB.

37) California Least Tern  4 in lagoon and flying over outer beach, DS.

38) Black Skimmer  4  on shore, EB.

39) Black Storm Petrel  4  flock on water and flying, western SBC.

40) Sooty Shearwater  3   in flight, western SBC.

41) Rock Pigeon   5-30  ubiquitous.

42) Eurasian Collared Dove   8  RSB; 4 DS;  2 ACBR.

43) Mourning Dove  4   DS.

44) Anna's Hummingbird   2-10 (m,f) ubiquitous.

45) Allen's Hummingbird   4 (m,f)   adjacent gardens, DS.

46) Belted Kingfisher   1  calls, DS.

47) Acorn Woodpecker   pairs or triplets in oaks, palms and other tall trees, 2 DS; 2 RSB; 2 ACBR; calls.

48) Nuttall's Woodpecker   1 DS; 1 RSB; calls.

49) Downy Woodpecker   2  foraging on 1 in. diameter dead limb in Eucalyptus, DS.

50) Northern Red-shafted Flicker  1  landed near a Loggerhead Shrike in isolated tree in field, DS (photo).

                                                                                                ©  2010 Callyn Yorke

51) Black Phoebe  hawking and snatch-gleaning on beaches with piles of kelp, 3  DS;  1 ACBR;  2  RSB;  2  EB

52) Cassin's Kingbird  2  DS  on utility line; calls.

53) Loggerhead Shrike   1  landed in tree with Northern Flicker; calls, DS.

54) Western Scrub-Jay  2  RSB;  2 DS.  2  suburbs of Santa Barbara.

55) American Crow  10  EB;  4 ACBR; 8 RSB;  4  DS.

56) Cliff Swallow   6  ACBR;  4  DS; 4 RSB.

57) Bushtit  12  RSB.

58) House Wren  1  adjacent residential garden, DS.

59) Northern Mockingbird  2  RSB.

60) California Thrasher  1  RSB.

61) European Starling   4  RSB.

62) Common Yellowthroat  2  ACBR;  1 DS; 1 RSB.

63) Western Tanager  2  RSB.

64) California Towhee   5  RSB; 2 DS.

65) Song Sparrow  2 RSB; 2 DS.

66) Red-winged Blackbird   3  RSB.

67) Brewer's Blackbird    10  EB;  4 RSB.

68) Brown-headed Cowbird  6 (m,f)   GB (photo).

                                                                                                                                                                                                   © 2010 Callyn Yorke

69) Hooded Oriole   2  RSB;  3 DS.

70) House Finch  4 ACBR; 8 DS; 6 RSB.

71) American Goldfinch   2  adjacent suburbs, EB.

72) House Sparrow   10 EB;  4 ACBR;  10 RSB;  4 DS.













February 18-20, 2010  (110 Species)

Weather: Overcast with scattered light rain; partly cloudy. 49 to 61F; winds NNE 5-15 mph; surf 3-8 ft.; Low Tide about 4 PM.

Time: 0745 - 1800 hrs.

Observers: Merissa Mendez and I (C. Yorke only, Feb. 19).

