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Are YOU on the road to academic success?

ENG101 is the way!

AVC ESL's Student Success Scorecard

In 2012-2013 only 5.8% of our ESL students were successfully completing ENG101 (within six years)!

Out of more than 100 California Community Colleges,

the average is 23.6% (and the median is about 17%),

so we are about the 13th lowest performing ESL Department in the state. :(

This means that only about 1-2 ESL students out of a class of 25 are making it through ENG101.

Statewide the average is about 5-6 ESL students out of 25.

What can we do to move more of you ESL students through ENG101?

Aim higher... Dream bigger... YOU can do it!!!

See the California State Student Success Scorecard here:


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Student Spotlight - Aida Walls

Aida Walls is a great example of an ESL student who was determined to succeed in ESL, English 101, and beyond!

Click here to read her story.

Another ESL Success Story

Linda Zhu came to the U.S. in 2006. She immediately enrolled in ESL at AVC and then moved on to mainstream courses in the Honors Program. During her years at AVC she was a math tutor in the Learning Center and lived with an American family. Finally, she transfered to UCLA in 2009 and majored in Business Economics. In the Spring of 2011 she graduated, and now she is applying for a job in Singapore where her husband is already working.

Are you another "ESL Success Story"?

Don't give up! You can do it!

The Quest Collection (on the upper west wall of the AVC Library)

is waiting or YOU!

English Empowers!


ESL is Online for YOU!

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Improve your English reading, writing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, AND computer skills!

ESL Reading/Writing: ESL018, ESL028, and ESL048

ESL Grammar: ESL023, ESL033, and ESL043

Priscilla Jenison Teaches ESL 030 Students.

ESL is Everywhere!


We learn English in the classroom...

on computers...

and with...

         software,            tutoring,       and even karaoke!

The ESL Success Center

(in the Learning Center - LC-104)

is here for YOU!


ESL Learning Specialist Ms. Rega Velinda

Students must have an AVC ID card and be enrolled in an AVC class.

Additionally, native English students can attend to develop and improve their grammar,

spelling, and punctuation skills.

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Email Scott Jenison with your general comments or questions at:


If you are a prospective resident/immigrant student,

Email Luis Echeverria with your comments or questions at:


If you are a prospective non-resident/international student,

Email Edward Arndt with your comments or questions at:

View message header detail EArndt@avc.edu

Antelope Valley College does NOT accept F1 visa students for ESL classes alone.

We require that students take the TOEFL exam as part of their admissions packet,

and there is a minimum score of 45 for the internet based exam or 450 for the paper based exam.

Tips and Steps for ESL Students

Tips and Steps for ESL Students (SPANISH)

Our 10 ESL Instructors:


 Stephen Burries           Mike Climo           Nandita Das         Anwar El-Issa         Elye Fain


  Jordan Jenison     Priscilla Jenison     Scott Jenison      Tova Schilling       Rega Velinda