GEOG 101
Physical Geography: Earth's surface landscapes  
mountain photo

3 units
3 hours weekly
Advisory: Eligibility for College Level Reading and ENGL 101, and Eligibility for MATH 102.

An introduction to the processes at work shaping Earth’s surfaces. Students will explore the role of plate tectonics, volcanism and earthquakes in building our landscape. Students will also examine the forces that erode and modify Earth’s surfaces. The interactions between location, climates, soils and bioregions will also be explored.
Syllabus, Fall 2014, MON. - WEDS. CLASS (pdf, 141kb)
Schedule, Fall 2014, MON. - WEDS. CLASS (pdf, 44kb)
Latest Grades MON.-WEDS. CLASS, 10/6/2014 (pdf)

Syllabus, Fall 2014, THURS. NIGHT CLASS (pdf)
Schedule, Fall 2014, THURS. NIGHT CLASS (pdf)
Latest Grades THURS. NIGHT CLASS, 10/23/2014 (pdf)

Syllabus, Fall 2014, HONORS CLASS (pdf, 141kb)
Schedule, Fall 2014, HONORS CLASS (pdf, 44kb)
Latest Grades HONORS CLASS , 10/6/2014 (pdf)

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Conundrum assignment, Honors class only.

PLSS exercise

Mesa & butte topo map
Alpine glacial topo map
Continental glacial topo map

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