Areas Covered:  1) Stearns Warf (SW), adjacent harbor, shore and nearshore waters (2/18; 20), using binoculars and  a DSLR camera. Light tourist traffic on Thurs., 2/18; heavy on Saturday, 2/20).  2) Belle Vista Open Space, Goleta (BV): Walked around the park, surveying tall Monterey pines, ornamental shrubs, trees, cattail choked drainage ditch and lawns of this small (ca 2 acre) suburban park. I searched for a reported Grace's Warbler (last week) but without success. Noisy construction (jack-hammer work) was taking place in the NW part of the park during my survey. When the noise abated temporarily, a courting pair of White-tailed Kites appeared; one of them allowed close approach for a photo ( 0805-0900 hrs).  3) I continued by car to Storke Road and Whittier Drive to survey an open ruderal field adjacent to the Ocean Meadows golf course (WD 0907-0935 hrs. ). Although a number of bird species was present here, the target bird, Eastern Phoebe, was not found until I revisited the area late Saturday afternoon, Feb. 20. Birdlife in this area seemed concentrated along the fringe of the golf course and along a small, trashy drainage ditch across the street from an apartment complex. In addition to the Eastern Phoebe, I found a Scaly-breasted Munia (Lonchura punctulata) calling on top of a flowering Bottlebrush shrub (photo). 4) My next stop was on Slough Road overlooking a polluted estuary (Coal Oil Point) at the north end of Devereux Slough (DS). I scoped groups of shorebirds on a narrow mudflat and adjacent open water. I continued S on this poorly maintained road, stopping again to survey the gardens of an adjacent UCSB housing complex, an open field, coastal scrub, cliffs, shoreline and the S end of Deveraux Slough. Some folks out at the point were conducting a Gray Whale survey (none seen yet today; 30 whales counted thusfar this season). A large flock of Brown Pelicans (about 150) were just off the rocky point (0941-1125 hrs.).  5) My next stop was a neighborhood in the vicinity of Palo Colorado and Fresno Street near Foothill Road, in Santa Barbara (PC). Yellow-billed Magpie had been reported here by residents last week; none was found today. However, I added Oak Titmouse, Lesser Goldfinch and Band-tailed Pigeon to my day-list (1200- 1220 hrs.).  6) After a rather lengthy drive on a detour to Salinas Street (Sycamore Canyon Road was closed), My final birding stop was at  the Andree Clark Bird Refuge in Santa Barbara, adjacent to the SB Zoo (AC). Tropical Kingbird and Hooded Merganser had been reported here recently, but I did not find either of those species. Marsh Wren and Red-winged Blackbird were the only two species I could add to today's bird list (1250-1312 hrs. 2 -19-10).

The following morning (Saturday, Feb. 20), Merissa and I drove from Santa Barbara (via HWY 154) to Lake Cachuma, stopping briefly at a scenic overlook. We purchased tickets at the entrance for the naturalist-led boat tour of the lake ($15 pp + $8 entry fee) which was scheduled to begin at 1000 hrs. Before the boat trip, I walked around the park, surveying with binoculars and DSLR camera, the Nature Center grounds (with bird feeders) oak woodland, savannah, lakeshore and riparian habitats. A good variety of landbirds was found; several allowing close approach for photos (LCP   0820-0930 hrs.). The boat trip was led by a county park ranger named Halley, whom had returned to the job after a 10-year absence. We left the dock shortly after 1000 hrs. as scheduled, but soon returned due to Halley's concern for her misplaced radio, combined with her unfamiliarity with the gas guage on the boat ( that read 'empty' evidently because we were using a portable tank not connected to the boat's instrument panel). Once all of those issues were resolved (Halley apparently didn't find her radio in the restroom where she said she might have left it), and all the apologies were made, we motored in the 30-foot platformed-quadmaran boat (with a shade roof and comfortable swivel seats) through the harbor (everyone else, including Halley, ignoring an adult Herring Gull resting in plain view at close range on a floating barrier) across the eastern end of the lake, exploring shorelines mostly from a distance of about 150-300 feet. That distance from shore made observations of birds in the trees somewhat difficult using my 10x42 binoculars. Indeed, one of our first sightings of a large, white-breasted bird in an oak tree, could not be positively identified. Halley promised to return to this site later in the voyage, but apparently forgot. Motoring steadily eastward then returning along the north shore and secluded coves (e.g "Bobcat Bay" )we sighted three immature Bald Eagles, about five Ospreys, a couple of Northern Harriers and one American Kestrel. One large, light-morph falcon (possibly a Merlin) was too distant for accurate identification, and was initially mistaken for a White-tailed Kite by both Hally and me. Turkey Vultures and Red-tailed Hawks (one Halley initially misidentified as an eagle) were also sighted flying high above the hillsides. Waterbirds were scarce: Western and Clark's Grebe (photo) being most common; a few mallards and coots near the shorelines; one Eared Grebe at the eastern end. Photography of Bald Eagles in the trees was useless even with a Nikon D3x and a Nikkor 80-400 mm lens. The distant, tiny Images, when magnified several times, while recognizable, were disappointingly blurry. We were simply too distant from the subject and on a shaky boat (LCBT  1010-1200 hrs.).

Leaving LCP, we drove west on HWY 154 to Happy Canyon Road (HCR) to look for the Yellow-billed Magpie in a predominately pastureland-oak savannah with mature Sycamores along the river banks. Again, as happened last month, no magpies were found on our drive-through survey. However, we added to our day-list, Say's Phoebe, Western Meadowlark, Savannah Sparrow and Lawrence's Goldfinch (see below for notes from January 16, 2010).


