Dr. Callyn Yorke


                                                             ARKANSAS PHOTO GALLERY


Here are some photos taken while I was a graduate student of zoology at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, from 1980-1983. Some of the people shown in these pictures have become internationally recognized educators and reseachers.




                                                    Old Main, University of Arkansas in winter.      © 1983 Callyn D. Yorke 





                                    Ornithology class: April, 1983: Devil's Den and Buffalo River, Northwest Arkansas.   © 1983 Callyn D. Yorke



                                              Springtime in   Northwest Arkansas                                              © 1983 Callyn D. Yorke


                                       Karen Meyers and Jennifer Yorke: White Rock National Forest, NW Arkansas, May, 1982.   © 1982 Callyn D. Yorke          




                                                         Northern cardinal at feeder: Fayetteville, Arkansas, June 1933.   © 1983 Callyn D. Yorke


                                                      Dr. Kim Smith studying blue jay nests on the University of Arkansas campus. © 1983 Callyn D. Yorke




                                                             Mark Gordon with a road-killed armadillo in Texas.                  © 1983  Callyn D. Yorke


                                   Dr. Kim Smith's ornithology class on the Buffalo River, Arkansas                                               ©  1983  Callyn D. Yorke


                                                            Professor Doug James, Chuck Preston and Cal Yorke: New Mexico, 1983.