GEOG 205

GIS Readings, Resources, & Exercises
AVC's Geosciences Department Information

Geography 205 - Introduction to GIS Readings

Chapter 01. Getting started with GIS
Chapter 02. Fundamentals of Geography
Chapter 03. Finding Data for ArcGIS
Chapter 04. Cartography Basics
Chapter 05. Tables & Queries
Choosing the Right Coordinate System in ArcGIS
USGS on map projections
Layout basics

Geography 220 - Data Acquisition & Management for GIS Readings

Exploring the Geodatabase
Topology in ArcGIS
Georeferencing in ArcGIS
World Bank data
Using Excel in ArcMap

Geography 221 - Spatial Analysis for GIS Readings

Geography 222 - Cartography for GIS Readings

Propaganda Maps
Mapability data and resources
Color Theory in GIS
Quantitative Color for GIS
Colorbrewer 2.0 Website
Making data ugly
WTF Bad Maps
Ban Comic Sans
ArcGIS Maplex Information