After lunch in Solvang, we drove south on Alisal Road to Nojoqui Falls Park (NFP 1400-1530 hrs.), for our last chance to find Yellow-billed Magpie on this trip I walked quickly around the park, surveying  Coast live oak woodland, Sycamore riparian, open fields, adjacent pasture, ranchlands, and the trail to the falls (photo). Many visitors and their dogs (Solvang hosted a greyhound dog festival this weekend) roamed through the park and along the waterfall trail. Birdlife was generally scattered around the edges of the park with relatively little human activity (an early morning weekday visit to this park would probably be the most productive for birding). I was heading back to the car, rather weary from the brisk hike to and from the falls side-stepping hoards of noisy kids and dogs, when the distinctive high-pitched, nasal calls of Yellow Billed Magpies loudly rang out. Too quick for a photograph, three magpies flew from a tall Sycamore and over pastureland north of the park. Needless to say, our brief visit to NFP was well worth the effort!

South of the NFP, Alisal Road soon intesects HWY 101 for a fast drive back to our hotel near the harbor in Santa Barbara. About thirty minutes before sunset we walked out to the end of Stearns Warf again, amidst throngs of pedestrians and autos (this may be the only warf in California that, for no apparent reason, allows automobiles), and hoping again to see at least one or two scoters to add to the day-list, but none was found.


White-tailed Kite (Elanus leucurus) in Belle Vista Open Space, Goleta, CA           © 2010 Callyn Yorke




Belle Vista Open Space, Goleta, CA ©  2010  Callyn Yorke                                                                                                                                    


Nojoqui Falls Park, Santa Barbara County, CA                  © 2010 Callyn Yorke                                                                                                          


  Nojoqui Falls, Santa Barbara County, CA             ©   2010 Callyn Yorke



Acorn Woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorous) at granary, Lake Cachuma, CA                     © 2010 Callyn Yorke                                                                                               




1) Greater White-fronted Goose   8  DS   flying in formation along cliffs.

2) Gadwall  6 (m,f) DS feeding in shallows

3) American Wigeon  20 DS  shallows, E end.

4) Mallard  2 BV; 6 AC; 20 LCBT; shoreline and shallows; males chasing females.

5) Northern Shoveler  12 (m,f)  DS, feeding in shallows; 2 AC, near N shore.

6) Northern Pintail  6 (m,f) DS  mid-water and edge.

7) Green-winged Teal 2 (m,f)  DS shallows, NE.

8) Lesser Scaup  2  (f)  DS  diving, W.

9) Bufflehead  10  (m,f) SW  near shore, E.

10) Ruddy Duck  4  (m,f) DS  sleeping, W.

11) California Quail  23  LCP  covey moving through campground; flighty (feral cat nearby).

12) Red-throated Loon  1  SW  near the warf, E.

13) Pacific Loon  2  SW  off shore, SE.

14) Common Loon  2  LCBT   pair diving near harbor.

15) Pied-billed Grebe  1  DS, diving, open water, W.

16) Horned Grebe  4   SW   staying fairly close together in late afternoon, W.

17) Eared Grebe  1  LCBT  open water, E.

18) Western Grebe   30  SW near shore and offshore;   12  LCBT, open water throughout.

19) Clark's Grebe  4  LCBT  open water, E (photo).


    Clark's Grebe (Aechmophorus clarkii )   Lake Cachuma, Santa Barbara County, CA                     ©  2010  Callyn Yorke                                     


20) Brown Pelican  110  SW  breakwater and adjacent shoreline;  150  DS   on rocky point. Many in breeding plumage.

21) Brandt's Cormorant   2  SW  flying low, E;  3  DS,  flying SE nearshore.

22) Double-crested Cormorant   35  SW   breakwater and shoreline;  20  DS, estuary and outer coast;  12 LCBT  on harbor barriers; flying low.

23) Great Blue Heron  1 BV, flying over;  1 AC, on island; 4 LCBT  nesting colony, NE shore.

24) Great Egret   1  DS  foraging in grassy field (photo).


