Welcome to SORT, the Antelope Valley College Online Readiness Tool.

Does the prospect of "attending" classes in your pajamas sound appealing? Would you like to be able to settle into a class discussion after your children are in bed, and you have a little quiet time? Does your work or other obligations prevent you from commuting to a campus several times a week? If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps you should consider enrolling in an online course. Online courses offer many advantages for learning anytime, anyplace, but you need to weigh all the possibilities to make sure they are the best solution for you.

To find out whether online learning is for you, you must assess your readiness, your goals, and your learning preferences. Research and studies tell us that there are six main topics closely related to a student's success in the online learning environment. To help you make the right decision about enrolling in an online course, we have created this Student Online Readiness Tool (SORT) for you to rate yourself in each of the topic areas. Each section of SORT has a brief description followed by a questionnaire. Based on your responses to questions, feedback is provided on your personal readiness profile, along with suggested strategies for success and links to more information.

After reviewing the feedback and strategies, you will be better able to make an informed decision about beginning online study. In addition, the information in the questionnaire and feedback will help you to know what to expect from an online course.

This tool is here to help YOU.  No one will else will see or track your results.  It is important that you answer the questions honestly rather than selecting the answers you think will be considered “right”.

You can use the START button or the tabs on the left to access all the questionnaires. You don't have to complete all the sections at one time. However, you will not be able to save your work so you should plan to finish an entire section in one session. To view all supplementary resources, click on the Resources button.


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