Great Egret (Ardea alba)     Deveraux Slough, Goleta, CA                                                         © 2010  Callyn Yorke


25) Snowy Egret  6 SW  harbor breakwater;  2  DS  SW edge; 2 AC, edge of estuary.

26) Black-crowned Night Heron  2  SW  roosting in harbor trees;  3 DS (ad, imm);  4  AC (ad, imm) hiding in cattails and shrubs.

27) Turkey Vulture  1  BV  overhead;  8  LCBT, circling, in trees and on ground;  6 HCR   3 on road-killed ground squirrel;  4 Alisal Canyon Road.

28) Osprey  5  LCBT   in trees, on utility pole and on shore, E, SE; calls.

29) White-tailed Kite  2  BV   circling and calling above tall pines; one landed in willow (photo).

30) Bald Eagle  3 (imm: 1st and 2nd year) LCBT  in dead oak tree near shore (SE) and on shore, taking flight, E; soaring with TV's over hillside, NE.

31) Northern Harrier  2  (f) LCBT   low over fields near shore.

32) Cooper's Hawk  1-2 (ad)  BV flying and perched in tall trees; calls.

33) Red-shouldered Hawk   1 WD, calling in pines; 2 LCP  calling.

34) Red-tailed Hawk   2  LCBT;  1 LCP;  3 LCBT; 3  HCR;  2  Alisal Canyon Road;  5   along HWY 101 on utility poles. 

35) American Kestrel   2  LCBT;  1 HCR on utility line.

36) Falco sp.  1  LCBT   relatively large size, very light, faintly marked underparts (suggested WTK from distance); light rusty upperparts; flew off and hovered.

37) American Coot  60  SW   adjacent  harbor, estuary, shore and canal;  20  LCBT near shore; 30  AC.

38) Black-bellied Plover  20  DS  resting on mud-sand flat, NE.

39) Semi-palmated Plover  80 DS  "                       ".

40) Killdeer  1  DS  calling.

41) Black-necked Stilt   6  DS  foraging along edge of estuary.

42) Greater Yellowlegs  1  DS   foraging along SW edge of estuary.

43) Willet   3  SW (including one with a decurved bill - photo);  1   DS  outer shoreline.


Willet (Catotrophorus semipalmatus)  Santa Barbara, CA         © 2010 Callyn Yorke


44) Whimbrel  1  DS   foraging on outer shore.

45) Marbled Godwit   3   SW  on beach;   2  DS  on outer shore; flying.

46) Western Sandpiper    4   DS   foraging on mud-sandflat, N.

47) Least Sandpiper  3  DS   "                          ".

48) Heermann's Gull  30 (ad, imm)   SW   on shore, harbor and breakwater;  15  DS  on rocky point with BP's; 3 AC.

49) Mew Gull   4 (ad, imm)   SW  on beach, E.

50) Ring-billed Gull  15  SW  on beach;  5  LCBT  around harbor;  25  AC open water.

51) California Gull  35  SW on beach next to harbor;  40 AC;  1 LCBT.

52) Herring Gull  2 ( ad, imm)   SW on beach next to harbor;  1 (ad)   LCBT  resting on harbor barrier.

53) Western Gull   100   SW  ubiquitous;   20  DS outer shore; 10  AC.

54) Glaucous-winged Gull   2  SW  on beach (photo).


Glaucous-winged Gull (Larus glaucescens - 2ndt cycle), Stearns Warf, Santa Barbara, CA         © 2010 Callyn Yorke


55) Caspian Tern  1 (breeding plumage)   SW  on beach with BS, BP and RT.

56) Royal Tern  10 (some in bp) SW ; on beach with BS, BP and gulls.

57) Forster's Tern  1  DS  on mud-sand flat.

58) Black Skimmer  130 SW   on beach next to harbor (same place as last month); flying offshore at sunset.

59) Rock Pigeon 30  SW flying around town.

60) Band-tailed Pigeon   20  LCP;  5 PC on utility poles and lines.

61) Eurasian Collared Dove    5  PC; 2 DS;   2 LCP;  1 HCR

62) Mourning Dove  4  DS;  8  LCP (photo).

63) Anna's Hummingbird   3  BV;  2 WR (m)dive-bombed my red handkerchief;  3 DS;  4  LCP.

64) Belted Kingfisher  1 (m)  DS  perched on snag next to water.

65) Acorn Woodpecker   3   SW  in palms around town;   5 PC;  20  LCP (one inserting acorns in granary - photo); 3 AC in palms.

66) Nuttall's Woodpecker   2  DS  chasing through oaks and ornamental trees;  2  LCP, calls.

67) Northern Flicker   1  DS  calls.

68) Black Phoebe    2  BV;  2 WR; 1 DS;  2 LCP;  1 AC. Calling and one dive-bombed me in apt. complex at WR.

69) Say's Phoebe  1  HCR   on fence at edge of a pasture.

70) Eastern Phoebe  1  WR   quietly hopping about in a Baccharis shrub next to trash pile in a small riparian ditch between the golf course and street. Faint wing bars, suggesting an immature, but the late-afternoon shaded view was concealing most of the plumage details. Returned a few minutes later for a photo but the bird could not be refound. Yellow-rumped and Townsend's warblers nearby.

71) Cassin's Kingbird  1  DS  in garden next to roadway; sally-gleaning on foliage; calls.

72) Western Scrub-Jay   2  DS;  5  PC;  10 LCP (photo).

73) Yellow-billed Magpie   3  NFP  calling from tall Sycamore adjacent to open field, N. Flew N over adjacent pastureland.

74) American Crow    20  SW  beach and town;  3 BV;   3  PC;   2  AC;  15  LCP.

75) Common Raven   2  HWY 154   flying low over roadway.

76) Tree Swallow    10  LCBT   flying low over open water; calls.

77) Oak Titmouse   2  DS in oaks, gardens; 2 PC;   5  LCP, calls

78) Bushtit   6  DS in garden;  20  LCP in oaks and riparian shrubs, calls.

79) White-breasted Nuthatch   1  DS in oak, calls;   5  LCP  calls from oaks; pair chasing.

80) Bewick's Wren  2  DS   foraging beneath garden shrubs, calls.

81) Marsh Wren   2  AC   NE end, calls from cattails.

82) Ruby-crowned Kinglet   1  BV;  3  LCP, foraging in oaks, calls.

83) Western Bluebird   10  LCP  in oaks and on lawns (photo);  3  NFP.

84) American Robin    5  LCP  on lawns and in oaks; calls.

85) Wrentit   1  DS   scrubby fields S end of road; calls.

86) Northern Mockingbird   1 BV  singing;  1 DS  in garden, singing.

87) European Starling   10   SW flying around town; calls and song; 5 LCP (photo).

88) American Pipit   2  LCBT  fly, calls.

89) Cedar Waxwing   10  BV  flying into suburban trees; calls.  8  PC in tall trees.

90) Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon's)   4  DS in garden;  5  LCP (1 Myrtle); calls.

91) Townsend's Warbler  1 (m)   WR  foraging quickly in pines and willows.

92) Common Yellowthroat   1 BV;  2  LCP riparian inlet, calls and song; 2 AC, song.

93) Spotted Towhee  4  LCP  riparian-oak edge of lake; calls and song.

94) California Towhee   2  BV;  3  DS;  4  LCP.

95) Savannah Sparrow   1  HCR  on fence at edge of pasture.

96) Song Sparrow  2 WR, singing;  5  LCP around lakeshore, singing.

97) White-throated Sparrow  2  LCP  on lawn near feeding station; WCS nearby.

98) White-crowned Sparrow   25  LCP around Nature Center and feeding station; calls (photo).

99) Dark-eyed Junco  5  NFP  on ground and in oaks.

100) Red-winged Blackbird  2  AC;  10  LCP around feeder;   10 HCR on power line with BB.

101) Western Meadowlark   2  HCR   fence at edge of pasture.

102) Brewer's Blackbird   15 LCP; 35 HCR  ranch entrance utility poles and lines.

103) Great-tailed Grackle    4  LCP  around campground; calls;  Alisal Road at ranch entrance; calls.

104) Brown-headed Cowbird  4  LCP  in oaks near feeder (photo).

105) Purple Finch   1  LCP  in oak with HF.

106) House Finch   20  LCP in oaks and around feeder.

107) Lesser Goldfinch    4  PC  in backyard trees; calls.

108) Lawrence's Goldfinch  4  HCR   calls from oaks and Sycamores at ranch entrance.

109) House Sparrow   10 SW in and around town;  10 LCP around feeder.

110) Scaly-breasted Munia (Lonchura punctulata 1  WD  calling atop a flowering bottlebrush at edge of weedy field and golf course (photo).


Scaly-breasted Munia (Lonchura punctulata) Goleta, CA                    © 2010 Callyn Yorke







sbcoastal   January 14-18, 2010 (98 Species)

Weather: Partly cloudy with increasing cloudiness and rain (1/18); 50-64F; winds variable, WNW shifting to ENE, 5 to 30 mph (1/18). High Tide about 0700 hrs.

Time: 0640 - 1730 hrs.

Observers: Merissa Mendez and I.

Area Covered:  SB) Santa Barbara beach, cliffs, harbor, breakwater, Stearn's Wharf, Shoreline Drive and suburbs; Andree Clark Bird Refuge (ACBR), Rocky Nook Park, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History (1/14-18). Birded above areas both on foot and on bicycles, using binoculars.   G) Goleta beach, shoreline and lagoon; UCSB and Isla Vista. Birded on our bicycles, using binoculars. Included a brief survey of the UCSB lagoon. Lunch in Isla Vista (1/15).  LC) After driving around inside the Lake Cachuma County Park camp and picnic areas (elev. about 700 ft.), we walked on the paved (partly blocked) road leading downhill to the Mohawk  shoreline and picnic area in the SE section of the park. We used binoculars to survey oak woodland, riparian, grassland, shoreline and open water (photo). This was a productive walk (0900-1030 hrs.), yielding almost 50 species of bird. Afterwards, we drove to the LC Nature Center, which had a lively bird feeding station where we obtained close-up views of Band-tailed Pigeons (photo). Our last stop was the Bradbury Dam overlook, but there was very little birdlife found around the dam and surrounding chaparral (a noisy skeet range is across the road from this spot). HCR: We continued NW on HWY 154 to the Armour Ranch Rd. turn off, which goes through the Santa Ynez Valley ranch area, connecting with Happy Canyon Rd. We proceeded NE on HCR about 8.8 miles into upland chaparral (to about 1,700 elevation), then returned the along the same (and only) route, surveying the mature valley oak savannah for Yellow-billed Magpie (not found), adding American Kestrel, Loggerhead Shrike, Western Bluebird, Lark Sparrow, Western Meadowlark and American Goldfinch to our day-list. The last morning of our visit to Santa Barbara (1/18) we awoke to high winds, rough seas and light rain. I walked out on Stearn's Warf to scan for pelagic birds, but found only local species, mostly seeking shelter on shore and in the harbor (0710-0800 hrs). Heavy rain and winds accompanied us on our return journey to northern Los Angeles County.


Lake Cachuma, CA, viewing N from the Mohawk area of the southeast shore.   © Callyn Yorke  2010                                                       

                                                                                                                                                                                                   © 2010 Callyn Yorke

                                             BIRDS NOTED (highest single count)

1) Canada Goose 1 ACBR  on shore and in shallows.

2) Domestic Duck (Mallard x Muscovy?) ACBR   "          ".

3) Mallard  12 (m,f)   ACBR  shallows near tules.

4) Northern Shoveler  8  (m,f) ACBR   shallows, E.

5) Lesser Scaup  4   (m,f)  ACBR   open water, resting, SE.

6) Bufflehead   5 (m)   SB bay; 4 G; slough.

7) Surf Scoter  30  SB about 200 yards S of Stearn's Wharf.

8) Ruddy Duck  4  ACBR  resting in open water.

9) California Quail   12  LC  shrubs near shore; calls.

10) Red-throated Loon  1   SB  diving near Stearn's Warf.

11) Common Loon   1  LC   open water.

12) Pacific Loon  2  SB  open water 100 yards offshore.

13) Pied-billed Grebe  1 SB State Street slough;  2  ACBR.

14) Horned Grebe 2  SB  diving on E side of Stearn's Wharf (photo).


      Horned Grebe (Podiceps auritus)  Santa Barbara, CA    ©  2010  Callyn Yorke

                                                                                                                                    © 2009 Callyn Yorke

15) Eared Grebe  1   SB   W side of Stearn's Wharf.

16) Western Grebe    25  SB  scattered throughout harbor and nearshore waters; 15 LC  open water;  20 G  open water.

17) Brown Pelican  100 (est. ad, imm.) SB, G ubiquitous along coast; many on breakwater.

18) Double-crested Cormorant   80  SB, G  ubiquitous along coast;  10 LC.

19) Brandt's Cormorant    30  SB  on breakwater; flying low over water.

20) Great Blue Heron  3  G  edge of lagoon;  2 ACBR; 1 LC.

21) Great Egret  1 SB  State St. slough; 1 ACBR.

22) Snowy Egret  6  SB  on beach near breakwater.

23) Green Heron   1    ACBR  in dense riparian edge near zoo.

24) Black-crowned Night Heron   8 (ad, imm)   ACBR  in tules around lake.

25) Turkey Vulture  10  LC  in trees and short snags, SE lakeside; one with wings outstretched.

26) Osprey   3   LC   on lakeshore; flying; calls.

27) Northern Harrier  1  (f)  LC   flying low over lakeshore field, SE; perched near ground (photo).

                                                                  Northern Harrier (Circus cyaneus) Lake Cachuma, CA    January 16, 2010


                                                                                                                                            © 2010  Callyn Yorke

28) Red-tailed Hawk  1  LC soaring;  3 (ad) HCR in trees and soaring.

29) American Kestrel   2   HCR  perched in tree and flying.

30) American Coot    abundant and ubiquitous.

31) Black-bellied Plover  10  SB  on beach;   5   G  on shore.

32) Killdeer  1  LC  on shore.

33) Black-necked Stilt    4  G  in lagoon; flying (photo).

                                                          Black-necked Stilt (Himantopus mexicanus)  Goleta, CA   January 15, 2010


                                                                                                                                                     © 2010 Callyn Yorke

34) Willet  2  SB foraging at tide line;  4  G foraging along tide line.

35) Long-billed Curlew   1  G  foraging on shore (photo)

36) Marbled Godwit   15  SB   resting at high tide, later foraging on shore;  3  G  foraging on shore.

37) Black Turnstone   10  SB  Shoreline Drive, foraging near tide line.

38) Sanderling    30  SB   Shoreline Drive, foraging, flying near the tide line.

39) Bonaparte's Gull  2  ACBR   open water with RNGBG and CAGL.

40) Heermann's Gull   60  (80% ad.)  SB on shore;  20 G;   5  ACBR, open water.

41) Mew Gull  5  SB Shoreline Drive, on beach.

42) Ring-billed Gull  25  SB  on shore;  15  ACBR;  10 G on beach.

43) California Gull   30  SB  on shore;  10 ACBR;  30  G  on beach.

44) Herring Gull      2  SB  beach near harbor; 1  G on beach; 2 LC  on lakeshore.

45) Western Gull  200 (est.) SB  ubiquitous;  80  G  on beach.

46) Glaucous-winged Gull   2 (2nd cycle)   SB  beach near harbor.

47) Caspian Tern  1  G  on beach with ROTRN (photo).

                               Caspian Tern (Sterna caspia)  Goleta, CA  January 15, 2010


                                                                                                                                                                          © 2010 Callyn Yorke

48) Royal Tern   20  G  on beach (photo).

                                                                   Royal Tern (Sterna maxima)  Goleta, CA  January 15, 2010


                                                                                                                                                                                            © 2010  Callyn Yorke

49) Black Skimmer   120  SB  roosting and skimming on and near shore near harbor at low tide, 1630 hrs.(photos).

                                                         Black Skimmer (Rynchops niger)  Santa Barbara, CA     January 15, 2010


                                                                                                                                © 2010  Callyn Yorke

50) Rock Pigeon   60  SB  ubiquitous.

51) Eurasian Collared Dove   12  SB  throughout suburbs.

52) Mourning Dove    8 SB suburbs along Shoreline Drive; 6  LC, flying.

53) Band-tailed Pigeon  6  LC   on utility line; at Nature Center feeding station (photo); 1 ACBR on utility pole .

                                            Band-tailed Pigeon (Columba fasciata)  Lake Cachuma, CA      January 16, 2010


                                                                                                                                                                                          © 2010  Callyn Yorke


54) Anna's Hummingbird   12  SB   Shoreline Drive suburbs;  2 ACBR;  2 G; 1 LC at feeder.

55) Lewis' Woodpecker   1   LC   tree top, SE shoreline.

56) Acorn Woodpecker   6   SB; ACBR    in tall palm trees;  5   LC.

57) Nuttall's Woodpecker   2  LC   oak woodland; calls.

58) Hairy Woodpecker   1   LC   oak woodland; calls.

59) Downy Woodpecker 1 (m)  suburban garden, foraging in ornamental hardwood tree.

60) Northern Flicker   1   LC   oak woodland-riparian; calls.

61) Black Phoebe    10  SB  suburban gardens and shoreline;  1 G;  1 LC.

62) Say's Phoebe   1  LC   rocky field at shoreline, SE.;  1  HCR  fence line.

63) Cassin's Kingbird  1  Solvang  on utility line; foraging in shrubs.

64) Loggerhead Shrike   1  HCR  on fence.

65) Western Scrub Jay   5  SB  suburbs and foothill oak woodland;  4 LC oak woodland;  3  HCR.

66) American Crow   25  SB  ubiquitous;  30 LC;  10 HCR.

67) Oak Titmouse   1 SB oak woodland;  2  LC.

68) Bushtit   10  SB  suburbs;  8  ACBR;  8  LC.

69) White-breasted Nuthatch   1  LC  oak woodland; calls (unseen).

70) House Wren  1  LC  calls from dense understory near storage shed, SE.

71) Ruby-crowned Kinglet  2   SB  suburban gardens;  3  LC  oak-riparian woodland.

72) Western Bluebird   3  HCR    oak savannah - pastures.

73) Hermit Thrush   1  LC  storage yard near dense understory, SE.

74) Northern Mockingbird   3   SB  suburban gardens.

75) European Starling   30  SB  ubiquitous;  12 ACBR;  10 LC; 20 G;   6  HCR.

76) American Pipit   3  LC   rocky field at shoreline, SE.

77) Cedar Waxwing  8  SB  suburban garden; calls.

78) Orange-crowned Warbler   3  SB  suburban gardens; 1 LC  oak -riparian, SE; calls.

79) Yellow-rumped Warbler   25  SB  suburban gardens;  5 G; 4 LC; calls.

80) Common Yellowthroat   5  SB  shoreline riparian;  4 G; 2 ACBR; calls.  

81) Spotted Towhee   1  LC  riparian; calls.

82) California Towhee   10  SB  suburban gardens;  4 LC;  2 G.

83) Lark Sparrow  1  HCR  fence line.

84) Savannah Sparrow  3   LC   open, brushy field near shoreline; calls.

85) Song Sparrow  15  SB  suburban gardens near water;  3  ACBR;  5 LC riparian.

86) Lincoln's Sparrow  1  SB  riparian drainage in Shoreline Park.

87) White-crowned Sparrow   20  SB  ubiquitous in suburban gardens;  20 LC oak woodland-riparian.

88) Golden-crowned Sparrow   3  LC  oak woodland-riparian edge; 1 Bradbury Dam overlook,  beneath coastal sage.

89) Dark-eyed Junco   35  LC  oak woodland; calls.

90) Red-winged Blackbird   20  LC  riparian and at feeding station;  2 ACBR; calls.

91) Western Meadowlark    2   HCR     oak savannah - pastureland.

92) Brewer's Blackbird    6  SB park lawns; 4 (m,f)   LC  on lawn in front of Nature Center.

93) Great-tailed Grackle    10 LC  picnic area and at feeding station; calls and song; 4  ACBR.

94) Brown-headed Cowbird   8 (m,f)   LC  at feeding station.

95) House Finch   20  SB  suburban gardens;  10 LC  riparian; calls and song.

96) Purple Finch  1 (f) riparian drainage, Shoreline Drive suburbs.

97) American Goldfinch   3  HCR  flying low through savannah.

98) House Sparrow   20  SB  suburbs;  5  LC  at feeding station.


                     Bird nest exhibit at the Santa Barbara County Museum of Natural History.  January 17, 2010                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                                               © 2010  Callyn Yorke



                                                                      Sunrise on Shoreline Drive, Santa Barbara, CA    January 15, 2010                                                                                        


                                                                                                                                          © 2010  Callyn Yorke









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